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    Yep arnav I kind of am on a break due to the world cup mainly and I am also at my lowest trophies in a while too at this stage of the week
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    Don't worry about it too much. The bugs will stay here for months. And I don't think anyone here wants to go for a break for many months.
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    @Sean (SM Support) please return Ronaldo in the shop as it is rare to find it, at least to give way to those who yesterday because of the loading stuck 10% that lasted for hours and could not take the xp to enhance it in time. I have Ronaldo at level 3 and I had the opportunity to upgrade it to 4 and instead now who knows when you put it back in the shop, as in the packs you find xp of useless elite as usual
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    @Sean (SM Support) try to solve things as soon as possible, I was collecting money on purpose to take the Ronaldo xp from the shop, given its rarity in appearing in the shop, I would like that by the end of the countdown take the xp needed to upgrade it
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