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    Yeah scored a few myself. I always try get slide tackle in from the side when near my own goal. But can’t be helped if the attackers got the run on u and u need to slide from behind. More often than not it ends up in the back of your own net
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    Guys what do you think about adding to the game a feature that would basically be a Champions Cup where in a certain day of the week, at a right time, the players that get qualified play doing a group stage and then elimination rounds in order to win like cash or coins, something like that? And why I’m I thinking about this? It would be interesting to see player getting recognized not because they can play 100 games a day(I’m exagerating but you understand) but because they’re genuinely good!(or got lucky, it happens sometimes :D) think it would be something that would add a lot of preparation and other type of challenges to the game. Thats all, good games to everyone.
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