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  1. Today
  2. 10% load

    I don’t know then
  3. 10% load

    Date is correct,connection is good too:(
  4. 10% load

    Make sure your date on your phone is correct and make sure your connection is working fine
  5. 10% load

    I can not enter the game!Entering to the game stops at 10 percentI have very good squad and I do not want to lose my progress and my favorite game(
  6. Yesterday
  7. Purple Players / Bug???

    Yeah that’s not great Luis. Hopefully you’ll be sorted out soon
  8. Purple Players / Bug???

    At this time and in the rank I'm, starting to be unfair because I always play against 4/5 purple players ... It's almost done 3/4 weeks I play the game and I only have Vidal from the facebook pack and Kane that I bought in shop by 6k ... 😓
  9. Purple Players / Bug???

    Thats clearly an issue @SM Support(Alex) Sorry you’re experiencing that Luis
  10. Purple Players / Bug???

    Well after more 4 days open packs continues the same... 0 purple players... 😡
  11. Open season tournament

    Has anybody managed to get into this yet?
  12. Predictions WC/CL

    The latter.
  13. Predictions WC/CL

    R u a time traveler? Or just trying to get extremely lucky?
  14. Predictions WC/CL

    I'm going with bayern and France
  15. Predictions WC/CL

    I think England will be eliminated in the Round of 16 by Columbia. Watch this space. No edits from me or anything like that.
  16. Predictions WC/CL

    France and Real Madrid.
  17. Predictions WC/CL

    Best of luck 👍
  18. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    it's dealt with... He said he an account so I found him. He denied it then got exposed! Not that I'm aware of I doubt it
  19. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    They have so many VP's in that league.
  20. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Don’t forget that they have an account in lost legion with VP that’s they are ‘ready to kick’
  21. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Yeah, that's what I thought too. Even going into one's league with another name isn't exactly a punishable offence. You could never prove intent as well.
  22. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Shouldn’t nothing done major done on forum..... u can’t ban me for something on the game
  23. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Would this result in a ban or what?
  24. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

  25. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    I look forward to seeing how moderator @Gorse H deals with this.
  26. Last week
  27. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Well idc
  28. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    I thought u we’re leaving the forum. Again....
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