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    Anyone else in agreement that these cards are utter junk and has destroyed the game. Can it be anymore unrealistic now. Play a super bot with the 3 immense cards u may as well exit the game. How can you compete when someone has left in cards to give their bot 70% extra pace? like everyone does now you leave ur best cards in with a formation making it virtually impossible to win from when you are not playing. pleaee remove the cards in the next update.
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    He is not saying he is not using it. He is saying that it should be removed.
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    @Sean (SM Support) explain to me why those situations happen when you press that **** shoot button, the striker then shoot himself into the 3D screen, without even giving me time to shoot manually, I'm not talking about time expired because you have 2 seconds to shoot, It's really annoying because of these situations I'm going to lose the game for a stupid goal, 2 tournos lose for this motive ?
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    I think the old system for this was good. The higher the level you are the more boosts you get.
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    Is there ever going to be an option to turn replays off? They are in my opinion pointless, I just want to go in to the app and have a quick few games, no watch back replays of 5 goals scored against a bot.
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    Completely agree. This is especially frustrating when you play against a boy. An option to skip replay would be a positive step. @Sean (SM Support) - can you arrange this pretty quickly? Or even have an option in settings to turn them off completely and if both players have this on they don’t show at all?
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    I completely understand why they’ve introduced the manager boosts. But they’ve completely overpowered them. The boosts should be more subtle or limited to one per game. They should be a reason to help a player. Not the reason they win games.
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    I already wrote about this. All bots are crazy with this cards. I understand you. Regards.
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    I think that the person who has scored the goal can skip it if they want to. Like in FIFA
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    Nice point. I think should be possible turn off replays too.
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    Stop complaining! I have faces you several times when you had boost cards and you smashed me 5-0 it was literally impossible to play against you. So if you want to play fair just don’t use them! But don’t complain when others use them against you because that’s hypocritical. How come it’s fine for you to use them but not for others!
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