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    You are basically Hugo Lloris. ?
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    Great post @Damo. It’s about time to wake the developers up. Get rid of the lag. Add ‘League mail’= a notification of some post that Presidents in a league can send. Referral system was a great suggestion that the game is lacking right now. I still think we should get some system to get inactive presidents demoted after a certain time period to give other active players the chance to save the league they in. @Sean (SM Support)
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    They should add coins/ cash for top 3 leagues on the leaderboard.
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    Very good post damo Main thing fix lag its awful. I think league sizes should drop to 20 to create little clans. This would spread the active players out and make game more competative. Tournaments are good but sometimes you have to wait to long to get in them. Dropping the coin entrance fee will make more players take part. And they should change weekly. Advertising! No one will play the game if no one knows it exists. Social media is the key to this if you cant advertise on tv. Fitness . This has been a good add to the game. You now use your full deck of players. For the players that hate fitness you can introduce buying fitness for coins. Say 10 coins to fill energy this will create a need for coins so will bring in income. Cash rewards for top 3 on leaderboard this will create a much more competative game. And give players reason to play.
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