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    Evening All. Has anyone noticed the inconsistency in the tackling algorithm when it comes to the ball spilling loose. Sometimes the player who wins the battle gets the ball and can dribble away from the tackle, whilst other times the ball boobles loose. Does anyone know how this works? As I’ve noticed it seems to be inconsistent. I’d have thought it would work that if the tackler wins by more than a certain figure then they keep the ball at feet. But tighter duels would mean the ball spills loose. Anyone got any insight into this? Welcome your thoughts/knowledge Damo
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    ScreenRecord_2018-12-06-23-18-53.mp4 I'm up for the challenge 😘
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    For a second, I thought @Stoller returned! Then I saw that his post was back on June 27. 😭
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    Thanks for saving me a post Arnav, can't believe how annoyed that comment made me feel over a game 🤦‍♂️
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