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    Hi all. I would just like to make everyone aware that we have looked to the forum community for some support in keeping the forum a place of quality discussion, suitable for all. The first community Moderators are; @Gorse H @Stoller I believe all current community members will agree that both have proven themselves as respected players of the game and members of the forum community. The role of moderators is to ensure the content and behaviour is appropriate and adheres to the forum rules. The moderators are not employees of Soccer Manager Ltd or Football Clash All-Stars. As such they have no access to or influence over development plans, server maintenance or any other business decisions. Thanks!
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    European Union Partnered league with United Nations and United Nations 2 " I love dis game ! " - Evra League Tag - #41VSULZQ - Required trophies is 1000 at the moment but this will soon be 3000 - 4000. only if your active in chat and the league pack. This league is the start of a long term project that were looking to move onto in the future. I mentioned in the United Nations thread that a 3rd league would be added and here we are, I'm looking forward for this new adventure but most importantly being partnered with my forever home United Nations/2. Lets start of with our aims, I see great potential for this league being a contender for top 5 because me and my great friends have the ambition to make our family bigger and stronger. The start is always the hardest as you all know. getting players who don't leave straight away ect but when the core is sorted we will just improve and only improve that's the way I like to see it. If people want to be apart of this project come and see if you enjoy it ! Were mostly looking for active players who like to chat and are all around cool. 40 League goals a week are a minimum - 8 games or so in 3 days is nothing if your 'active' Also as a group of leagues we would like if people were here for the long run not the first turn. We complete league packs together and touch wood fail a league pack 'together' but if you leave after a fail one week at least we know who's loyal, that may sound negative but id prefer to get it said now instead of in game when players feel this way were in general a really good bunch of lads and that goes for our partners too.. Also mon the hoops. Come say hello and see how the next couple weeks go ! Thanks for reading guys !
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    I have sent you a PM regarding your account details for investigation.
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    I think this is great. A brilliant league opening new opportunities. Good luck to you all. Sure the whole community will support you guys here
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    Gorse and stoller just testing out there new powers 😏
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    Look at how fast Alex got involved after you said you might quit lol
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    Good thread and league! Only english speaking league that doesn't invite my members 3 times a day. Good job!
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    Right, its fair to say I'm really enjoying the new version of the game but there's a lot of little things that can make the game way more appealing in different areas. Badges/kits - this is such a easy implementation that can be added in. More variations of badges and kits. the amount of leagues in the top 50 that have to have the same badge because the lack of variations there are is annoying every league should be unique to their name and background. Same goes with kits. League levels - Leagues are just seen just now as somewhere to stay and contribute in a bad rewarded LP, Why not add league levels when it depends on where the league finishes after a season depends on how much XP you earn to level up. Every level has a different bonus for example league level 1-10 is double XP for donations and the higher the level the better the perks. IT WOULD make leagues stand out more and give credit to the leagues that finish top 5 every single week with what? nothing in return. same goes with club leader boards. Think this one goes without saying but if yourself Alex, had other co-workers who managed the forum the posts like mine would get noticed, I feel if you see this it will get shrugged off and not listened too. What about adding a double or nothing feature? for example if you lose a game in fairly and you want a rematch there should be a option where if you lose again its double the loss of trophies but if you win its just plus/minus 0 trophies. Lastly just in general add more little things to keep the game fresh and entertaining instead of play a week solid with no reward. I'm also really excited for tournaments to be added in that should be a game changer, given its done correctly. i've seen you tubers do videos on the game and I thought that would bring a lot more active players to the game, a total of 8 or so leagues completed the weekly LP this week out of how many leagues? there's a reason clash of clans and games that are based on games like yours are multi million dollar franchises, regular updates and so many things to do, all we have to do is the arena atm. rant over but lets hope its a good rant that takes the game forward in a good positive and fast way. Thanks for reading x.
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    Fully deserved. Glad to have people like you’s looking after the forum @SM Support(Alex) Good choice lad
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    And what's wrong with being gay?
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    United Nations / United Nations 2 United Nations - League Tag #PNFSG5OD - Required Trophies 4000 - League standings at this moment 4th United Nations 2 - League Tag #J12HTOQZ - Required Trophies 4000 - League standings at this moment 5th Introduction - We at United Nations have strong ambitions for the future with 2 solid partnered leagues already in the top 5 - United Nations and United Nations 2 have been a strong factor in the history of the game as United Nations was the 3rd longest active running league of all time still going strong. We used to have 3 leagues with International being the 3rd months ago but we combined that league into making UN/2 stronger - it worked. What were looking for - Activeness and league pack goals, we also like friendly chatty players from all nationalities to keep the league lively and active as a whole, we are friendly and there's still a good few of long term players left from our positive history and we would like to add to that list with new players coming in for the long run not to visit then leave for a "bigger" league when were growing faster and faster each week and we as a group are excited to see what the future holds. For the future - Depending on how the popularity of the game increases, we as a family will be looking to add another league and in the long run possibly more. Making us even more stronger. We do not see this as a challenge for us we see it as a new adventure to the game and grow the UN family further and making the community as enjoyable and a nice environment to grow together. Thanks for reading our thread !
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    I’ve been playing the game alot since I joined (even tho I have uni exams) and I found some things that could be better. - League mail: President must be able to send a league mail to members to keep them up to date about any requirements etc. - Preset squads: We need to be able to have different squads so that we don’t need to change our whole squad when we decide to play the tournament. - Tournament stats: they all show 0/0, don’t think thats what it is meant for. - After you lose the tournament. About 80% of the time you can’t leave the tournament page and have to restart the game. - League pack must get alot better. Not even worth putting time into it. - Inactive leagues: Disband leagues, if the president doesn’t log in for 1 month. This makes the top 50 much more interesting. - League invites: Don’t give members the posibility to invite people. I’ve had some guys inviting bunch of people that don’t meet any requirement. These things in my opinion could help the game to improve alot. I know its not easy to do them all at once but you could roll them out one by one (if they’re good enough). @SM Support(Alex) thanks for reading, try to do something about the 2 tournament bugs I mentionned.
