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    The Early access is a benefit for active forum users. Due to this current account being an attempt to bypass restrictions currently in place on your original account, access will not be provided.
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    Congrats to Willy for a well deserved 1st place... ahahahahha
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    I'm not getting involved guys just making a valid point, Toby, every time I've seen you post you're arguing, insulting someone, or taking a side in a pathetic discussion, give it a rest and play the game, do the talking in the arena!
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    Cheating this and 2nd account that. Take a look in the mirror... This week has shown how desperate you're for number 1
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    @SM Support(Alex) Please see this thread as an example of how frustrated and disillusioned people are at the moment. The thing all of us here have in common is how much we love the game and want to enjoy it and play it properly, The longer this current situation continues - the more fractured this community will become.
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    Ya’ll make me cringe.... Every single player will take a hit when we can play real players. I have no doubt that the Italian lads will be competing for that top spot. what a pointless thread and an unnecessary unprovoked attack to the Italian group.
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    What's point in making this thread... It's like you wanted an argument
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    I do not understand you, you attack my league for free, and now philosophize? I've never thought of being stronger than you, but just being a good player and a legendary player. I have never attacked anyone. You take it with "Mafioso" who is a very strong player and who had stopped playing for three months (Mafioso was a VP of Team Italy when I entered), he is tenth in the standings and has not been playing for three days. None of my league is playing for the first place! What do you want from us? When the real matches will reopen, we will have fun, and I remind you that, before the update, you were always behind us "Italian Job". However, it is not my intention to increase the tension, I hope we have clarified? Good game! Good luck!
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    I am investigating this at the moment. Will confirm and resolve ASAP. In other news, the Beta has no been rolled out to the public. I would like to thank you for your contribution during the BETA phase. We know there is still work to be done and would appreciate it if you keep the feedback flowing!
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    Priceless Morrison never gonna get number 1
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    grow up mate, you got beat x
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    Im not arsed about being no1 its the fact they have to cheat!! Mata/morata riddled with fucking cheats well i wont be playing again. And tahmid was a real player he was firing emojis at me. Only had 500 wins in the whole game and is on 5300 trophies.
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    Morrison its all fake mate its bots we’re playing chill out. Number 1 spot will be a poisned challace this week anyways. No skill involved with the bets update and all bots.
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    Ha ha someone’s getting mad
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    I dont see how shooting stats and goalkeeping stats matter anymore as there all controlled by the player. I’m shooting with green defenders well outside the goal and scoring as its all dependant on how good the player is at shooting I cant see how messi’s shooting at 99’s any better than a players shooting at 80/90 as its where I put the ball that matters. The mph gauge at the side should be much higher for messi ron etc but instead a defender can hit a 100 mph shot same as messi can its pointless. Ball drops a joke its heads or tails same as matching before like I said the person whos willing to put time in and get trophies should get the kick off. I said before dybala has accurate shot and it doesn’t benefit me like before where the timer would slow down and that was the perk of accurate shot. All in all poor imo and I much prefer the old version. I’d keep everything the way it was except no more shooting in the box thats decent keep that part!
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    This has been a common theme in the feedback we have received. I can confirm that in the next build it will be removed. The aim was to add an element of realism, with better players better controlling the ball and rewarding better quality passing and build up. However we accept that it does not feel within your control and will have it turned off. Also I have been informed that direct friendlies will be available in the next update so you will be able to challenge one another (regardless of league). And check out the new shooting system against real players.
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    We experienced some down time on the iOS platform last night. Some users might have seen a screen stating "An Update is available" which restricted your access to the game. This was an error with our servers and was quickly resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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    It is sad that the only reason Bazza gets grief is because he is good at the game. Having been in HJM for a long time, he never badmouths anyone. Yet he gets so much grief from people for no apparent reason.
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    Bazza bazza bazza always bazza... write here what you wrote on hjm ‘ s chat about my wife and daughters... you should have banned from sma and instead you are still here talkin trash about me...
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    Sorry am I missing something? Wasent papa you? 😂
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    Message @SM Support(Alex) and he'll be able to help you to sort this
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    This first post is argumentative... Naming a league or player is basically calling them out?
