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    Well said Hearts. I know full well that 48 of you are decent guys.
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    Hkane. Please stop this. Dont troll them and dont react.
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    The word your looking for is combine. Combing is like combing your hair u complete idiot now fuck off and give everyone peace no one cares anymore. Leave goal nation alone we do our thing u do yours!
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    Dear SMA and the rest of the community I am sad to report that Hakuna Juan Mata have been cheating. For quite how long I honestly couldn’t attest to. But I would say guess for at least a month. There lies within the game the ability to use the Challenges mode of the game to cheat and “gift” trophies to league members. Please find full explaination as follows; The glitch is this. A player with high trophies goes on a challenge at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a lower level teammate goes to play a normal game. If they match, the higher ranked player throws the game. Winner gets trophies. Loser loses nothing. I believe that this is the reason Hakuna Juan Mata have managed to accrue so many trophies recently. But particularly this week when they have had to up their game to compete with a new and arguably superior rival league. Additionally I believe that this is the reason many of the top ranked players have achieved so many trophies over the last few weeks. It would be very easy for 3 or 4 players in the same league to plan to go online at the same time during the small hours when there aren’t many people playing and take turns to gift trophies to each other. This is blatant and outrageous cheating. And it essentially renders the game pointless. Does the league number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. Does the individual number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. So. Unless something is done about this, the game, which I love, is moribund. However, the solution is simple. SMA developers, please can you do the following ASAP; ensure that players playing Challenges match ONLY other players doing likewise and players playing League games match ONLY those doing the same. Then there will finally be a level playing field. PS should it be required I can provide irrefutable photographic proof to substantiate my accusations in this post. I await SMA’s response keenly
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    Until Alex (or someone from support does) does, I’m joining willy and leaving the game. Dont like being called a cheat when its a complete lie. If its going on then its not being discussed in our league chat so i’m not sure how anyone is substantiating the claims. I enjoyed the battle for first place last week but people being sore losers claiming they were cheated is bad form. Also, people disrespecting fellow competitors is poor form (thats not aimed at you gorse, I know you are a gent in the game). So I think I’ll take a wee break and maybe pop my head back in later some time.
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    Your right Kane, I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to see right through me and it’s you, a 13 year old cheating scumbag gets me, send me a request to Hakuna I need to be with you. Also it it a problem that I have a three icher, how about if I’m gay? Doesn’t change the fact your a joke.
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    This technique is causing toxicity I believe we should all be able to play the game in the fairest way matching people in different leagues I understand we need bots for when there’s no other players about I play this game in one of the best leagues cause I like to be competitive and competition is when conditions are even for everyone i know we can abuse the challenge idea just as much as yourselves but I don’t think it should be part of the game and I believe that you’re backing the idea of this because you want to be the top league and without it you wouldn’t be at the point you’re at now
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    Thank you for giving me half of the reason that you do challenges but we know that you use them to help the lower players to build there trophy count please don’t treat me like an idiot we know you do it for that purpose so just confess to it we at GN are working to get this patched up but I’d appreciate it if u didn’t lie about your leagues reasoning for doing challenges you guys at HJM have been reaching 230k at the most as of recent weeks and for you to climb to over 240 is parculiar pls don’t come up with a clever reply just confirm what that our accusations aren’t false
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    I get that it isn’t against the rules to play how you guys are playing at hakuna it is actually very clever but if you guys are anyware near as competitive as myself you would like to play the game on an even playing field. For when they fix the matching algorithm and the trophy abusing techniques you guys are using you will get a shock but for now you play your way we’ll play our way but I’m surprised your enjoying having a considerable advantage in game
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    Sounds like a dirty old man to me 😂
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    Doesn’t stop people accusing (wrongly) of cheating though.