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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Football Clash: All Stars! Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash: All Stars and will have a brand new user interface. SNEAK PEEK #2 – Tournaments! A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing. SNEAK PEEK #3 – 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience! Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power. SNEAK PEEK #4 – Matchday Improvements! You cannot score inside the penalty area. All shots must be outside the box. Only one ability per player. Instant goal replays. At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena. Challenges resolved quicker. Ball can bounce free after a challenge. Only one ability per player. Add curl to shooting and passing. Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls. Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored. SNEAK PEEK #5 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward. New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper. New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender. New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper. SNEAK PEEK #6 – Change in Player Levels! Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb Kannonball: Superb –> Elite Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb Cat: Elite –> Superb Petr the Great: Superb –> Good El Jefecito: Superb –> Good Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good SNEAK PEEK #7 – Cards in Different Arenas! We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas. SNEAK PEEK #8 – Legacy Cards! Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards. Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days. SNEAK PEEK #9 – 3 New Abilities! Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal. Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate. Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will receive speed boost. SNEAK PEEK #10 – Friends! A function to Add/Remove Friends. You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly. Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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