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    Bare, I thought the discussion was over, I have defined you a legendary player and I just told you that you can not afford to say that my league is made of young people who win against the bots: my players are older&levelup than yours (who is ragazzo d'oro or lfc20, or ale france (kicked out from my league) or hourida etccc.....), your league kiss our ass for more than three months in the friendlies against you we always win. You have the right to say what you want and I have the right to answer you. I do not think you have a lot of friends out of the game, since you have time to write this bullshit in the forum. Take an example from me or Gorse Hill, who writes useful things for improving the game. You not are a real President, You're a troublemaker. In your league there are excellent players, I'm sorry for them that you are their President Good life!
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    I know Pepsi that’s what I’m saying dumb ass I play the game just face Italian revenge have a load of loners that think they’re top players playing bots and again wait till top players get a hold of them it should be classed as rape what they’ll do to them
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    YeahI'm not bothered either way about who's better than who.. The 4 or 5 guys in team Italia are legends of the game along with Newyorkpoet... All those been playing longer than me I hope they sort the matching out Just for the fun as I went leagueless last night and enjoyed it so much Hope the admin team pull their fingers out and sort it soon... I just got an update today and it didn't give me tournaments and I matched a bot in the 2 games I played since so don't really know what it updated lol
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    Alex, I'm asking you to solve the "Bot" problem as soon as possible, all the top players are leaving the game. You can not continue like this! it's a deadly bore!
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    Added this in an edit in the earlier post you responded too.
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    I’m messaging gorse about it
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    Gorse is a good guy and UN are a good league. Both entities are supportive of new players/new talent. But I'd imagine you'd need to get your trophies up a bit first Toby
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    Gorse your partner league of United Nations 2 right? If so I have 900 trophies is there any chance of getting in I will get 50+ every week and get to 4000 in the upcoming weeks?
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    Sma has no policy on multi account so they are not cheating... try again Morrison... I just can’t finish 1st one week even if u play what?? 1000 games against bots and u finish 6340??? Ahahahahha ahahahah I love Willy
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    Get a grip of yourself, you moan and cry about 2nd accounts yet you had Blyth in un2 and Un for around 6 months or more... i told you about the only 2nd account i have ever had when you accused me of being Raequann all that time you were the one with multiple accounts... You blame HKane for stuff but he never kicked a league and he is only a boy so you could expect it but you are a grown man... Get a grip on your life you sound pathetic and desperate You too paranoid but have to expect that from an ex vein member
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    Rubbish if u don’t have it don’t get it
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    How about this beta?
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    Having a 2nd account is not cheating that was the answer Alex gave me few days ago... u played 24/7 (after u accused me of that) just to finally finish 1st one time playing only bots btw (pathetic) .. now u don’t finish 1st again and obviously willy cheated ahahhahaha
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    I started whole thing off? What you moaning about now? Go and slither back under your rock You snake
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    For me you didn't need to change any of the game play, the drop ball at start is ok but never thought there was anything wrong with kick off. Chat packs and tournaments were only thing you's really needed to add The main things i am finding wrong is... The flow of the game like the movement of players, they stand still when you are trying to move other players.. I like to attack and it feels so sluggish so can't attack going as quick Too slow at reacting when collecting the ball which doesn't give you much chance to get away or avoid the slide First time shots.. Can't seem to get them off as quick as old version, Player obviously taking ball under his control but takes too long First time passing... The bots are passing it about with precision where as it feels a lot slower for my players trying to pass All this could be because the players are so slow at reacting once collecting the ball The minor things that could be tweaked... Elite should have 2 boosts imo otherwise they don't have great advantage.. 2 separate boosts would be more attractive to use them and it would make Messi good to use again Manager level... You could be a bit more generous with those, not sure what your system is but i think the only difference between level 10 and 12 is 2 extra green boosts even level 9 is only 3 green and 1 blue boost less than level 12 so with the new changes you could think about increasing it. Don't know when a 4th elite boost will arrive but if all cards stay with 1 special boost then blue and elite boosts should be higher than 6 and 3 after level 10 manager. Elite should have 2 special boosts or if not then be able to use theirs more than 3 times
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    I like the update enough, but I hate the slowdown when you receive the pass or when you win a contrast. The players who make the slips are too advantaged by this. When you face a 3-0-1 it becomes almost impossible to score. In general, now, it is almost impossible to score from a tight angle, while you can score from midfield. The game must be faster.
