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    Hi everyone.. Soo.. The forum is beyond quiet and so is the game but I still see top players busting their butt for 1st spot and leagues competing or trying to compete to push for the top.. with the same leagues being in top 3 surely there has to be a prize brought into the game now? RE have been 1st for a very long time and yet non of their players get anything for it? Sol are the closest league to them, achieving 2nd every season and still for nothing? Yet if there was a prize there could be a possible change at the top, I don’t know? The same can be said for the players leaderboard. I wanted top 3 last week but was pushed by Kemo to the very last day and I thought to myself, I get nothing for this, total waste of time.. is there no chance the top 3 leagues can receive a pack, like lp or 1st place receive a Ultimate, 2nd recieve a Super Champ and 3rd recieve a Champ pack for their efforts? This being the same for the player leaderboard also. 1st 2nd and 3rd recieving some kind of reward to increase player participation or to atleast show that there is something up for grabs, for up and coming players to compete for.. Also I saw someone mention about tournaments. The tourno hasn’t been changed for god knows how long. Bring back the ones with +50 trophies or some other cards to win or gain xp for 🤞🏻 Anyone’s POSITIVE thoughts would be much appreciated, literally at a dead end with the game 😔
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    Is this some kind of sick joke 😂
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    Evening All, Firstly apologies for the long post, but been thinking about this for a while. We all know there is an update due soon, which will hopefully give us some new features and hopefully end some of the lag issues. However, i am getting concerned that there is an expectation that an update is going to save this game that we love to play and bring it back to its former days alone. I don't agree. I want to know more details about the plans to improve the user-database of regular players, and therefore I have some questions/suggestions below. People won't agree with all, but unless something is done, this update isn't going to save the game. Marketing @Sean (SM Support) - Can you confirm what the marketing plan is post update? Is there an aggressive plan to re-target former players? Or are you going to go after new players? Is there a budget? Is there a plan to get us to help you? A proper referral scheme. So for example, for every new player we recommend and get signed up who reaches a certain manager level or certain trophy level will get a reward. It doesn't have to be much, 100 coins or something, but the power of the word of mouth is unreal. What about all those players who've played in the past and have accounts? Is there a plan to target them specifically. A notification to be sent to their phone with a new reward? What about giving every player who hasn't logged in for a month, 100 XP of a player of their choice? Get them back playing. Surely if they have the app installed on their device (people generally don't delete apps), then you can get a notification sent to them to get them back, unless they've turned off this setting? Social Media Strategy, Is there one, I haven't seen any adverts or promotion really? Twitter account, instagram, What's the plan? Keeping Players We all know some players come back, and then disappear quickly. Is there anyone to get a tagging feature added into chat, so that people can tag people to get them back online? A gentle remainder from presidents and vice presidents to come and play. Maybe limit it to presidents only, but a nudge could get people back playing. I think we all agree, the more people playing, the better is it for all. I would have thought it was be something like @Damo in chat and it would send a note to me. Tournaments. You've got to keep these fresh, I think I've read a post from @Oranje suggesting you can't leave when entered, I wouldn't go that far, but make the entry fee non-refundable. However, the tournaments have to work properly if you do this. Tournaments need to change at least once a week. I'd suggest a new one the day after league pack finishes. Loyalty Rewards. Is it worth changing this from login, to after scoring 20 goals per day. To stop people logging in and not playing, just requesting XP and claiming free packs? Leaderboard Rewards. There should be a reward for getting your highest trophies, or highest finish, to encourage people to keep playing, with extra rewards for those who finish in the top3. Maybe even just use of a card for that week, that no one else can use. A legend card. All supports people playing those extra few games, that keeps them involved. Recognition Hall of fame. This is a must, there needs to be recognition for those that have invested in this game, and are crucial in keeping it going. Season trophies is already recorded, so it can't be too hard to create a leaderboard based on this. New Cards There has to be some, need to keep freshing things up on a regular basis, or even weekly tweaks on player stats based on current form. Anything to make people think there is something different and new each time they log in? Loaning of cards. I've mentioned this above, but how about a fee you can pay to load a card for a set amount of games. So new players can get the best players at the start to encourage them to keep playing. I post this, because I care. I want the days back when the leaderboard was more competitive and it wasn't always the same names in the top10. I want different leagues at the top, it's all become a bit similar, and this is because more people are stopping than starting. @Sean (SM Support)- Share with us, and let us help you get this game to a level which means more players playing, more revenue for you as a company, and a greater rated game in the stores. Allowing more strength to yourselves to get further investment.
