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    Let me say one thing about Luca, I don’t understand what the issue is here. Luca plays alot to get #1. This is the same for any other #1 player on any other game. His reward for being active is being a top player. This game doesn’t need much skill and is more time based and a tournament won’t solve this issue. Even if the trophie tournaments dissapaer, luca will probably still be the #1 of the game but with less trophies. He plays alot so he deserves it. I tried keeping up this week and I really played alot. I wasn’t online more than before but I just played the game and didn’t spend time talking to league members etc. I think we should respect these players more than we do right now. This is my opinion. I’m not saying that I’m right but think about it more than talking rubbish about his trophies or whatever all the time. This is all I’m gonna say about it. Do whatever you please.
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    I can say that there are some lower leveled people with alot of talent.
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    I miss read something and get accused of another account.... anyways u looked at goal kings description hahahahaha he blames us for multiple account what a hypocrite
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    Agreed and should really respect all players whether it's number 1 or arena 1
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    A new tourney for griezzman just came out..... What a waste of time..... he is the worst st in the game possibly
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    Can confirm he was speaking earlier in EU when he joined
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    I donated you alot of active players.?
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    Yh of course i was just adding on to what you said
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    Yea I agree, was just bevause I see the names Luca an Bazza coming up alot.
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    Ooh nice line...
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    Because Woudawy doesn't show up in the leaderboard of Goal Nation, but does show up in the EU leaderboard, meaning he most likely joined them.
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    OK no worries and i am not even certain any of the things i suggested would work just things that might if doesn't fix it self quick enough
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    I think it is most likely a time-related issue as the trophies, even under normal circumstances, take an eternity to update. I will probably just wait a few hours until the trophies and player counts update themselves. Thanks, Gorse.
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    This is not a new bug as it's happened many times in UN.. The last time it happened i noticed that it went to 48 when some left clearing the bug but before that when it happened i wasn't taking note of how long it lasted but lasted a good few hours so i suggested either waiting till it clears or you could try kicking someone and see if that does clear the bug or ask someone in your league to leave and return and see if that sorts it...
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    Yes and everyone saying the same but i think it could be a tournament for the lower arenas as can't see anyone from arena 8 or 9 entering it and an elite striker of any sort could be vital to a players progress up the arenas Maybe they should of give us 3rd tournament that would attract the higher arena players only with a minimum of 2k or 3k trophies to enter it
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    Yeah, Arena 9 replays (and personal result replays) are both unavailable to view.
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    Alex said new arena 8+9 tourneys are coming out...
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    Yeah some good potential coming below 4k
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