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  1. Today
  2. Replay Bug

    They don't work for anyone in Arena 9.

    @SM Support(Alex) Please make it happen Friday.
  4. Yesterday

    Hopefully he'll be in shop tonight 😉

    Looks like a beast in my 1-2–1 beside Modric.... Shame I spent my last 20k levelling up kane to level 5....
  7. Keepers fixed my arse


    Huh can’t believe it’s him
  9. Keepers fixed my arse

    So pretty much every thing they said they have done except fixing tournaments haven’t been done??
  10. Keepers fixed my arse

    The legenda there now but no sign of the videos after wins to gain more trophies or lose less trophies.
  11. Replay Bug

    Was talking to stoller about this...
  12. Replay Bug

    Yeah I don't think it's working for any one bro
  13. Replay Bug

    Yo Since the update I can’t see my replays anymore. I asked some people and they had the same issue. Anybody else? @SM Support(Alex) Thanks in advance
  14. Tournament/Retry login

    Guessing he meant to do another tournament
  15. Tournament/Retry login

    OMG! Didn't you have anything better to do than wait 25 minutes?!
  16. Tournament/Retry login

    Too long that and i've had reports of the same time frame of it happening to players in UN.. Bugs seem to have got much worse since the update
  17. Tournament/Retry login

    Sounds like the same problem as me , I've not had a chance to re try since the update because I've wasted all my coins on this
  18. Tournament/Retry login

  19. Tournament/Retry login

    I waiting around 25 minute last night, eventually gave me the option to leave to the tournament after logging back in, when I lost in a semi final 0-0
  20. Tournament/Retry login

    How long do you's get stuck in this before you can play again
  21. LAG

    Right I'm back to this again. Have shocking lag today. Seems nobody else is affected as people seem to have no issues beating me. Anyone else suffering?
  22. Keepers fixed my arse

  23. Keepers fixed my arse

    Happened to me aswell and still no sign of the new promised legend. Also that thing where I was watching myself get beat happened to me. 1 step forward 2 steps back as per
  24. Keepers fixed my arse

    Yep its still happening for me happened twice in one match for me in the final of a tournie and he scored both (still won lol)
  25. Last week
  26. Keepers fixed my arse

    This is after the keeper update..... anyone else....?
  27. Tournament/Retry login

    Just had this happen to me, again.. been on this screen 15 minutes, closed the app at least ten time and every time it reloads, straight to this screen, didn't even play the first game
  28. Tournament/Retry login

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