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    Congratulations to RE for maintaining their number one status last week We gave it a good go but ran out of firepower by the end Was fun to at least be competitive with you all Respect
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    Dear @SM Support(Alex) You only have to scan today’s activity on here to know that we are a fractured community We are arguing, accusing, offending and disrespecting each other. This isn’t us All things being equal we are a fair and respectful bunch This is down to our collective frustration over the issues on the game. Some of which (long ball, GK positioning, tactics button bug) have been talked about on here for many weeks. With no action taken We are losing good players and good people by the day here and are squabbling with each other unnecessarily. Please PLEASE can you a. Address these issues with the dev team and more importantly b. Report back to us, your loyal client base, that we have been listened to and action will be taken Otherwise I fear this great game and these great players/people will completely implode Respect to all fellow players
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    I want to talk about an idea which should have been discussed a long time ago, regarding a player in the game called Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, is one of if not the greatest football players of all time.This Argentine forward racked up the most goals in 2018 and is looking to take his team to a Champions League triumph. Anyways... we can all agree Messi is one of the best players around right now,(and I don't want this topic debating who the best player is) however the game that we all play shows the opposite. The top players of the game do not play Messi or even have him in their team and why is that? The answer to this is because he has the dribbling boost. The dribbling boost is a good boost, however there is one boost which Messi should have instead and it is one he had when the game was created. Looking at other players and updates, a lot of players have had their boosts changed. Kante for example had a slide tackle boost changed to a tackle boost which I know many of you don't like and there are many more which I can name who have had their boosts changed. When the game went from 2 boosts to 1 unfortunately, Messi was given the worse boost out of the ones in which he had which were the Dribbling boost, and the Accuracy Shot. Like I said before, he is one of the best players but he is rarely used in this game. Me and many other are surprised that the develepors @Sean (SM Support) haven't noticed this and try come up with a solution. The fact that Messi had the accuracy shot boost before means that it would save effort and time for the developers to change his boost, and the fact that Messi scored the most goals and is still scoring proves that he should have that boost instead. In addition, this would promote the use of Messi in the game as more players would start to use him and that should happen given that he is better than most players if not all of the players in the game and is used much less compared to others. The boosts of players have been changed multiple times, so changing Messi's shouldn't be a problem. @Gorse H @Sean (SM Support) Please make work as I know it wouldn't take long furthermore, this will benefit everyone. Speaking of Argentines, I would like to pay tribute to Emiliano Sala, who had went missing when boarding a plane. We all hope that this beautiful bluebird and his pilot are found, safe and sound, and that we all be together in support for their families and for everyone connected to them. Thank you for taking time for reading this, T1
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    My soccer balls are broken. I've never used a cheat in my life, I'm 35 and you constantly call me a cheat. Valerolegend but why do not you play something else instead of breaking the football balls to everyone? Switch from one league to another, begging to be able to join you. You've been two months in Roman Empire and you've never seen a glitch, then we kicked you out and you started saying hypocrisy. You said you would stop playing, we told you we were happy with this and you're still here. Enough, enough, enough! Do you keep on passing league by saying that the top players cheat and you think you're doing good at the game? Make your league and stop annoying everyone and ruining the game! Lose in tournaments because we all cheat, you lose in games because we all cheat, you win the games passing the ball to the goalkeeper because we all cheat. But can not you find a game where you have fun?
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    The only thing your comment does is stir things up between leagues and members of those leagues who largely appear to have put their differences aside... or aren’t actively provoking one another at this point in time. It’s pointless and completely unnecessary, so please stop. With regards to the level of activity on the game and forum, aside from players that have stopped playing due to the general lifecycle and interest retention of the game itself, and of course personal life commitments, a large number of players are finding the game less enjoyable as a result of changes that have been made during the last few updates. You and many others like the updates, but equally there’s a large population of current and former players that do not. It could therefore be said that the only thing that has “killed the game” is the game itself, but it’s personal preference at the end of the day.
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    Hello community So today I celebrate my one year anniversary on the game ? Seen a lot of things, experienced a lot of drama, seen a lot of players come and go, have been forced to adapt to many changes and met some fantastic people during that time (and a lot of idiots too to be fair) Excuse my narcissism here but I’m going to use this moment to reflect on my time on this stupid little frustrating game: Won over 5000 games (without lobbing once lol) Donated just shy of half a million XP Won over 200 tournaments (although I watched myself lose nil nil in another 30 at least grrrrr) Got to manager level 12 Started my own independent league The Fifty from scratch which went on to be become number one league multiple times Finished number one on the leaderboard getting 8k trophies in the process Was appointed joint moderator of the forum and got to tell a lot of people off for swearing Was the first player (to my knowledge at any rate) on this newest version of the game to achieve a win streak of over 100 legitimately And pioneered the “daily dump” (that’s what call it in our league anyway...) A lot of the above couldn’t have been done without the help and support from so many people and I thank each and every one of you Seems an odd time on the game in general so I want to may tribute to all the other “long termers” on here - mazeltov! *This is the bit when you all break into rapturous applause and someone hands me my Oscar...
