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  1. In for a shock!!

    Not like you haven't got form for it 😏😂
  2. In for a shock!!

    I didn't say you asked but you were one of best in there and never got offered promotion hence it being a partner league not a feeder 😉
  3. In for a shock!!

    You should know this Bare you was in un2 long enough to realise no one got promoted... They could play in either league... That's what Blyth Spartans did and many others
  4. In for a shock!!

    It's not a feeder league... It's a partner league like unity is too and all leaderboard standings are fake at moment.? Koln has done great there 🏆
  5. In for a shock!!

    But in reality showing your self to be arrogant 😜😂😂😂😂
  6. In for a shock!!

    King... Didn't realise you saw me that way 😜😂😂 I've never known you to be right about anything just a lot sad bull shit about others being fake when you should look in the mirror 😂😂 everytime you got beat when we were in goal nation together you were like "gotta be someone's 2nd account" like you're something special and best on game 🙈😂 you even thought aaa was someone's 2nd account... That's says it all 😂😂😂 just play the game lad for fun don't worry about everyone else or you'll end up with 50 spy accounts if you haven't already 😉
  7. In for a shock!!

    Same old bull shit 😂 threads that's have nothing to do with improving the game
  8. Not regular player

    No they don't... At moment until they fix it If you play someone in arena and they're in a league it will be bot version of them... If they're are in no league it's most likely real person playing against you
  9. Not regular player

    Because you're not playing them you're playing bot version of them. We can't match real players at the moment unless you're in no league
  10. NEW UPDATE!!!

    It's soooo much more fun being leagueless when going in arena... @SM Support(Alex) @Gorski @Admin any of you's gonna sort it soon so we don't have to leave our leagues just to match real players?? Dragging it out big time 😔
  11. In for a shock!!

    I wouldn't know how easy it was he couldn't brainwash me like he did you but some minds are easily brainwashed from looks of it
  12. In for a shock!!

    Wouldn't surprised me as you obviously got brainwashed by him when you went goal kings
  13. In for a shock!!

    you cant delete whats below unless you move the invite/ friend request first so i couldn't delete goal nation invite as i needed to keep UN's to get back in there, just accepted one after other by mistake
  14. In for a shock!!

    Thank you