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    Too much willy in this for my liking
  2. 2 points
    Kane wanting willy back in hjm bazza doesnt want him knows hes dodgy
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    1 bad game doesn’t define the player lil man
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    Thank you for destroying a fun and good game
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    This still persist and its an absolute joke now. I will be tagging you in every topic called matching bug everyday for the forseable future until this is fixed mate its totally unacceptable and disrespectful to myself and others that have been playing this game a while. Time after time you guys take an age to fix a problem on here but happy to sit back and rake in the cash from the game. Get this problem sorted. Get the word to whoever it is that deals with it. If that person ain’t dealing with it get him sacked and get someone new in. Its not hard whoever this person is is a lazy b******d btw!!!!
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