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    Hi everyone.. Soo.. The forum is beyond quiet and so is the game but I still see top players busting their butt for 1st spot and leagues competing or trying to compete to push for the top.. with the same leagues being in top 3 surely there has to be a prize brought into the game now? RE have been 1st for a very long time and yet non of their players get anything for it? Sol are the closest league to them, achieving 2nd every season and still for nothing? Yet if there was a prize there could be a possible change at the top, I don’t know? The same can be said for the players leaderboard. I wanted top 3 last week but was pushed by Kemo to the very last day and I thought to myself, I get nothing for this, total waste of time.. is there no chance the top 3 leagues can receive a pack, like lp or 1st place receive a Ultimate, 2nd recieve a Super Champ and 3rd recieve a Champ pack for their efforts? This being the same for the player leaderboard also. 1st 2nd and 3rd recieving some kind of reward to increase player participation or to atleast show that there is something up for grabs, for up and coming players to compete for.. Also I saw someone mention about tournaments. The tourno hasn’t been changed for god knows how long. Bring back the ones with +50 trophies or some other cards to win or gain xp for 🤞🏻 Anyone’s POSITIVE thoughts would be much appreciated, literally at a dead end with the game 😔
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    I agree with excellence of him, but Luca never was the italian revenge president. 😉 There were other incredible players too in the story of this game (wes, karpis, bazza, arnav, Wasteman, dybala 10, Sipahi, Xavier, Lemmy, stoller) but the greatest is sure Gorse hill
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    Only thing you're consistent at is being annoying
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    Sorry to say Denham but even EU was fully supported by UN. Gorse sent me and a couple others to EU to help you. After my decision to go back to UN you started talking trash behind my back remember? And Barbarians was purely The Fifty and EU.
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    welcome back, did you agree with Morrison to cheer this week? will Bazza and Bare also arrive? Let me know so I take a sabbatical month. 😂😂
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    I think you should create you own league John. To build new players up
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    Finally!!! Look all normal on forum no arguing We have same thinking about trophies ,cards and that is pretty good !!! PEACE ✌️ I love old school!!! This game lot interesting when was old trophies I love that !!! And I LOVE THE MOST NOW SOME PLAYERS WHO SWITCH THINKING AND NOW DONT LIKE CARDS AND TROPHIES 🏆!!! Good derction for that folks 😝 Finally true come to smart head !!! CB
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    I bet gorse can't sleep at night now his lost your respect 😂
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    hello! I love all you too much 💓 😂💓
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    When a forum thread draws more attention than the game...
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    You been on the 🍺 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
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    No but having 12.5k season trophies for John makes him consistent AF .💪🏻
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    Zaman needs to remind everyone that @Tahmid has finished in the top 50 more than anybody else here 😂
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    Hey guys, First of all, I’m pretty sure everyone knows I quit the game for a several months and now that I’m back I got concerned. I know some of you don’t really care about my opinion, but the truth is the game is dieing. I got a question for the developers. In which state is the game? Is it still a priority? Is it even worth your (the developers) time? Is it worth to have the servers running? What’s the plan? I know for a fact that many players spend a lot of their time playing the game and I think they do deserve an explanation. I hope this doesn’t get ignored like my other messages @Sean (SM Support)@SM Support(Alex)@SM Dev (Sam)
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    This isn’t even a debate. Hamez has proudly taken this prize. I bet Morrison is disappointed to see someone else become more toxic than him
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    Stop the quarrels for free, thanks. Each league is free to manage its players, crusaders and abcde do what is right for an ambitious league. infection, Roman revenge, United nations instead play without interest in the final standing. They accept lower players in the rankings, teach them to play, to be part of a league, but when players want to compete they choose other leagues. Without these leagues many of the top players would not exist, without crusaders and abcde there would not be competition for the top positions.
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    I agree with you Tom, we've been asking for the awards for a long time without ever being heard. The prizes in the map are ridiculous, they could be prizes for a lvl 6 (but a lvl 6 will never manage to reach 6000), for me they are not interesting. I would like Tom's proposal to be heard by the developers. I would propose prizes for the league ranking, and the opening of an all of fame for the players.
