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  1. Card pack error

    Have you linked your account to Facebook? You get a super pack from that you normally get a new elite player from that or just wait till day 6/7 next daily packs
  2. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I’m deleting soon after TOURNAMENTS are in the game wanna try them first
  3. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Yep lol
  4. Card pack error

    Your arena 1 you don’t get elite player yet
  5. Legendary ronaldo

    I have 5k and I’m on holiday not wasting half a day doing videos on holiday thanks
  6. Legendary ronaldo

    they bring fat ronaldo the player I really want the day after I upgrade my players... now I have to wait another 2 months to get him
  7. Devices

    Let me guess ban me from the game is your advise
  8. Devices

  9. The odd own goal

    What’s confusing?
  10. The odd own goal

    Ohh yh sorry that happens it’s annoying
  11. The odd own goal

    hasn’t happened to me
  12. Legendary ronaldo

    But could be like pele On fifa very rare and only in shop like once a year or something that wouldn’t surprise me but it’s sma we’re talking about king is problems
  13. Legendary ronaldo

    Nope never played with or against him it’s annoying I really want to try him
  14. Forum Behaviour

    Who was that directed at?
  15. Forum Behaviour

    Tester who are you anyway? Never played you what league you in