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    Anyway, congratulations, I was satisfied with this week, you made us understand that if all the rest of the game pushes to the maximum, manages to make only 2500 points more than Roman Empire. I hope you will stay together for a long time so finally we will have a real opponent. The next week maybe we also push 😏
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    how do you think the fifty have stolen the first place in Italian Revenge and created their kingdom lasted even 5 weeks 😮 ?? They were the third / fourth league then in a week they became first, surely it's because they all started playing.😂😂 Roman Empire was born from the fusion of Italian Revenge and 2 leagues just born from the split of United Nation .... and the first week we gave 15000 trophies of difference ... imagine if we had joined the Zaman Goal Nation, who were at the third place. We have always played like friends, certainly not for beating someone only in the last day. This is the difference between us. History is not made of words, history is made of numbers.
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    Did we fail the attempt ? Or is it you guys making excuses now ? 😂😂😂😂
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    tom, usual speech, remember when you were an Italian revenge, do you remember what bothered you? the great boast of the various players, we congratulated you and we told you that it is nice to have valid opponents, you instead attack us or try to denigrate us. The style is the same as those who wrote in their own description "first from 2 weeks" until writing "we were first 2 weeks ago" Let's start from the beginning again. Congratulations guys, you did a great Sunday, if 5 of us had not been out for work would have been even more beautiful and fierce. Next week we ask for holidays and we will try to do better. I'm joking, I give you my sincere compliments and we knew that this day would come, because there are so many top players in this game that are not part of Roman Empire, and surely this will only be the beginning of a good battle that will last in the coming weeks.
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    They didn't beg you no? You're teammates with Morrison and hamez... Let's not forget how much you hated them 🤷‍♂️
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    Sure, Call it what you want, but the players who joined to RE. had an illusion or a reason to join and the effort they made was admirable, wheter you want it or not. But tell me, what is your illusion, show your streak and said us what a wonderful player you are?
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    Nothing wrong with coming 2nd 😉 and you were in a 7th place league 🤷‍♂️ RE v the rest of game was a really good battle. Any touts about selling tickets to the retirement party
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    Congratulations for this season. You deserve the winner, well played. Im waiting for the chapter 2 of the book. See you in arena.
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    Great season from both and a fun week.. Well done everyone..
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    Afternoon All. Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate “The Outlaws” on their well deserved victory. They played hard this week and thoroughly deserved the victory. As previous winners for numerous weeks the challenge was welcomed in RE and we didn’t react like true champions should. And deservedly lost our title. Of course we will fight back and look forward to having a regular opposition to the top spot. It’s been a bit lonely and boring to be honest so it’s nice for this to happen for everybody’s sake and especially the games sake. (I hope @Sean (SM Support) noticed the improved activity in tournaments and game play this week and used this to see what works for the game.) Anyways. Well done. And hopefully this wasn’t a flash in the pan and we’ve seen the creation of another league with potential to win the top spot on a regular basis. See you in the arena Damo
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    That’s a fitting network you’re on.
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    Re kill game 🤣🤣 heard it all now... You remember wanting to join us.? 3 league made RE but i think there more making up outlaws 🤷‍♂️🤣 i can count 4 maybe 5 in there now 🙄
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    Looks like i am! Didnt romans come in 2nd?
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    Since when has 2 invites ever been referred to as spamming...
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    Your every word is toxic, I understand that you do not feel the victory but you want to fill your mouth with great words ... But remember that without the 10,000 king lemmy trophies your 4500 would not have served anything. You're always ready to jump on the winning horse. Take the congratulations and stop writing me privately on whatsapp because you have exhausted my patience.