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    Not at all stoller.. I didn’ Even know he was in your league.. just makes me smile all ppl who go against me ask me to join their leagues
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    I have beaten you a thousand times in the old version, even I arrived fourth when you arrived fifth ... it was you who came to me in my league Italian job. I imagine I did it because you always win against me. You are free to think what you want, if this makes you happy. Hkane, in this forum nobody remembers you for your skill, but only because you are a very annoying 13 year old child (I could be your father, but fortunately they are not). Bye bye
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    One thing that irritates me is that I have to change my team every time I play tourney or ladder games. Maybe add a feature to have 2-3 different teams set that you can cycle through. @SM Support(Alex)
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    A round of applause 👏👏👏
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    They must have the patience of saints in lost legion.
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    WC- Panama if not Germany 😜 CL- Roma if not Munich
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    There is a seperate menu for ideas mate
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    @Gorse H @Stoller @SM Support(Alex) I think Alex should talk to the directors of the game to hire gorse and stoller
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    @Luis Francisco When you are in the play match screen a little above that is the settings symbol go into that and you will see help/faq go into this and you will see message symbol in top right and there you can send them a message about your problem..
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    This is the best choice. Excellent job @SM Support(Alex)
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    United Nations is my home but European Union is.... lets just say it’s UN’s younger sibling that needs babysitting. I’m the ‘permenant’ babysitter
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    We've made some really good recruits lately so could be the right time to add to our friendly group of leagues International went away because we didn't have enough active leaders for 3 leagues at that time and we could of just restarted unity up but decided to go for a new league completely
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    Gz stoller and gorse! You guys deserve it.
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    Just want to take a moment to pay massive respect to @Pepsi He no longer uses the long ball bug after reading about the displeasure towards the tactic on here, I myself was most vehement on the subject But he has the good of the game above his personal gain What a class guy. Complete respect for the man
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    @SM Support(Alex) When is the delete happening?
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    I’d leave that out in this day in age den 👍
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    for me it is not morrison. They write differently
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    Yeah, that wasn't the best of comments from you. Tehran. I play the game about 4-5 days but am active sending invites and checking how the league is going everyday. You shouldn't make assumptions about people. Just because I like to send invites doesn't necessarily mean I actually play everyday.
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    It's not uncommon.. Seen power trippers before 😏
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    You think hes who he says he is? Bring back morrison. He’ll figure out who he is 👌
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    League mail would be better
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    Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name and shame, inflammatory posts, trolling or racism will not be tolerated. Moderator decisions are final in these matters and abuse towards our staff in any form will not be tolerated. Nice rules @SM Support(Alex)
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    Well kane, no one Kane take you serious when you're always yelling, swearing to everyone and complaining about everything. Just act like an adult and people would take your opinions serious.
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    How is this his fault? you said he was shit and he reacted to it.
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    Yes, the president doesn't log in for 1 months... the league will be close and the member "no league". Easy and really good idea
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    I have an idea that we can propose to the developers , I think we should create a World Cup tournament to decree the best player in the game
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    Hi All. A new update is now available! iOS - 2.4 Android - 2.0.9 This new update contains the long awaited tournament feature. Currently there is only a single tournament available: "Rio Beach". This tournament shows an example of the rule sets and potential rewards that will be available going forward. The entry cost and prizes are subject to change during the initial release period as we review the feedback and data. Please provide your feedback! Good Luck!
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    I start both in my team haha 🤐
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    They can't of give up as they only just changed from soccer manager arena to football clash so all that rebranding will be pointless.. But can see why people think that way 😞
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    Arguably the most controversial move in SMA/FC history is the Engine and name change, Notably you will see people side on one side over the other, Let's put this to bed once and for all. This is a Vote, Follow this format Type: Old or New Reason: give reason Suggestion: give a suggestion Personal: Share something about yourself or your playstyle that makes one version work better than the other.
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    There is a fine line between Getting and recording the opinion on a graph (which I am doing ) and debating the point, I didnt disregard anything, I am just questioning the logic
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    Honestly, If some one is gonna complain about Greens and sliders they technically agree to having no skill, If you keep getting demolished by sliders then it is your fault that your dribbling is bad and if sprinters annoy you then man you gotta change your defenders. Defenders like Boateng can catch up to pacy player and start a counter attack. About the passing, If the boomerang pass is "Bad" then why don't you utilize the skill rather than complain like a kid, This is why you should like this game, skills arent forced upon you, they are player found, that is the beauty of football as a whole, if you can't learn it or counter it then you aren't a proper manager. Look at real football, Chelsea 3-4-3 destroyed the prem yet with managerial skill it was countered and learnt from leading into the new champions Man city. It's a progressive learning, dont expect skills to just float into your head, you have to put effort into gaining them. Last thing. Complaining about greens. REALLY? For godsake man they are greens you can literally use them yourself.
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    I already gave u a tip... talk less and play more if u want to show us you are the best... you talkin to me about this game is like David moyes going to guardiola and telling him he’s a better coach... that’s what every week the standings shows... than we all have opinions I can tell u at least 20 guys that are better than you but that is just my opinion the fact is that last week 35 guys were better than you cause you finished 36th... and btw I played yesterday just cause I saw your post talkin about me I don’t need to prove anything to you but I just wanted u to shut up once for all ... but obv that would not be the case