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    Think he was looking for a merger with Barcelona 🙈
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    Hi guys, I have a suggestion for all of the presidents on the game. I think we should all take a minute about the next thing I'm about to suggest. I think every President should disband their league to merge with Goal Nation! Zaman just got one condition! He's such a generous guys isn't he? Give him president it iss the only thing he wants for all the sacrifices he does. We should all nominate Zaman for Best Diplomatic President of the century! As a respond to the offer: Manchester city is not willing to merge with Colchester ~Bazza 2k18 Have fun boys!
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    Let's stop arguing ladies.. Some people have selective memories
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    Best of luck with your exciting new venture. You’ll be a top five league in no time *Bit gutted you didn’t go for “Only Fools and Gorse’s” though 😂
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    Excellent work Stoller, I am very happy to see you in the first place. You deserved it, but ... let's hope this week is different. 😉 See you later bro
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    Hey ya in the fifty stoller gives everyone a chance even you(probably) and it was his decision and he will stop but how is he a hypocrite
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    @Gorse H Is right. The long ball bug needs a simple fix Personally I am more angry with the developers for not fixing it than the players exploiting it But until it is fixed I propose the following; When a player uses the long ball bug an emoji is automatically triggered that says; “I’m so sorry bro. This is literally the only way I can beat you. You are by far the better player and I apologise that I have had to sink to these depths in a desperate and pathetic attempt to try to compete” I could cope with that 😂
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    Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of those in The Fifty Last week we were fortunate enough to finish the season as the number one league for the first time I want to publicly thank all those who put in so much work last week and indeed all those who have been a part of our little league since it started three and a half months ago To be able to finish above such great leagues as European Union, Hispania, Allstar United, Goal Nation, United Nations and especially Italian Revenge (who pushed us so hard last week and have been the top league for a while now) is a real honour Also wanted to thank the Presidents of the top leagues who all found time to privately message me to congratulate us - just shows what classy people we have on this thing I hope this doesn't come across as gloating - I have nothing but the greatest respect for all our rivals - but I feel so incredibly proud I just wanted to share this publicly Looking forward to another great battle this week too See you in all the arena!
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    Credit to Stoller, incredibly humble guy and put in a shift for that to happen. Congratulations for it and well played to everyone in you league that contributed but, I will make sure GN returns to its associated position in the game.
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    Thanks bro. Big respect to the 49 superstars who made it happen again I’ll even join in the fun this week myself when I’m back from my holiday Respect to our rivals too Let’s do battle again!
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    I think you should stop naming people and leagues publicly.. Concentrate on GN and talk to Hkane privately rather than start a thread like this with no proof
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    Yesterday evening I had several line problems and I had a good experience. I did some games in which some opponents had fun stealing trophies, because I lost the connection and after 40 seconds they had already won. (Well you have to do it quickly because otherwise I ruin you, I'm joking 😂). Then I saw the light ... Wes, he waited for me, after 30 seconds he had only made one goal (surely before noticing my absence) and as I came back into the game he handed me the ball. It was born a wonderful game ended 4 to 4. This is the beauty of the game, which despite many controversy makes me understand the quality of many of you, and makes me get back the pleasure of playing again. Thanks Wes. 😃 Maximum respect.
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    Well said @Pepsi @Wes is one of the finest players and people on the game Don’t know a single person who’d disagree with that But you did exactly the same thing for me yesterday so you are both absolute class acts in my opinion
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    I think it's a lack of respect that you talk like that about Luca, the best player in the world, I think there is envy, some people are very hurt to lose and to see the superiority of Luca
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    Nueva liga internacional de habla hispana para personas con ganas jugar
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    Yo guys, Who do you think will go through in every group? A: Uruguay (1) ; Egypt (2) B: Spain (1) ; Portugal (2) --> Hope Iran (2) C : France (1) ; Peru (2) D : Croatia (1) ; Argentina (2) E: Brazil (1) ; Serbia (2) F: Germany (1) ; Sweden (2) G: England (1) ; Belgium (2) H: Colombia (1 ) ; Senegal (2) Top scorer: Neymar World Champion: Brazil Team I support: Iran
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    Wish they let me have that many letters 😂😂 Thanks everyone 👍
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    There will be a new tournament tomorrow
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    Very hard for lewandowski to be topscorer if they don’t go through the group stages.
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    Eu is basically Un2 with a nicer name
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    Maybe you dont mean it but your just rude to people. Some people take it more than others. As your league is where it is thanks to Gorse and UN it would make sense to be more respectful to them.
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    This is hilarious ahahaha every top players of top 10 vs the fifty
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    In terms of new players Van Dijk Manolas and Koulibaly in defence Dembele spurs (dribble boost) Milinkovic Savic (strength boost) Matuidi (tackle boost) De Rossi (rage) In attack Sadio Mane, Sterling, Edin Dzeko,
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    I don’t understand this whole “stealing” other people’s players??? You don’t own folk😂 if they move they move. Surely it shows more about the person who moves rather than the person who invited them. Get a grip babe
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    @CFC Denham @Zaman Come on lads - no need to squabble You’re both top presidents of top leagues so let’s just leave it there There seems to have been a little influx of new players joining the forum recently - let’s all try to show them that this isn’t just a place for petty conflicts Agree to agree or agree to disagree but you’re both intelligent and mature guys so let’s just draw a line here yeah?