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    Gonna have insomnia now thinking of this revelation from the guy no one respects 😱
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    Idiot, I didn’t say I was consistent. You said. I have had more breaks during this 2 years than you have trophies.
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    It's always Goal Nation thats forgotten....
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    You know really good how I think about FAMILY!!! And you know what I think about LEAGUE ( they are our league and that make as family in game ) !!! Never see me to refer some LEAGUE IS MINE !!!
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    I don’t care !!! 1st welcome back!!! 2nd Barbarians never was your league ( is our league of players from EU and The Fifty) !!! Solidarity is not your league in are also The Fifty members!!! About EU and UN I don’t know who make that leagues and I am not interested to know tbh !!! But what I know I saying like always!!! cheeki breeki
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    OK! M8 YOU LIKE TO WASTE TIME !!! BUT THIS TIME I TAKE HIM BALL ON 2:2 and I waste him 0:45 seconds WELCOME IN MY SKIN MR.ANGRY YAWNING GUMMY BEAR!!! 🤗🤗🤗 LET ALL WE IN COMMUNITY LET THIS POOR PERSON TO WIN COZ HE GONNA CRY 😭 LIKE HE DO THE BEST !!! THIS IS NOT GOOD !!! I DONT INSOLT THIS PERSON IN ANY CONTEXT WHAY I DESERVE THIS BULLYNG!!! FOR OTHERS WHO DONT KNOW THIS SAME GUY COME OLD TIME IN THE FIFTY AND HE CALL ME ALL NAMES HE CAN FINDE TO INSULT ME HE EVEN TREATED ME THAT HE GONNA BEAT ME ! I CAN GIVE YOU MY ADRESS MORRISON AND YOU CAN COME HERE IN MÖNCHENGLADBACH I SEE YOU DO SOME BOXING 🥊 SO I HAVE HERE ONE SMALL GYM BUT ITS PERFECT THAT YOU COME HERE AND DO WHAT YOU SAY 😔 THIS IS ACTUALLY RELLY TOXIC PERSON!!! HE STOP TO PLAY GAME BUT SOMEHOW HE IS BACK TO TROLL PPL CALLING THEM BAD NAMES ETC... I fill sorry coz his behaviour after all this is grow person who is father if I am right!!! But look like he is not grow enough in his head ( m8 it’s not all in you muscles 💪🏻 lot more important is what you are have in your head) I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ name of new moderator 👨‍⚖️ sorry guys! But I wanted that this person be suspended from game this is enough really!!! Ex Morrison now THE LION 🦁!!! if you others can help me whit name of new moderator who I want to complain! P.S. and all this because game he lose on his way of playing 😔 😔 😔🤦🏻‍♂️ NOT CHEEKI BREEKI!!!
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    Of course best player on the game is subjective players struggle against different styles. Thats the positive about the game i just want to play the best in arena (unless I start getting a good winstreak) and learn from you guys to get better.
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    if you want to define my league as toxic ...Ok, it enters from one ear and comes out of the other ear. But to define as toxic our Roman Revenge academy, born and organized to train new talent and without any pretension of being in the rankings, it makes me angry. At this point I can only reconfirm that you have lost the opportunity to enter our two leagues. Sorry bro, but you always exaggerate. To shorten this thread, advance that now you will say that you are not interested in joining because you have found your peace in your league, and I will answer that I am very happy with this because you are nice.
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    Britney Spears - Toxic what a banger thanks for mentioning it. I just added it to my playlist @John Holywell
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    What you’re asking here is to remove all the updates they did. It’s not realistic.
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    Certainly in the old system who was in the first place is the best.Defeat in this system doesn't lose anything. old system must come, then see who gets good points. IF THE OLD SYSTEM COMES,THE GAME WILL BE EXCITING.
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    What many games do is give for example the top 25 players in the league a reward. It’s also a motivator for the less active members in a league to play more for the rewards. Who knows it could give the game an activity boost.
