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  2. In for a shock!!

    I was joking πŸ˜‚ Yip I seen it but still you spilled your guts to β€œ toby β€œ why would you do that after seeing what he wrote in un2? Because he had you thats why πŸ‘ So if its not controversial then why all the hate from you? Because you no longer like me? I think so also πŸ‘
  3. In for a shock!!

    I like having a 2nd account it’s fun because playing with the same account all the time can get boring
  4. In for a shock!!

    Not controversial just arrogant
  5. In for a shock!!

    Again didn't you see the pic i shared we suspected but not even arsed if it was or not.. Goodluck to everyone who has multiple accounts i am happy with my 1
  6. In for a shock!!

    And I’m gonna dislike all of them and p.s you need over 1000 subscriber to start making money
  7. In for a shock!!

    My opinions must be controversial. I might set up a youtube channel stating opinions about this game I’d make a fortune 😏
  8. In for a shock!!

    Yeah its pointless since it came out that hkane had us all fooled. Including you may I add πŸ˜‰
  9. In for a shock!!

    This was made yesterday and has over 150 comments...
  10. In for a shock!!

    'Just pointing it out,... But you did care enough to make this pointless thread
  11. In for a shock!!

    Are you saying me or Morrison will never be first?
  12. In for a shock!!

    Wasting your time explaining yourself to me gorse I couldn’t really care what he done. Told you that before πŸ‘
  13. In for a shock!!

    It's a fact... It is quite snakey in my eyes to sit on a league for months doing next to nothing then going hakuna and worming way in to become VP then kicking all their league then gloating about it like it was good thing All because he was desperate to have a league number 1 and be number 1 on game... Which he never has and prob never will
  14. In for a shock!!

  15. In for a shock!!

    πŸ˜‚ says hkane leg end. You epitomize ignorance son.
  16. In for a shock!!

    Arrogant is the word you are looking for
  17. In for a shock!!

    Your so ignorant just shut up
  18. In for a shock!!

    No place for that sort of talk on a forum. Poor show sir poor show
  19. In for a shock!!

    Getting personal now gorse come on πŸ™ˆ
  20. Today
  21. In for a shock!!

    How many players you think i am? haha You make profiles so you can be a snake with it, that's how sad you are
  22. In for a shock!!

    And hkane 2 and hkane3 are on the forum you wanker
  23. In for a shock!!

    Because of me... You are making me blush, didn't know you cared so much hahaha
  24. In for a shock!!

    Hahahahahahahah what about ronaldo#7? I kicked him then he had the EXACT SAME TEAM as Blyth and one player less than morrison
  25. In for a shock!!

    Spot on finally someone talking sense
  26. In for a shock!!

    Haha just poke him and he spills. As for my accounts morrison blyth spartans(because of gorse and hkane) and pogba to keep gkings open when we merged
  27. In for a shock!!

    Can only access 2
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