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  1. Bots

    Thanks for the report. I have forwarded all the information in the various places on the forum to the development team. Hope to have it confirmed and resolved quickly.
  2. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I am investigating this at the moment. Will confirm and resolve ASAP. In other news, the Beta has no been rolled out to the public. I would like to thank you for your contribution during the BETA phase. We know there is still work to be done and would appreciate it if you keep the feedback flowing!
  3. Matching bug

    Apologies for the delayed response to this. I have been away and unable to access the forum. Members of the team have been monitoring reports, although seemingly without acknowledgement (sorry about that). I am informed that this was a temporary issue and resolved by midday UK time if not earlier. Haven't had a chance to get full info on the issue. Thanks for the reports!
  4. Beta

  5. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Added this in an edit in the earlier post you responded too.
  6. Beta

    Thanks for letting us know. There were a number of instances causing crashes on the individual game server. These are being picked up and resolved. This is entirely the purpose of BETA and you are able to opt out and return to the LIVE version until the Update is rolled out, if you wish.
  7. NEW UPDATE!!!

    It is still a legitimate achievement as the games were played, The time was invested. Users all had this option. While I understand that you feel is was not as hard won. It is still the case that it has been earned.
  8. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Much of the last 3 pages of comments strayed very off topic. So they have been removed from the thread. The purpose of the thread is for feedback of the BETA and discussions arising from points made. To respond to some of the relevant points: The achievements gained using this BETA build will be kept. There will be no reset. There is a level playing field in terms of active users having access to the BETA and the BOT matches that come with it. It is possible that if two users on the BETA were to search at the same time, they could be paired and play out a competitive match. Regarding the much discussed Multiple Accounts. If a user has the will and time to invest in improving and maintaining more than one account that is their prerogative. We do not recommend it and provide tools to carry a single account across platforms and devices. As with all accounts, if abusive behaviour is seen please screen shot it and the club profile of the offender and PM me.
  9. NEW UPDATE!!!

    @Gorse H I don't have the time to write a full response to your comprehensive feedback. So just a quick thanks and I am lead to believe there will be a new update addressing some of the key feedback you have all left here. I will write a full post once I have confirmation of what it will contain, The initial chance of miscontrolling the ball has been removed, which will impact each of the above.
  10. NEW UPDATE!!!

    yeah, just responded.
  11. Availability on Desktop Platforms

    Hi, We regret to inform you that we will be removing Soccer Manager Arena from Steam in March. This will coincide with the release of our major update on the mobile platforms as the match engine fundamentally changes. We do not believe the desktop control system is suited to the new shooting methods. This has been designed to improve the gameplay of the majority of our user base which is heavily on mobile devices. Steam users will be able to contact our team via the in-game support system and have their existing accounts transferred to a mobile device. Thanks.
  12. NEW UPDATE!!!

    This has been a common theme in the feedback we have received. I can confirm that in the next build it will be removed. The aim was to add an element of realism, with better players better controlling the ball and rewarding better quality passing and build up. However we accept that it does not feel within your control and will have it turned off. Also I have been informed that direct friendlies will be available in the next update so you will be able to challenge one another (regardless of league). And check out the new shooting system against real players.
  13. Beta

    There was a temporary server error affecting the iOS platform. This was unrelated to the early access.
  14. iOS: Please Update screen

    We experienced some down time on the iOS platform last night. Some users might have seen a screen stating "An Update is available" which restricted your access to the game. This was an error with our servers and was quickly resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  15. NEW UPDATE!!!

    The improvements to the free (swipe) pass has given you the ability to add curl to the passes in order to avoid defenders in your path when a tap pass would go straight to them. Just to confirm that I am discussing this feedback with our development team. If you are playing with others on this new version, please encourage them to share their thoughts.