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    @TomFlight 🥰 we speak about this subject here on forum but this is 1st time that someone make really good topic! I agree completely my brother about this its time to finally get something if we pushed for 8k ( lot guys go even more whit out turnos, look it’s easy but actually take lot free time and nerves... It’s be nice to get some good rewards ( in my case I get nothing 😔) I open so many Blue Green and Purple packs last month I get only cash ☹️ I complain to support about some of blues packs. Now I stop to do that also ! Somehow I keep forgetting to take screenshot 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 And turnos lot players don’t have Sanchez Bravo etc...
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    Tbf those prizes are horrible. I remember people suggesting prizes for the leaderboards when I stopped playing. Several months later and I see no change. Lp is also still horrible.
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    Actually you do get prizes. In the arena you get prizes for each land mark you reach. So for 4500 you get cash - for 5000 you get coins - for 5500 you get cash (highest milestone I’ve got) - for 6000 you get elite XP for 6500 you get cash - for 7000 you get coins for 7500 you get cash and then got 8000 you get 25 legend XP which I have seen people like Lemmy and Stoller get a lot before.
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    I gave my self £5 and shared a bottle of wine with the mrs for first last week Tom. but yeah mate I honestly thought u got gold xp for 1st or at least something
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    Because he likes to show consistency with his annoyance
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    Last i heard west ham were giving zamam a trial because he got top 50 so often
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    the main problem of Denham sentence is another, a really new league (owned by him) can become TOP 3 in two days? I do not believe .... Also because, then, I beat him, in the last year I have created 3 leagues all in top 2, two of them (Italian Revenge and Roman Empire) have entered a day in Top 2! Clearly joking, I consider to have created only one league, called Italian Job (which took 3 months to be the first in the standings, and only thanks to the misfortune of the others who have split -Hakuna, Goal Nations and UE-). .... Italian Revenge is a transfer of Italian Job, Roman Empire is the union with my dearest and most friendly friends known in too much time playing. 😂 I don't remember a league create from scratch (as Crusaders or Abcde) with President Denham, maybe i wrong 🤷‍♂️
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    Who is zaman????
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    Good to see you as delusional as ever 🤦‍♂️✌️
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    It doesn’t really count that you got top 3 because you didn’t really rebuild from scratch you stole players from UN to make European Union and then stole people from European Union and The Fifty to make Barbarians!
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    What about me? I’m a respectable opponent when playing games. It’s just when I open my mouth is the problem 😂
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    Stoller and Gorse since I never seem to win from them 😭😭😭
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    Hi fratello, we discovered this exactly 20 minutes ago! A lion is back? Maybe a donkey
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    Answered. Apparently something new about to come as well. 👀
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    I actually on 3 L vodka before couple years wake up and then was naked man whit me in same 🛌! I was naked also tbh I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ Man girl animal anything you want ! I have only one condition GOVE ME MY 3L VODKA !!! And CHEEKI BREEKI PARTYING CAN START 🥳 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥳
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    you are gay? i personally didn't know this but where is the problem? i m bisex, other love only girls, many sol players say they love monkeys.... we are all the same, we are idiots that arguing for a game!
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    There's plenty they could do to "fix it" and make it better but some great questions there from ET especially the one of "it is worth their time still" I still don't think it's dying... Theres been posts of the game is dying since i remember.. But clarification on this would be much appreciated @C_Brennan For me The playability should be top priority and need smoothing out as that's unbearable at times then they need to start thinking about how to make the game more fun and something to attract new players and the top end of game needs changing as unless you really like the game once you hit arena 9 it can seem pointless carrying on playing as its just repetitive each week
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    I’ve noticed they’re focusing more on Soccer Manager 19 as it’s a newer game. When Footballs clash was a brand new game 2 years ago when I started playing the game was he best as the developers were prioritising this game the most as it was new. However, now it is becoming “old” in game terms the content is becoming stale and there’s not much more they can add to fix it!
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    Completely agree on this. Some people just don’t got time to play 50-100+ games a day
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    Hi, I'm sure if you send an in-game ticket. They will be able to help solve this issue.
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    oh my god..... I REALLY READ 2 FACES?????????????????????? I don't remember who of you asked me to kick out Hamez from RE because he was disrespectful and yawning....... Now.... Where is Hamez? With the haters 😂 AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Curbera has always been right
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