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    I dabble, but still like to have a full collection like everyone else! And while I won't be confirming my in-game name. Please give me some credit, I've got more creativity than that! Got him anyway, Thanks.
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    You can still get him?? Are you aaa?
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    Hello all. Many of the topics being created recently appear to quickly fall of topic and directly into a war of insults and accusations. The level of "banter" is quickly turning into personally targeted abuse. Some threads even have been created with the sole purpose of doing this. This flies in the face of the forums rules and expected behaviour. Disciplinary action will be taken should such behaviour be witnessed going forward. The game and it's supporting platforms are designed for use by users all ages, creating a competitive but inclusive area for those with a shared interest. Please keep this in mind when composing a post and look to use language and an attitude that is befitting of such an environment. We do not wish to take away the competitive edge that has saw this community grow. However we do ask that you keep it civil and respectful! Thanks for reading. Good Luck in the Arena! (P.S. This is a general warning to all users. Please do not reply to the post with accusations of who started it or "so and so done it first")