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    I leave this game becose all this mass what come whit this manager boost cards update ( they say this is big one ) looks they right never more players stop to play game... When Ronaldo lv3 take ball from maxed Maldini that is not normal. not to speek about laggs what all we have, You pass ball to open ST and opponent defender teleport and take ball WoW. You anticipate opponent and slide but your defender don’t slide or tackle becose atacker shot and give goal... For turnos that is totally bad story... For me in this game no more interesting games No more competition And most important for me NO MORE FUN!!!🥺 This is my journey All started in league willywashers wher I somehow Give 800 goals in LP🤷‍♂️ And I get invate to All-Star From one fantastic character NFChudson. Soon I become VP in All-Star Snap my dear friend in that time teammate Was whit me VP in same league.( our faith are crossed one more time in barbarians clan😂 ) After that I want to play whit no1 league, I was new player who make good trophies ,and in same time I come to 4K less then one week. On old update. That whas THE BEST trophies counting update! I join to Italian Revenge I meet my close friend Curbera and one guy who I was speek to join in PM Pepsi ( after all aur speech on bad English we became GREAT FRIENDS) all best Pepe !✊ I was ther I enjoy especially whit my Uncle Curbe we have lot drunk nights in IR fantastic nights.🍺🥃🍺 But ther in that time they speek lot Italian😔 And I don’t understand what they speek. So I speek whit Pepsi that I gonna leave and finde some league wher speek English. On Forum approach me Stoller Whit words like Shakespeare himself And convince me that my place is in The Fifty. I like idea to join them. Beafore we have mini war on forum becose I was Long ball player ( not only player I was THE LONG BALL KING!) 🤴 I file lot strange when I join them really I have lot battles in arena agienst this guys in past...🤨 I found lot laitter that they have mission to convert me to normal player, they like because I always show respect when we play and they see potential in me like player. I can say Tnx most to my mentor my sensei in game EL GRANDE BAZZA1967🙏 I hate that guy before I know him,but soon we become good maybe because Ages or because I am little crazy person idk something clicked. And soon I become top player also after 100 and 100 friendly games agienst him I start to win him, on frist he was saying that he was drunk 🤣 but after he admitted me that I am top player and that was all what I need.💪🏻 I meet lot of top players in fifty agienst I have friendly games and great tips to improve my game. I like English in league Chet because I can understand and improve in my English whit this players. And after all I spend 9 months in that league and I was proud to be one of VP in this clan not many of them have that privilege... I get ther lot of brothers Keato ,Staff, Furiel ,Speedy Monkey, Milan ,Logic ,Wes ,Dark, Gato ,Matt ,Agg ,Rub, Hi there, my broski Nel I get also one grande fratello crazy Italian Babux! I sorry if I forgot some name...😔 What I can say about guy who bring me ther Stoller what to say for legend...💪🏻✊💪🏻 Never forget my 3 shifts and speek whit Darkstar, that was long nights brother, I have always smile on my face when I remember that time. 😊😊😊 And Wes Gato always join to our conversation Wes ( what sense for humour🤪 )and Gato that two old legends and really old players! I have fantastic time in the fifty II (52) whit Kollppo and AwagStaff time we have spent to make that league in top 10 great I was press I was so honor!🤩 I come in second chapter when I become real Barbarian and I get my family even bigger! Meezi Rik Karpis Jazz Zeesh Mayank Xavier Tahmid my new brothers!we have fantastic time together...👊🏻👏🏻👊🏻 I give my VP to one my close friend he know who is him!🤫 I am maybe only player who have wife (queen) in game Kara.🤗😍🥰😘🤗 We go on separate ways but always stay brothers and family in hearts! I start new chapter familyar to all you becose you all can find home ther In Cheeki Breeki. I was founder and Dark was my 1st press ( look I don’t miss whit him 😝 ) we was in top 3 leagues ( that don’t work . But was good idea) I go to RE and I meet new brother Tomislav Tom Tom what guy so close to Lemmy. 🤤🤤🤤😜 I most to speek about my forum I was active here really I am... I have Great War in forum whit Zaman and Gorse that was Great War lot of words!😇😈🥶😎 I enjoy in every post in that time.🥳🥳🥳 But time was past and I have lucky to meet that two players. I have fantastic time in Chet whit Zaman to smart kid for his age you can speek whit him of global politic to sports.🤯 Gorse is frist legend and then top player.👍 he have similar age like me and we fast find good language ( and I have really bad English🤣🤣🤣) I can say that we always show respect in arena I to him he to me!👍 I go out of RE after one season Cheeki Breeki become Outlaws today and is one of top 3 leagues. I start one small new challenge chapter for myself Nomads I come to top 15 whit out one single top player and I am also proud on that ! Somehow I make to be no1 player on world couple times.🤷‍♂️ I give in one LP 1500+ goals in Fifty no1 league whit Italian Revenge No1 league x5 in rows whit The Fifty I get to 140 wins streak then I lose of Dario GG bro.👏🏻 I was even part of players who bring down mighty Empire. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I help lot of players to improve gameplay and lot of them are now top players ! I have lot good friends in this game and lot enemies! I love you all !!! ( even you John😱 ) Anyway my stupid story is come to end 😔 (I am out of game and forum maybe one day you gonna see me again in arena whit out of manager cards boosts. Who know what future bring) Be calm and stay Cheeki Breeki 🤪🤪🤪🍺🍺🍺 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 P.S. sorry for long post 😝
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    but why did Arnav write these things? maybe because for two weeks these supermen swear at a 13-year-old boy? however we are all the day that we congratulate you, now I'm tired. good week guys
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    forgive them Damo, but they do not find the thread congratulating, they prefer to spit the poison they had accumulated over the last months. Thanks Meezi, for noticing this thread.
