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    SNEAK PEEK #1 - New Cards! The following 5 players are set to enter the Arena: New Legendary Card: Computer - a Defensive Midfielder. New Superb Card: Dutch Destroyer - a Defender. New Superb Card: O Canito - a Striker. New Superb Card: Senegalese Speedster - a Winger. New Good Card: Colossus - a Defender. SNEAK PEEK #2 - Change in Player Levels! The following 6 players are set to have a change in card level: Shadow: Superb --> Elite Sharp Shooter: Good --> Superb French Prince: Superb --> Elite El Pipita: Elite --> Superb Warrior: Elite --> Superb Nino Maravilla: Superb --> Good SNEAK PEEK #3 - Legacy Cards! The following 4 players are to become Legacy cards: El Jefecito. Raging Bull. Armenian Archer. Turkish Delight. SNEAK PEEK #4 - New Countries! Prepare to enter the Arena as Football Clash: All Stars is coming to Southeast Asia! Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums. See you in the Arena!
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    I am afraid that I am indeed leaving the game permanently. The simple reason why is that I am bored of playing. You may have noticed that I resorted to playing bots exclusively and usually beating them 1-0 for the past few weeks by using the WiFi glitch. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that my heart isn't into it with such dodgy gameplay. I have had a very wonderful time playing this game. From being the President of Goal Nation to being a VP in both Solidarity and Roman Empire, I have been very fortunate to be so widely trusted in the game. I don't think there are very many players who could have transitioned from Solidarity to RE the way I have. I owe that to the wonderful people in charge of both leagues. @Pepsi, @Rik, @Gorse H, @CFC Denham - all such wonderful guys. To Solidarity's credit, they have been very respectful despite me leaving, which shows what a great league they are on the whole. My journey only really started when I was in Gorse's United Nations and then the often disputed @Bare's Goal Nation where I became its permanent President. When I took over from Bare, I always tried to keep the peace and make sure the league I am in is very respectful to others. I was able to do so with Goal Nation very successfully and also with RE with a focus on respect and integrity - that we never resort to name-calling. To be fair, RE was definitely the most tranquil of all leagues well before I joined with little to no abuse towards any other players. But with the likes of Morrison and Hamez making way, credit has to be given to Pepsi and Gorse. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been very privileged to be so widely accepted by everyone here and am very thankful. Even from a playing sense, I have held the current record for most consecutive top 50 along with @Tahmid going back to Goal Nation. Speaking of Tahmid, I have been very fortunate to have met such a lovely guy like him in this game. He is my best friend in this game by a country mile and we have managed to keep that friendship alive ever since I left Solidarity. I am happy to say that I was right to close GN as everyone is now doing much better elsewhere. It had its time with Bare and I among others as the top league anyway. I would like to take this opportunity to explain how I feel about the community and some of it's most notable and cherished members. I am in no league essentially, so let's not beat around the bush. I'm just going to say it as it is. For me, there are two players who are genuinely the best people (who are at least renown VP's of top leagues) in the game to be around. The best of the bunch is Pepsi. If you really get to know him, I think you'll find he is the best of all players. Fairly passionate on the forum but not aggressive when it comes to recognising the importance of the other leagues. A smooth operator with a friendly personality. The other person is @Lemmy. He is a bit of a nuisance on the forum but if you get to know him, you will realise that he will treat you like family. This guy has a big heart, and I'm not just talking about the steroids. But seriously, he will accept you like his own and is willing to talk to anyone about anything. Very positive influence to have around you for the most part. As for the community, I feel that it will get surprisingly stronger with many of the top players recognising how toxic the game was before and will seek to avoid it. Rik and @Darkstar72 are good guys who I sense are solely there to play. Pepsi likes to joke about but I don't think he actually wants another series of Cola Wars. And Gorse is a top guy with a lot of experience on the forum and in the game with over 100K trophies. So my reason for leaving is to do with boredom. Nothing about the community whatsoever. I may actually still be around the forum if there are any good conversations taking place. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours.
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    Valerolegend… You played finally against a real Roman Empire players….. ops. I watched the replays and you was full boosts but……. ops. you yawned at him….. ops. you know a cheat to beat superbots ...... ops. no league wants you … ops. think before you talk, and while in….. do not enter our league anymore, you are not welcome because you dirty the marble floors of the Roman Empire.
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    King is live soon I am go home from hospital all is good Tnx to god! ?
