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    Hi, I know many of you are aware of the downtime experienced on Saturday. We had major server problems on our matchmaking service starting at 05:30. Our technicians were unable to resolve until the evening. We are aware that some users continued to have the ability to enter tournaments that never began. We have identified all of those affected users and will reimburse any lost credits shortly.
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    Im only here to read the comments *grabs popcorn*
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    I get even less than you, calm down.
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    I don’t play everyday I have a social life too. I'm first because I win the games, unlike others who just speak. I appreciate those who defend me but do not understand who has to say about me, tell me directly. However, i don’t like the trophies in tournaments
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    I’m stepping down as president of goal nation and taking time away from the game. Best of luck to everyone involved with there respected leagues. 👍
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    Means a lot bro
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    None taken 😂
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    No user with over 4000 trophies will see the post game reward videos. The aim is to move users in lower Arenas through into higher Arenas. The Cash rewards can still be gained by all users from the option in the SHOP page.
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    That was my tactic. Moan about likes get likes, tell the bosses who liked that their bosses that’s a extra 2 from them now I’m expecting a few likes off this post
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    Game needs sorting so people can’t stick ronaldo up top and hoof it up with Godin and Rolando gets it every time just outside the area and scores. No chance for defenders
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    I can say that there are some lower leveled people with alot of talent.
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    Sorry to bare and the rest of the guys that seen the forum. Yesterday I let my bad mood / temper get the better of me. Just wanted to say sorry to @Bare for bringing an argument to his respected farewell thread. Wrong time nor place. Again I apologise mate.
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    Bare you are a wonderful president. It's all because of your decision I am in this incredible league, but atleast im happy your coming back. Hope whatever it is, it should be dealt with very quickly.
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    Thanks lads. All the best 👍
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    All the best bare! Hope to see you back on here soon man
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    The game is not just about the 50 people at the top. We need newe people to get involved and this is a great way to do that.
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    I personally believe that the tournaments should not yield any trophies, as it makes playing arena matches completely redundant.
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    I am a nice guy. But I am scottish too.... take of that as u will ! Hahaha I do get annoyed and like to express my feelings and some people may not agree with how I sometimes come across ( negatively ) but we all want the same and are all annoyed at the game being too slow so we all take it out on each other...... respect my dude @Pepsi though man. As u can see he’s being as subtle as a cucumber considering.
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    “What trophies are u guys on” if u know u know
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    Yesterday night...close to 00.00 o'clock I played an French open tournament...I won the tournament and when I pressed to get the reward it was blocked and I didn t received the captain fantastic...then I played one more and I won the captain fantastic, but now I run out of coins and this is not fair...I needed 2 tournaments to get him instead having him at level 2. I will post 2 pictures for proving this. How can this be fixed? Thanks in advance
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    You do hold the world record for posts
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    Oh, wait, you can't like your own comments. Thought I was onto something there.
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    Can't you like your own comments as a cheat?
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    Shoutout to the 2 bosses who liked my comment