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  1. In for a shock!!

    @SM Support(Alex) Please see this thread as an example of how frustrated and disillusioned people are at the moment. The thing all of us here have in common is how much we love the game and want to enjoy it and play it properly, The longer this current situation continues - the more fractured this community will become.
  2. Beta

    Gorse is a good guy and UN are a good league. Both entities are supportive of new players/new talent. But I'd imagine you'd need to get your trophies up a bit first Toby
  3. Beta bugs

    Think this may be here to stay Bare
  4. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Go to Game Updates and Early Access Announcement to sign up
  5. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Thanks aaa
  6. NEW UPDATE!!!

    @SM Support(Alex) did you get my DM?
  7. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Hey @Alex I’ve just DM’d you my thoughts on the Beta
  8. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Oh yeah. Just checked. My mistake
  9. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Nah Bare was no?
  10. NEW UPDATE!!!

    It was mate. Just deleted a load of messages. Congrats on number one for last week by the way
  11. NEW UPDATE!!!

    That's odd. Honestly I am really struggling with it. Feels like a completely new game to me and there is not much I can say positively about it. But I'll keep trying it and report back with my specific thoughts for @Alex soon
  12. NEW UPDATE!!!

    And I thought you were ignoring me!
  13. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Agree with most of you here. Only thing really needed was tournaments. Random ball drop will be the same lottery as who gets KO. Best fix to that, for me, would be a game has to be won by two clear goals. I'm aware that would potentially increase game time but would add fairness and some real tension too. Agree with @Morrison about daily packs. They need to go. Instead there should be weekly packs where the prizes are based on the following: Trophies, League Finish, LP goals, Win Streaks and any Personal Bests in those areas. PS Quite like that you can have friendlies against non league members though. Could be interesting...
  14. Top Players

    Thanks bro. You too. Let’s run away together 😉
  15. Top Players

    None taken 😂