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    It becomes an argue when u put my name on it.. just you and your friends stop talking always about me.. enjoy the game and have fun... whos the better player the lederboard shows every week... and of course if that is me u all say i cheat someway somehow... and btw we all know u wrote those things, theres no need of a screenshot
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    No drama boys. I was beaten by James fair and square. We were in the same club and he continued to use the winky face emoji and posting ‘thanks’ every time he scored. When the game had finished we went back into the lobby and he had shared the game replay with the heading ‘another one bites the dust’ Considering we were in the same club, I questioned if James had learning difficulties. Due to the fact he felt it necessary to start a forum thread about it, I can conclude that he is a very, very, very special boy.
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    Ive tried both swipe and tapping. When no ones around you tapping is fine, but when your trying to make a tight pass it will normally be picked off by a defender or your players too slow to control then pass before being tackled. My swipe pass seems to have a bit curl on it but thats prob to do with not being able to draw a straight line lol. I still think theres a problem with low rated players being able to do more than high rated players ie stones can slide 13 times where an elite slider only 3 making stones more valuable in the game. Maybe elites should keep there 2 boosts and greens and blues only 1. And also have greens cut from being able to slide 13 times. Id say stones (green) can slide 4 times. Varane (blue) 6 times and ramos (pink) 3 slides and 3 tackling boosts, making it more realistic to there real life abilities.
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    Not played quite as many matches as Morrison but agree with most of what he's said. Not sure the ball drop makes it any fairer (no complaints anyway) but I like that it means the game starts with the ball in different positions. I like the shooting too but find the ball goes slightly to the left of the line I draw. Easy enough to adjust to take this into account though. I also like that you have to get your guy running but it does take far too long to get the ball under control. As with Morrison, I don't like that the players have gone down to having 1 special ability as it means half the players will rarely be used (I've had to replace Messi and Alba straight away).
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    After playing a couple of hundred matches, POSITIVES- ball drop (fair on both players). Shooting/keeping (very smooth and realistic to a real match). After conceding keeper starts with ball (just normal 5aside rules). NEGATIVES- pace of the game (the match engine deffo needs speeding up!!). Passing ( any kind of intricate passing is non existent as the players are too slow, and after winning a tackle it feels like your stuck in mud and you just get re tackled). Messi 1 of best players in world and doesnt have a shooting boost which means from most popular player in game to 1 of least. OVERALL 8/10 deffo needs speeding up and passing looked at!
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    Wonder what he got for being number 1 ? Playing countless hours ? UM NOWT LOL
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    Thanks for the feedback and the access info. We believed it was simply a matter of time as the BETA version propagated throughout the Play Store. This confirms it. Cheers.
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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Football Clash: All Stars! Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash: All Stars and will have a brand new user interface. SNEAK PEEK #2 – Tournaments! A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing. SNEAK PEEK #3 – 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience! Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power. SNEAK PEEK #4 – Matchday Improvements! You cannot score inside the penalty area. All shots must be outside the box. Only one ability per player. Instant goal replays. At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena. Challenges resolved quicker. Ball can bounce free after a challenge. Only one ability per player. Add curl to shooting and passing. Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls. Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored. SNEAK PEEK #5 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward. New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper. New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender. New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper. SNEAK PEEK #6 – Change in Player Levels! Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb Kannonball: Superb –> Elite Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb Cat: Elite –> Superb Petr the Great: Superb –> Good El Jefecito: Superb –> Good Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good SNEAK PEEK #7 – Cards in Different Arenas! We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas. SNEAK PEEK #8 – Legacy Cards! Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards. Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days. SNEAK PEEK #9 – 3 New Abilities! Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal. Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate. Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will receive speed boost. SNEAK PEEK #10 – Friends! A function to Add/Remove Friends. You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly. Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!