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    Is there a way of banning John from forum I get sick of that guy.
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    In my opinion, these players deserve a place in this game, Legend - Zola and Pele Defender - Azpilecueta with Slide Boost, It is beyond me how a defender so consist and reliable isnt in the game, azpi has literally played everywhere in the backline and has started almost every game since he signed from start to end, took the arm band of Cahill and Terry, He truly deserves a card in the game. Striker - Timo Werner Striker - Icardi Defender, Legacy John Terry
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    I am going to say you are an utter numpty and you play the game the most. I win tournaments so get your facts straight. Come to my endz and we will see who is talking. I will bring out my shank and you will dash.
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    Well after you beat me 5-4 I was really impressed by the way you played and when you yawned at me I knew you must be annoyed at me so I made this post to pay my appreciation to you so hopefully next time we can say “Good luck” and “good game” instead of ignoring each other. I’m hoping for @Mayank Sejwal to do the same because he’s still ignoring me lol.
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    Hey Valero, never had a problem with you in and out of the arena and you make good points but I disagree with this. Me & Pepsi have had differences of late but not one game has he ever cheated against me win or loose. Always a fair and close game.
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    I just wanted to pay my respects to Trafa and Tom Flight. I recently played Trafa and he absolutely smashed me! Probably the best player I’ve every played on this entire game. Maybe I’m just bad at the game but Trafa is on another level! The passes they both see all the way from their own half to inside my penalty box for an easy goal is insane and the way they makes space with his players is the best I’ve ever seen! I think theyre probably the only top players that I’ve never beaten as I’ve beaten Lemmy, Pepsi, Stoller. wasteman, Mayank, Meezi, Xavier, Darkstar, Dennis, Gorse Hill and Koln but never Tom Flight or Trafa! Probably the best players I’ve ever played against!
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    He got over 100 game win stream and he is not a top player😂😂😂
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    Neither have Arsenal. Completely irrelevant but Southend utd are the only side in England to have a 100% record against Man utd
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    Wow! Wasn’t ever expecting this off you John but much respect and thank you 👍🏻
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    That’s because John is a total . Who can’t help but argue.
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    I think you don’t know a lot about history. Half of the La Liga titles came in the Franco era. Half of the Champions League’s are won for no reason when they aren’t even the better the team. Barcelona have always had outplayed them in the recent years. We don’t mind winning in our training ground. You guys took the five goals as well last time. Don’t say Chelsea might beat them just because they are your team. The most likely to beat them are Barça or Manchester City because of their playstyles. Guardiola knows Real Madrid better than you know yourself.
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    You guys don’t know what you speak the best in game is KING and only 👑 😂 😂 😂 the best two for me are @Bazza1967 and @LUCA™️ then go @Pepsi @Wes @Gorse H And @SİPAHİ he was and stay top on all updates and how to forget @Stoller and his 1-2-1 or you all forget @TomFlight season for 10k or @Karpis2001 9k season they was unbeaten then !!! or what is for old top guys who stop to play... ( you even atlest some of you don’t know they names... ) but now for real my hardest opponent was @John Holywell he wins me every where 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    I agree , John bro you not on @Zeesh12's level even if you played 10000 games in a season
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    Maybe busquets not alot of ppl use him because he is not that fast but his other stats are rly good.
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    It was a very close game tbf. As I said to you in private message, hats off to you as it took balls to do this. I’m happy to draw a line under it and forget what’s happened in the past. I think we all create too many enemies over a game and I just want to play against the best players and make my league into the best it can be. Next time we meet I will wish you good luck and good game with no more yawns👍🏻 I’m not ready for you to beat me just yet so don’t think I will go soft on you lol.. but thanks again and hopefully @Mayank Sejwal will forgive you one day too 😀👍🏻
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    Pepsi doesn't cheat mate, infact he is one of the nicest guys outside SOL and outlaws that i know from the game, along with sipahi. I don't normally write much on forum coz everything somehow always gets converted into an agrument between RE and Sol/outlaws, but this is one thing thay i couldn't stop myself from writing, after reading this post.
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    The best players on the game are @“SİPAHİ” and @Waste Man.
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    I was thinking Denis is Ntenis and I am one of frist who chase him in other leagues because his play system that was really long time ago.... but I meet him he is from Greece 🇬🇷!!! And he is not bad guy I like to play against him sometimes I take him ball or I get ball on start and win him but sometimes he pass me around and I chase him like mad 😂 how I say I like to play agienst him and he is respect player to me that is what I most to say! Also some times he play regularly against me and he get me confused 😂 one more thing @John Holywell if you win my bot then that’s not me 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️ .... 🥶🥶🥶🥶😱🤣😝😂😅 👀 👀 👀 I don’t play like beafor but last players I played agienst was @SİPAHİ and @TomFlight and I lose 😂 good games mates 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I don’t remember when I get @Gorse H or @Pepsi tbh and I don’t play agienst you @John Holywell I really don’t remember when last time.....
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    Denis is a good guy, He has his tactics, but he has been using it for a long time. Of course I do not agree with it, but we all know that we will have to sweat to make a goal against him. Sometimes I find it fun to try to steal the ball from him. it's an experience! 😂 I do not love his choice, but he definitely enjoys himself, and he does not dirty. The problem of antisportivity is in so many players that hitting one does not make sense. Those who stop in the absence of the opponent are very few and have my greatest respect. He plays, he enjoys not losing the ball, and he likes to win. I had him, in Roman Empire, with great pleasure.
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    In the history of the game, you're the only one who said that I use cheats. I've never been first, I have an average of tournaments won less than many other players. If one has a lag, I always give him the ball, if he gets disconnected I wait for him, I play just for fun (that does not mean I'm not fierce and eager to win). However I'm sure you do not care. While yes, I admit that if you, and only you, stop playing, I would be happy. Your accusations are bad for the game.
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    I'm old, and I use very vintage tricks, currently my favorites are: a nice curse to your adsl line. The lighthouse of Pepsi (Batman style), which brings tremors to your players' legs. You should ask the various Top Players how they win me, because many of them do it, and someone does it very often! That said, I look forward to the arrival of next week. 😌
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    Bro it wasn't even me who put that bio . The least we'd want is to partner with your farmers league😂
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    Loyalty ? What does loyalty have to do with calling out other people and giving false remarks for no reason ?
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