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Hello guys this is Berg, first of all i would like to thank the developers for fixing a problem that i was experiencing (bug section - can't play match) with the new update. After that i would like to start a discussion about some features of the game that we all discuss in our leagues :

1. You should do something about the match ups, it's unacceptable in a popular game like that to play matches players that have a difference of 1000+ trophies between them. One solution that i think about is creating new leagues (one between arena 7 and 8 - and several new arenas above 8 with gift packs at the end of each season for the players).

2. Second the player prices with the new update are very high, it's not  logical to have to pay for example for De Gea 17500 cash. It's very hard to gain cash inside the game if someone is F2P player, so you need to revaluate and fix them with a new update. If this is a tactic to gain money it's wrong, instead in order to gain money from players you should make offers (e.x. every time someone change arena a one time deal that gives a pack, cash and coin for a better price).

3. For last the most annoying in my opinion part of the game. The ability to gain new cards. It's frustrating to be at arena  7 or 8 and not have the most of the cards. I am curious to know about the odds of getting a new card from the packs. You have released 106 cards and after one month of playing and opening a lot of packs of all kind i have gained only 33 cards. We all should have at least all the good and the superb players and the problem should be at the elite. For example if someone at the beginning gain Carvahal and Bellerin for defenders how would he been able to play defence?????

I am looking forward to hear the opinion from both developers and players. Sorry for my English, it's not my birth language.

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my guess is that the match-up problem will solve itself as the game grows. the larger the pool of available players, the easier it will be for the program to find you close matches. fifa mobile ran into problems when they tried to make only close matches; at times it would take twenty minutes of wait time to get a vs match. i agree that closer matches and extra arenas would be fun, but i'd rather have a short wait time.

as for the players, yes the price is high, but it can't be too easy to buy all the best players or everybody would have maxed out messi ronaldo and neuer. i've been playing six months and have 96 of the 106 cards. if you want more money you can watch a 30-second ad and multiply your cash every time you win. also you can use your coins to buy extra cash or to buy blue packs, which give you an automatic new player.

just be patient and you'll get more.


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Thanks for the response, I can see your point of view and I agree in the most parts,  but as far for the money I watch the videos and I try to update only the players I use but still it's not enough and after the new update the blue packs don't contain a new player. 

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