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    So i asked for help recently from the in-game support regarding bugs and issues that I had come across and this is what they reply .. they making the forum a place for devs to fix the game yet they do nothing ?😂 Developers don't even reply to our comments on the forum yet they are seen by them ? Thanks for assuring me that non of you are of no help at all. 💪🏻
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    Yeah only when I speak rudely they reply fast you guys should try it 😂😂😂
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    Under 15 mins! This is the fastest reply from the support 😂
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    These players are missing from the top 100 2018. Perisic, Jorginho, Dzeko, Insigne, Fernandinho, Matuidi, L. Hernandez, Pickford, Pavard(best goal in world cup), Trippier, Immobile, Meunier, Marcos Alonso, Son, Maguire, Milner, Depay, Rebic, Cheryshev, de Ligt, F. de Jong, Torreira, G. Martinez, Fekir, Witsel, Giroud, Lozano. I hope they will be added soon.
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    I want to talk about an idea which should have been discussed a long time ago, regarding a player in the game called Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, is one of if not the greatest football players of all time.This Argentine forward racked up the most goals in 2018 and is looking to take his team to a Champions League triumph. Anyways... we can all agree Messi is one of the best players around right now,(and I don't want this topic debating who the best player is) however the game that we all play shows the opposite. The top players of the game do not play Messi or even have him in their team and why is that? The answer to this is because he has the dribbling boost. The dribbling boost is a good boost, however there is one boost which Messi should have instead and it is one he had when the game was created. Looking at other players and updates, a lot of players have had their boosts changed. Kante for example had a slide tackle boost changed to a tackle boost which I know many of you don't like and there are many more which I can name who have had their boosts changed. When the game went from 2 boosts to 1 unfortunately, Messi was given the worse boost out of the ones in which he had which were the Dribbling boost, and the Accuracy Shot. Like I said before, he is one of the best players but he is rarely used in this game. Me and many other are surprised that the develepors @Sean (SM Support) haven't noticed this and try come up with a solution. The fact that Messi had the accuracy shot boost before means that it would save effort and time for the developers to change his boost, and the fact that Messi scored the most goals and is still scoring proves that he should have that boost instead. In addition, this would promote the use of Messi in the game as more players would start to use him and that should happen given that he is better than most players if not all of the players in the game and is used much less compared to others. The boosts of players have been changed multiple times, so changing Messi's shouldn't be a problem. @Gorse H @Sean (SM Support) Please make work as I know it wouldn't take long furthermore, this will benefit everyone. Speaking of Argentines, I would like to pay tribute to Emiliano Sala, who had went missing when boarding a plane. We all hope that this beautiful bluebird and his pilot are found, safe and sound, and that we all be together in support for their families and for everyone connected to them. Thank you for taking time for reading this, T1
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    Salah scored X amount of goals in one season which Hazard has not been close to at all and scored a lot of worldies, Hazard is fine with a dribble boost, otherwise then Neymar should be improved too. Like I said before I don't want to talk about other players this is about Messi who we know should be utilised more. @Sean (SM Support) Please don't let this topic go to waste change Messi's boost.
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    Thanks to all the supporters who helped me through this process and now I am ready to play football clash. Going to beat all these haters
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