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    Congratulations to RE for maintaining their number one status last week We gave it a good go but ran out of firepower by the end Was fun to at least be competitive with you all Respect
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    Dear @SM Support(Alex) You only have to scan today’s activity on here to know that we are a fractured community We are arguing, accusing, offending and disrespecting each other. This isn’t us All things being equal we are a fair and respectful bunch This is down to our collective frustration over the issues on the game. Some of which (long ball, GK positioning, tactics button bug) have been talked about on here for many weeks. With no action taken We are losing good players and good people by the day here and are squabbling with each other unnecessarily. Please PLEASE can you a. Address these issues with the dev team and more importantly b. Report back to us, your loyal client base, that we have been listened to and action will be taken Otherwise I fear this great game and these great players/people will completely implode Respect to all fellow players
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    Hello community So today I celebrate my one year anniversary on the game ? Seen a lot of things, experienced a lot of drama, seen a lot of players come and go, have been forced to adapt to many changes and met some fantastic people during that time (and a lot of idiots too to be fair) Excuse my narcissism here but I’m going to use this moment to reflect on my time on this stupid little frustrating game: Won over 5000 games (without lobbing once lol) Donated just shy of half a million XP Won over 200 tournaments (although I watched myself lose nil nil in another 30 at least grrrrr) Got to manager level 12 Started my own independent league The Fifty from scratch which went on to be become number one league multiple times Finished number one on the leaderboard getting 8k trophies in the process Was appointed joint moderator of the forum and got to tell a lot of people off for swearing Was the first player (to my knowledge at any rate) on this newest version of the game to achieve a win streak of over 100 legitimately And pioneered the “daily dump” (that’s what call it in our league anyway...) A lot of the above couldn’t have been done without the help and support from so many people and I thank each and every one of you Seems an odd time on the game in general so I want to may tribute to all the other “long termers” on here - mazeltov! *This is the bit when you all break into rapturous applause and someone hands me my Oscar...
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    My god, just delete this thread. I've seen more drama here than in Love Island
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    Think he was looking for a merger with Barcelona ?
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    Hi all. I would just like to make everyone aware that we have looked to the forum community for some support in keeping the forum a place of quality discussion, suitable for all. The first community Moderators are; @Gorse H @Stoller I believe all current community members will agree that both have proven themselves as respected players of the game and members of the forum community. The role of moderators is to ensure the content and behaviour is appropriate and adheres to the forum rules. The moderators are not employees of Soccer Manager Ltd or Football Clash All-Stars. As such they have no access to or influence over development plans, server maintenance or any other business decisions. Thanks!
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    I voted old system. Purely based on the fact for the newer player (lower trophies) if you beat a top player you should be rewarded for this. Keeping trophies consistent doesn’t reward the players who beat someone who is currently rated higher than them. Could we not link it to manager level as well?
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    Congratulations to @Pepsi and all of Italian Revenge for being the first to complete the 13 league pack Impressive work gentlemen ??
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    Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this 10,000 wins is pretty incredible Congratulations and maximum respect to @Gorse H
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    Congrats on the hat trick guy's
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    Evening All. Has anyone noticed the inconsistency in the tackling algorithm when it comes to the ball spilling loose. Sometimes the player who wins the battle gets the ball and can dribble away from the tackle, whilst other times the ball boobles loose. Does anyone know how this works? As I’ve noticed it seems to be inconsistent. I’d have thought it would work that if the tackler wins by more than a certain figure then they keep the ball at feet. But tighter duels would mean the ball spills loose. Anyone got any insight into this? Welcome your thoughts/knowledge Damo
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    Just wanted to say, despite all the lag issues (and they are sooooo frustrating) that last week was really good fun. A new league formed that made a proper attempt to challenge for the #1 league title. Long may this competitiveness continue. Game on. See you in the arena.
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    All hail King Lemmy! First player since update to reach 8k after starting at 4k And a fully deserved first finish in top spot God Save The King
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    Make a war ? this is a hand held game . Grow up everyone see you in the arena
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    Shocking! Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy. Ignore the haters Denham and focus on being president of Barbarians. They are a strong league with friendly players and im sure they all have your back
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    Bazza is the problem. I am certain that it ain’t your fault @Valerolegend.
