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    Even Legends can fail controlling a pass. Forgive Gerrard
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    it would be fair to specify that he was kicked out of Roman Empire because of his bad behavior. Like many other players now in other leagues.
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    Looks like my name Lemmy never gonna be involved in speaking of Top player 😔 all this time I play game and somehow I don’t get prefix TOP !!! Look that I need lot to improve to get there!!! Who know maybe one day 😝!!!
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    I know how you feel 😂
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    his problem is easy..... he is morrison
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    i played againt to him and same things. what is his problem ?
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    Yeah bro that's why I used to enjoy so many friendlies with you 💪🏻🙌🏻♥️
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    You are also one of respected players in the game Bruda.
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    What about me? I’m a respectable opponent when playing games. It’s just when I open my mouth is the problem 😂
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    Ooooh I just got your joke. It’s like “cream pie” and that’s why you said having *** with his sheep. Took me a while I know 🤪🤦‍♂️
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    Of course best player on the game is subjective players struggle against different styles. Thats the positive about the game i just want to play the best in arena (unless I start getting a good winstreak) and learn from you guys to get better.
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    Stoller and Gorse since I never seem to win from them 😭😭😭
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    Yeah I would say wasteman , arnav and Karpis but he stopped playing the game
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    I give that title to Arnav and only Pep with love. 🖕🏻😁🥴
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    I think you should create you own league John. To build new players up
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    If we compare the leagues United Nations is actually ahead of ABCDE F.C, Crudaders and Infection! This is because Infection and United Nations get active players of all trophy levels whereas Crusaders and ABCDE F.C. have a load of inactives! So although ABCDE F.C. are higher on the league table they are actually less active leagues
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    Szukam aktywnych graczy z Polski . Meldujtaaa się zrobasy
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    What is this new dog I m already very infuriated by all the glitches. It’s like when they fix one automatically create another one. 67103E8F-47D5-49B7-BA80-0F74776DFA53.MOV
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