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    Just wanted to wish all those involved with Roman Empire the very best of luck Some absolutely classy players and classy people in there - going to be a very strong league Looking forward to a fantastic new rivalry Respect ps. Genuine apologies if our league bio has offended anybody during recent weeks. It was my decision and mine alone to make reference to our league finishes. It wasn’t intended to be incendiary or antagonistic. It’s just that it took 4 months to build our league up slowly to the point that we were able to finish number one and I was very proud of the achievements. I meant no disrespect to any other league.
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    We are not merging to get there first ... because we have arrived so many times before that we got tired and when we knew that there would be 100-player teams, then we thought that all the teams would have merged, so we did the proposal also to the other teams and they were happy with this and also we .. we are cisiamo we are only merging to have 50 competitive players to make friendly, make new acquaintances, we do not care to get first (I repeat for the last time ), unfortunately we had already decided before and when we knew that there would be no 100 teams we decided the same. Because we do not care, we just want to have fun with each other, now you know everything ... do whatever you want, think like vu seems to me but I tell the truth, and I will poicerò if that poor guy named Bazza burns him of not being invited is not our fault ..
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    The merge didn’t even start to become first. The two leagues became friends and wanted to be in the same league
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    Thanks guys for your wishes and others for their predictions ?
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    It seems to me that you are not reading the names of the players well.
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    @Zaman You are 100% spot on zaman I would merge with your league just for these 2 replies and to have more competitive friendlies and for fun not to finish first.. I don’t care about finish 1st ???
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    So gullible.. You shouldn't believe everything you hear
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    Roman Empire is gunna be another goal nation great at first then slowly dumbs down (no offence)
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    No need to apologise, Stoller. It was simply a factual statement which did not invoke any other league.
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    Well, it's nice to see two leagues comprised of different UN members now getting along with each other. ?
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    And with this we must stop!
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    I think you may have more. In any case, it will be interesting to see how the league gets on. Italian Revenge has previously said that it would never merge with anyone but has now. The merger is far from ideal, but that's not for me to say.
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    Si vede quanto sei spaventato.. hai paura dei Roman Empire ? Ma smettila di fare quello bravo...
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    primo parlava della lega.... ma lo sai e rispondi con un' altra cosa, secondo sei arrivato primo solo perchè quelli che erano davanti a te non avevano l'aggiornamento e guadagnavano un punto alla volta e ne perdevano quaranta, mentre tu ne guadagnavi 10 e ne perdevi 10. Ma si sei arrivato primo!!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!
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    We all know how it happened with UN. Everyone left after Gorse and Köln. We just don’t need that to happen again. We are perfectly fine right now and we will hopefully stay fine.
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    Can be only one king in game!!! Everybody now he’s name!!! ???
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    Agree 100% ... once I be finished 1 time personally and league in 1st place it’s all over for me.. I wanna just have fun with guys in my league that’s it
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    Noup Zaman you are wrong, it’s king ? lemmy effort ??? jokes and drink in fifty’s is my thing!!! ????????? Sty cheeki breeki !!!
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    Yeah we have so much fun during the day with jokes and stuffs like that.. for sure we don’t merge with “old enemies “ just to finish first and then we say it’s not true???
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    Then do it in private massage! If you won’t to staying private Italian things...
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    Pretty certain that Bazza did not write that in the bio about the 5 weeks. Why are you insulting The Fifty, Pepsi? The Fifty can point out that they have finished top for the past 5 weeks.
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    O SENTI DATTI UNA CALMATA PERCHÉ LA SITUAZIONE STA PEGGIORANDO E SOLO PER COSA ?? Uno scambio di opinioni... lascia stare tutto quello che è successo .. te stai nella tua parte e noi stiamo nella nostra e po io non capisco perché hkane deve sempre rompere...anche quando non centra..digli di dare una calmata...
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    I lose 36t and won 27t that is wrong and bad! lemmy don’t like to cheat in game ? you guys messed up everything with new update i cant bay players... my goals don’t count... I’m afraid you gonna lose lots players because this!!! Game is not fun anymore!!! ? sorry for my bad english... no more cheeki breeki
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    The thing is, Roman Empire is made up of mostly former UN members. And we all know what happened with UN. So why do the former UN members think that they can get along this time round? Not being rude, just asking what everyone is probably thinking.
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