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    Ciao, a chi mai potrebbe succedere o influenzare .. il mio nome è Tom, io gioco sotto il nome di TomFlight in Lega, Impero Romano. Vorrei iniziare dicendo che di solito non lo faccio mai, ma il fatto di aver speso soldi per il gioco e che non sono solo io ad essere affetto da problemi è un enorme inconveniente. In primo luogo, ho trascorso un po 'di tempo a giocare a questo gioco (non fino a quando alcuni) per molti cambiamenti. Gli aggiornamenti, a mio avviso, peggiorano di volta in volta. Per esempio, ho raggiunto il livello massimo di Salah a un livello eccezionale per lui ora per diventare un'élite e passare a lvl 2? Varane, lvl 6 superb, down to lvl 2 elite. Kante da lvl 9, non lontano dall'essere raggiunto, ad un livello basso 6? Ora, se voi ragazzi avete mai visto il mio account, vi renderete conto che spendo regolarmente in contanti / monete non solo per livellare i miei giocatori, ma aiutare anche i miei compagni di squadra con xp. Stavo per lasciare il gioco e non preoccuparmi, ma come puoi dire, sono piuttosto incazzato per essere schietto. Ho sentito che il gioco è stato geniale quando è uscito e tutti ne sono ancora entusiasti fino ad oggi, dato che non ero in giro per godermelo. Perché cambi in quello che è adesso, molti giocatori sono molto infelici e come me, non vogliono giocare. Il nuovo sistema con le 3 squadre intercambiabili, perdere energie per ogni gioco non è la peggiore idea. Tuttavia, perché non hai aggiunto il potenziamento energetico / energetico alle confezioni in modo da poterle dare ai giocatori con cui in realtà vuoi giocare? Sono lontano dal raggiungere il massimo da ogni giocatore e non voglio giocare con certi giocatori, l'aggiornamento comunque non tiene conto di questo e sono costretto a giocare con una squadra di basso livello. Ero abbastanza intenzionato a giocare con una squadra di mia scelta, ma questo è stato portato via, insieme ai miei migliori giocatori che sono stati classificati? In altre parole, perché non puoi lasciare il gioco da solo? t è ancora una possibilità che lascerò e non giocherei se qualcosa non viene fatto sulle mie classifiche dei giocatori. Non ho mai visto un gioco che è stato modificato troppe volte in un periodo molto breve. Vorrei una rapida risposta @ Sean (Supporto SM) per risolvere la valutazione dei miei giocatori, da riportare all'etere massimo o un livello in cui gli attributi sono più alti di prima .. Chi ha progettato anche il nuovo layout, con questi colori baby blu brillante? Sono sicuro che mio figlio di 5 anni può aiutare a progettare qualcosa di un po 'più creativo e meno infantile, quindi si applica a tutte le età, se hai bisogno del suo aiuto, fammi sapere. Cordiali saluti, Tom. I placed this message on behalf of my friend Tom Pepsi
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    I thank you for the compliment, but I was just lucky enough to meet a beautiful group of people. My merits are 0. This weekend I was out and the co-presidents and the vice presidents allowed us to win the beautiful duel with The Fifty. we all have beautiful leagues and I hope we will have fun together for a long time! P.S. I do not want to play karpis anymore ... I lose most of the time!
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    Lets keep it civil guys! peace and love, and all that jazz ❤️
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    Just wanted to wish all those involved with Roman Empire the very best of luck Some absolutely classy players and classy people in there - going to be a very strong league Looking forward to a fantastic new rivalry Respect ps. Genuine apologies if our league bio has offended anybody during recent weeks. It was my decision and mine alone to make reference to our league finishes. It wasn’t intended to be incendiary or antagonistic. It’s just that it took 4 months to build our league up slowly to the point that we were able to finish number one and I was very proud of the achievements. I meant no disrespect to any other league.
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    Congratulations to Roman Empire for finishing first last week Great job guys
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    Hi guys, I have a suggestion for all of the presidents on the game. I think we should all take a minute about the next thing I'm about to suggest. I think every President should disband their league to merge with Goal Nation! Zaman just got one condition! He's such a generous guys isn't he? Give him president it iss the only thing he wants for all the sacrifices he does. We should all nominate Zaman for Best Diplomatic President of the century! As a respond to the offer: Manchester city is not willing to merge with Colchester ~Bazza 2k18 Have fun boys!
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    Greetings, I would just like to announce that the Holy month of Ramadan has begun and I wish all the Muslim players a very special Ramadan. Those that also have exams during this period (regardless Muslim or not) I also wish the very best of luck, I also have exams LOL. Special thoughts go to a player called El Gato Gordo, as his mum is very ill and all our prayers and thoughts are with her and their family.
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    You shamelessly exploit a bug on the game to gain an unfair advantage against opponents. You don’t even try to play the game. You exclusively rely on a technical issue. I would be shocked if you had one single person on here being supportive of the way you play.
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    Hi, I know many of you are aware of the downtime experienced on Saturday. We had major server problems on our matchmaking service starting at 05:30. Our technicians were unable to resolve until the evening. We are aware that some users continued to have the ability to enter tournaments that never began. We have identified all of those affected users and will reimburse any lost credits shortly.