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    The only thing your comment does is stir things up between leagues and members of those leagues who largely appear to have put their differences aside... or aren’t actively provoking one another at this point in time. It’s pointless and completely unnecessary, so please stop. With regards to the level of activity on the game and forum, aside from players that have stopped playing due to the general lifecycle and interest retention of the game itself, and of course personal life commitments, a large number of players are finding the game less enjoyable as a result of changes that have been made during the last few updates. You and many others like the updates, but equally there’s a large population of current and former players that do not. It could therefore be said that the only thing that has “killed the game” is the game itself, but it’s personal preference at the end of the day.
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    Hi all, First of all, we are real persons playing a game, and that's it, just a game, each one of us play in different leagues, we are rivals, we have hate for some players, we don't like the play style of some guys, we don't like bugs in this game, the glitches, etc.. I know that some of you don't like me, but i want to wish to all of you a merry christmas, enjoy this time with your family. I play since March, so i hope next year in this season, i still play to wish you again. Regards.
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    Happy new year to you too and too him and too everyone who plays and all the best to my league, your league and every other league in the game All the best for 2019 to everyone who plays football Clash 💙
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    Merry xmas ya filthy animals
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    Merry christmas hope you all have a good one
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    HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas to all in community!!!
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    Merry Christmas to all of the Christian community playing this game , hope you have a blessed New year and enjoy the rest of the festive season 💪🏻
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    Let the Lord God be with you and keep your family healthy!!!
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    Since when are we Partners? Hypocrites...
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    Im late.... but Happy new year!
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s squash the beef and celebrate the holidays. Have a nice time with your families and most importantly enjoy the food!😂
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    Merry Christmas to you and everyone who plays, let's hope 2019 is a better and friendlier year for the game 🙏🤞 Goodluck and all the best guy's ✌️
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    And its funny to see arnav and the other kids always giving their pieces of utter nonsense just to feel relevent out here as always , some things never change. No hard feelings @Arnav Bhatt but you always have a thing to say when it regards solidarity or outlaws
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    I wish you all good luck in 2019 to all community and they family!!! love you all !!! P.S. big wish for all : give as new update 😂 😂 😂 Cheeki breeki from Belgrade 🎸🎸🎸✊✊✊🍺🍺🍺🍺
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    When did we start being nice ?😂 Merry Christmas
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    Merry Christmas guys!
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    They say before Christmas 🎄 new update. but they don’t say which Christmas 🤷‍♂️ maybe before mine Christmas 07.01.2019 😂🤣😂
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    Hi, this is my first post so would firstly like to say I'm a big fan of the game. Secondly I keep experiencing issues with tournaments. Constantly get frozen out, kicked out,waiting an age for games that go to pens to finish etc but the latest issue is the most frustrating yet... I won my first and second games in domestic dominance tournament so I was looking forward to the final when...I'm not in it! The chap I beat 2-1 is in the final instead! Screenshot attached. I'm Royal Madrid.
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    Glad you guys consider this game as life. My god a simple message is all it needed now you put it on here and you all jump on the band wagon on what in my eyes is a mere little thing that I don’t really care about! Shame some others don’t take it that way
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    😂😂😂 the point is why do certain man care. I mean if it's not true then you know it's just people messing around so just let them . Mind your own business please.
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    There are things that never change.. Solid people think that all they do is banter. But there are things without funny.
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    The game isn't dead, who want play keep playing, who don't want stopped. I saw some of retired coming back, so the game is still good for them. And after update the game will be the same, just with more players to max. Regards.
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    Legends: Pirlo, Henry, Bergkamp, Staam, Beckham, Keane/Viera, Cantona. Schmeichel, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell Good: Trippier Superb: Laporte