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    You know if everyone hates the yawn emoji so much or any other emoji for that fact, then rather than trying to get one over on people in tit for tat on here maybe you should write to either Sean on here and/or in-game support and ask them to remove it 🤔✌️
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    you can't be my opponent valerolegend.you are very weak player for me you have to improve yourself and you can do some practice with my bot.
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    It’s time to finish this @Valerolegend I fill sorry, you fighting alone agienst world bro that is hard job if you are not strong in head!!! maybe you Valero to start your own league be good to have other things to think... this war go nowhere every day is same here on forum.... ( atlest I have fun to read this 😂)
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    Afternoon All. To save a bit of time reading those forum posts. Please see summary of every thread at the minute. Player 1 - You seen this glitch? Player 2 - Yep, but it’s cheating. Player 1 - You only play bots! Player 2 - You yawned at me! When I beat you. *Insert Screenshot* Player 1 - You yawned at me first! It’s the only time you’ve beat me *Insert screenshot* Player 2 - Your play style is boring. Come on everyone. We are better than that. This tit for tat with screenshot’s and calling everyone cheats is getting boring. The features are there for everyone to use and everyone will use them differently. Just worry about yourself and try and respect opponents. If they don’t respect you, then please rise above it. See you in the arena Damo
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    Just remove him. In fact, remove them all, Zeesh. I know you know how to do that. 😂
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    Lets not forget you cheated to win. Like valero the legend himself says SHAME ON ALL YOU CHEATS
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    Hmmmmmmmm are you sure about that?
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    How do you lose with such good speeds ??😭 🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐
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    Not really the return of the barbarians Pepsi mate...more of a social gathering before a load quit the game next weeK and move onto golf clash!!!
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    Darkstar, I don't understand your critique, maybe you preferred win easy the tournament? You know I don't like free accusations. What happened to Arnav, it happened to everyone, for better or for worse. Honestly, I was expecting a better exit from you. I probably expected that I would dilute the tones of attacks to a 13-year-old boy who is objectively excellent, he is not only fantastic as a player, but also as a person.
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    i agree pep says true. maybe you can beat our bot. it is my fault why i didnt beat you 5-0 and you cant talk any next time we will see game score you should some practise because i will love you;)
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    Some people find it boring getting beat 🤷‍♂️ thing called sour grapes 😂 but really does anyone truly care what emoji a losing player uses? They obviously sour but its different story if they winning and doing it as that shows lack of grace in victory ✌️
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    Evening All. Has anyone noticed the inconsistency in the tackling algorithm when it comes to the ball spilling loose. Sometimes the player who wins the battle gets the ball and can dribble away from the tackle, whilst other times the ball boobles loose. Does anyone know how this works? As I’ve noticed it seems to be inconsistent. I’d have thought it would work that if the tackler wins by more than a certain figure then they keep the ball at feet. But tighter duels would mean the ball spills loose. Anyone got any insight into this? Welcome your thoughts/knowledge Damo
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    The prick says I yawned him first , anyone on this forum can have their say - do I yawn any players here ? Why would I even yawn if I am winning ? Hamez is a player who can't take a loss.
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    The whole thread is pretty silly.. Can't police the arena it's impossible... The best thing is... If you're respectful then show it if not then that shows a lot about the person playing ✌️
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    I gonna yaw bout of you now 😂 you gonna hate your king 👑 😝
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    If Dan the Man shows no respect to me I show him what is the RESPECT and post "Good Game" and "Good Luck". I do not know who was the first to make a stupid face, but for logic I would say that, before answering, you would have made the screenshot, however we can not know. I respect Solidarity, and certainly the 4 consecutive yawns of Dan the man have not created any problem for my ego. If we all avoided responding to provocations, they would probably cease.
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    it's you who are saying that in 22 consecutive victories you've beaten mainly Roman Empire players, it's not the other way around. The Roman Empire boys do not even know who you are! However, in 22 games I play +/- 14 against bots, the remaining against players of each league ... but you do not, play all the games against real players and almost all against roman empire players. ? You know the story of Pinocchio .... careful that the long nose will interfere with you during the matches. ?
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    you seated in pub drink your beer and come on guy who have all boost ! common this is stupid it’s bloody time to remove this manager cards ffs!!! @Sean (SM Support) are you developers come in arena to play??? its stupid and game lose lot players for this card boosts!!!