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    Down to mid table Man united levels now the Solidarity lads have left. Only 40 members and 7th in the league! #deadleague Also you’re extremely sore winners!!!! Not seen one person from Outlaws or Solidarity congratulate Roman Empire but Roman Empire have congratulated you guys...
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    Greatest league in history? You get nothing for it.. it’s not going to go on your C.V 😂👍🏻 It’s just amusing that you guys are soo angry and have to bring up irrelevant stuff to try protect your precious league or soo called reputation. I am going to go do actually work while you and John work hard on here and achieve? Ohh ye, Nothing.. keep it up with your grammar John, might get you a proper job one day😂😂😂 peace out you absolute clowns 🤡 #OutlawVictory #SoarLoosers #WeCameWeRuledWeConquered
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    What is so bad about morrison and hamez? Morrison and bare taught me how to play when i was in goal nation and never have a problem with hamez?
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    Yes they do i will not deny that Tom but this one hasn't got to that stage and hopefully won't
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    this topic is full of pure hilarity 😂
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    Just seems you guys are kinda mad as you lost top spot for one week. Take the loss and stop making excuses. Jeeeeeez, touchy over a game 😂😂😂 don’t have to be soo defensive? We all know you come first most weeks, however, this week you didn’t.
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    Yes and the same happened to topple un and un prob did it too topple whoever before them and so on... That's just part and parcel of the game not a pot or a kettle. You just have a very negative attitude that's the true sadness 🤷‍♂️
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    Sounds like desperation and they say we were desperate 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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    But you were more intelligent, right?
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    What an idiot your are! Arnav came into our league begging players to go to roman empire and you went running like a little sheep 🐑🐑🐑🐑 baaaa baaaa
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    We learnt from our mistakes this week can only make us stronger. You guys wanted it more showed more desire than us and deserved it. Yes all the haters joined together but guess thats our fault for having all these haters.
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    Congratulations Barbarians . Successful second attempt.
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    Or.... Shows how desperate some are 😂 no offence to you but Morrison and hamez in same league as Tom who hate each other and jazz with denis who he left re when he had a hissy fit over his game style.. Finally a competitive season.. Hopefully this mass retirement doesn't happen then might have a few more weeks like this 😎✌️
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    It was fun Pepsi made the game interesting but like at the start of this we said people are quitting or taking a break. As several of us are no joining golf clash. it was always a social
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    Desperate times ey! Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhhahahahahahahaahhahahaahaha
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    I agree with Dave. RE are just sore losers, who are probably crying right now!
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    Well i guess for the last 22 weeks we should have come over to you and stated “facts”. Win for a day or the next 4 months you still wouldn’t have class
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    Got to love it when people suck you off then they stab you in the back.
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    That’s brilliant @Zeesh12
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    Not that far in past... you ppl are Roman Empire ashahshshshs ave Cessare 😂
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    Wasn’t sarcasm. Barbarians succeeded the 2nd time
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    It was bound to happen after 22 weeks. We still are the greatest league in history.
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    “Our hatred for RE has brought us together”. That just sums up your league. It wasn’t even a league, it was some individuals carrying.
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    Tom Flight, Toxic somebody is having a laugh
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    Welcome to the retirement list all the best zaman
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    This is so bad update! Gameplay is not same because CARDS
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