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    Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of those in The Fifty Last week we were fortunate enough to finish the season as the number one league for the first time I want to publicly thank all those who put in so much work last week and indeed all those who have been a part of our little league since it started three and a half months ago To be able to finish above such great leagues as European Union, Hispania, Allstar United, Goal Nation, United Nations and especially Italian Revenge (who pushed us so hard last week and have been the top league for a while now) is a real honour Also wanted to thank the Presidents of the top leagues who all found time to privately message me to congratulate us - just shows what classy people we have on this thing I hope this doesn't come across as gloating - I have nothing but the greatest respect for all our rivals - but I feel so incredibly proud I just wanted to share this publicly Looking forward to another great battle this week too See you in all the arena!
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    Yesterday evening I had several line problems and I had a good experience. I did some games in which some opponents had fun stealing trophies, because I lost the connection and after 40 seconds they had already won. (Well you have to do it quickly because otherwise I ruin you, I'm joking 😂). Then I saw the light ... Wes, he waited for me, after 30 seconds he had only made one goal (surely before noticing my absence) and as I came back into the game he handed me the ball. It was born a wonderful game ended 4 to 4. This is the beauty of the game, which despite many controversy makes me understand the quality of many of you, and makes me get back the pleasure of playing again. Thanks Wes. 😃 Maximum respect.
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    Well said @Pepsi @Wes is one of the finest players and people on the game Don’t know a single person who’d disagree with that But you did exactly the same thing for me yesterday so you are both absolute class acts in my opinion
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    I think it's a lack of respect that you talk like that about Luca, the best player in the world, I think there is envy, some people are very hurt to lose and to see the superiority of Luca
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    I will not play a single game in the arena until they fix this... i don’t have a problem with “lower” guys if they try to score me in different ways, they can’t so at the end they lob... the problem are the “supposed “ top guys who are so desperate to win a game that they will use all the possible tricks/bugs/glitch... I achieved everything in this game well before some “top” players like Luca “the lobber” for example, even started played this game.. I was first and first league I dunno how many times and now just made to 1st place with stoller and the fifty... so I got nothing more to ask to this game if not fun... but now it’s not even funny anymore.... hoping that other players will follow me by not playing anymore to try to speed up the process to fix this... and Pepsi this is not an attack to you or your league (who has the majority of players using lobs btw) I have a lot of respect for you as you know it, I just don’t like that your top guy is not a good example for the others...
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    You’ve done a great job standing in for me as acting President. Now I’ve returned and I demand my throne back. There will be no competition now! pls bro
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    Passing back to ur keeper isn’t hogging. It’s when u consistently pass back and forth
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    All three of you in this thread are pretty classy guys.
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    Respect differentiates us from the beasts. You have always been correct with me and I will always be with you and with other good people in this game.
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    What is Reddit?? I'm older! 😰
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    The fact is it's very hard to police the arena. We can all preach to other players to be respectful and not to do this and that in arena but people will do what they do. every league in top 7 leagues has at least 1 long ball player.
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    Indeed. I tend to do fairly well against the top players in this game. But LUCA has managed to beat me like 5-0,5-1 and 5-1 most recently (I think). When I think of those who are unplayable, I think of LUCA.
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    One of best for sure 👍
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    W la Figa!Luca è il n1!!! Siete dei rosiconi !!!! 🇮🇹💪🏻
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    Bazza a few days ago, I played a long ball in a game vs you. As you and everyone know, I do not use long ball, it happened to free me from a complicated action. since that day there have been continuous attacks on the forum for a single long ball, which can happen. I wrote to you in private, to solve the situation.But as a coward you never replied, continuing the attacks on the forum. for this against you I will use only long ball and now you have stopped playing because you do not win anymore, not because of the long ball that have always been there. Sorry for my bad english.
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    ahahahah, many players would take revenge by stealing the trophies, however, two days before you had devastated me.😂
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    No probs . I like playing top players and was disappointed you lost connection so thought I'd wait and see if you would come back . Plus I wanted revenge cos you beat me ten minutes or so earlier 😀
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    Credit where it’s due, top bloke with a top league. No 2 ways about it
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    Still recruiting young talents message me if your under 4000 trophies and want a chance 👍🏻
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    Spot on, Pepsi. Ignore the haters. LUCA is a top player.
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    Thanks man. Really appreciate that
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    Yh and you was trying to ball hog but wasn't very good at it so you are part of that boring style?? The thing is just cos people can't defend something they think it's cheating... I want players to stop moving before keepers throw the ball and i want players to be able to control the what keepers do after tactics is used and i have been only one sayng from start of this version that keepers NEED updating and fixing but ball hogging is a style (a boring style but still a style) long ball is a style but because of past moaners attacking boosts are useless and makes the game more defensive. The game makers need to make the attacking boosts better for attack minded players
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    No one calls the formation against me. Do you know why? Because I avoid moving my attackers before kick-off. The second time someone makes me the identical goal from kick-off, where he exploits the bug of my central defender that can not move, then yes, I call training and I'm very pissed off. If you do it once, ok, but if you do it twice, you make me angry. Specifically, it is not your case Valero, maybe we have only challenged once and I do not remember the result and the match.
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    Yh hopefully be fixed soon and arena 9 replays have never worked since arena 9 was made
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    They had this fixed other day and now it's gone again