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    I wanted to give a tribute to Goal Nation as the journeys for many players end and new ones are created. Each player has their own story in this game from the mundane to the downright absurd. Such a post cannot do it justice for all players that have ever been in Goal Nation but here goes. I have been in charge of Goal Nation for a very long time and have grown fond of everyone, from the sojourners who hopscotch between the top leagues, to those who stay for the possibility of earning a VP position. This may sound rather sanctimonious but I have never really cared either way whether a player chooses to stay in Goal Nation or not. For me, it is about the journey. I'm sure that this will resonate with many of the former GN players who had moved onto greener pastures. That last clause is something I want to discuss. With Goal Nation once one of the best leagues in the game, seeing it fall down the leaderboard at such a catastrophic rate, I'm afraid I had no other choice but to call it quits. Goal Nation had its halcyon days and I will always look upon those moments with immense joy but the league was simply not able to compete with the other leagues anymore. I will always cherish the times we had when we were top of the world. Never had I seen such a vibrant community in a league when the former President @Bareand us reigned supreme! That sense of camaraderie that once existed has dissipated for quite some time. It begs the question as to why the league should have remained open for business when no one was having any fun. I would rather Goal Nation finish on a high so that others may find their new homes and create new experiences for themselves. As I mentioned earlier, we all have our own stories. My story is one that is fraught with bouts of emotional ambivalence. I was playing incredibly well for myself moving from around 800 trophies to 3600 in a matter of days after initially struggling to get anything going. I was matched with a VP (by the name of Huseeb) of the now defunct United Nations 2 (or UN2). I lost to him 5-4 but he was so impressed by my performance that he sent me an invite to his league. From thereon in, he did one better and helped me join United Nations (UN). This is where I met @Gorse H. Gorse's attentive nature is what really caught my eye and how well he ran the league on his own terms. I have always got on with him and it was reciprocated back. Then a new league by the name of Goal Nation was created and I had inadvertently got caught in a dispute between Gorse and Bare. Unbeknownst to me, this had deteriorated my relationship with Gorse. I have always consider Gorse a good friend with a brazen approach to the game. It was that approach which eventually got us to get on with each other again. This may sound rather silly but I genuinely trust *both* the stories of Gorse and Bare in regards to this matter. I feel that there was a lot of emotion which distorted the true reality of this fiasco. It all goes back to the beginning where I mentioned how stories and narratives vary for each and every player. It is something that I am genuinely intrigued about when I speak with any person in this game. Gorse and Bare, you two were my long-running Presidents and in spite of any animosity you two may ever have harboured towards each other, you were both incredibly helpful and truthful in your own ways and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. ❤ As I have said, journeys give us experiences and vice versa. My experiences with both Presidents shaped how I ran Goal Nation. I saw how some of the more vitriolic elements of the league were being magnified so I had to lighten the mood in the league when I became President. It has been quite a transformation but it is fair to say that Goal Nation had became one of the most friendly leagues in the game with a focus on fostering the ideals of respect and kindness, not just within our own league but extending it to games as well. If there is something that I will miss about GN, it is the friendly nature of our league and how we have transformed ourselves. We really have set the hallmark here and I couldn't be any more proud of myself. It's not just the title of President that has given me experiences to hold on to but it is also the many players who have ever played or opined in the league. This post is long enough as it is so I won't give individual examples but just know that my players have exhibited signs of maturity far beyond anything I ever would have expected when I initially became the President. If there is one person I have to thank in this game, it is @Tahmid. I cannot put into words just how nice and mature he is. Just to give a bit of background, Tahmid was loyal to Liga MX with it being his first league. He decided to leave GN to return back home. This was not met well by the others. But I had noticed just how honest and polite Tahmid was in the manner he spoke that I was convinced I could dissuade him from staying in Liga MX. And looking back at that moment, I think we both know just how great a move that was. It is by far the best decision I have ever made in this game. Sometimes, you have to step aside and think about something from a more pragmatic approach. I essentially went with a different narrative by doing so. And suffice to say my biggest success in this game was converting Tahmid over to Goal Nation. He's a smart young man and I don't think I will ever see a more truthful and nice person in this game like Tahmid. I cannot overstate just how much his contributions have meant to me. Truth be told, if he had decided to leave GN any time after Bare had left, I would have been seriously demotivated to carry on playing. Currently, Tahmid and I hold the record for the amount of longest consecutive top 50 finishes each week. This happened when Wes didn't play much last week. We hold this record because we each motivate each other to do well in this game. This game isn't our full lives but it does mean quite a lot to us. Once again, Tahmid is invaluable to me. And so are Gorse and Bare who I like regardless of whether they play or whichever league they are in. And I'm sure that I will meet new players to admire as my journey continues. That's my story. And I hope that other GN players can create their own stories with new leagues to explore.
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    This topic is probably the priority fix for the next update if this game was to go further and get bigger. "Manager Cards", in other words, How to ruin a game. From my conversations with many of the high ranking players, I have identified the core issues and multiple perspectives and in this post I would like to give a break down to why the system CANNOT go any further. Let's start of by looking at the reason Manager Cards were added, Well, we know that any game studio would like to add a "Pull Factor" towards packs to increase revenue, and I respect that, because after all, the work put into this game and the fact it's free makes a good reason to add Micro Transactions to earn money. Why am i pointing towards packs you may ask, Packs are the main place you can get Boosts and you get better packs. And I know many might argue that the boosts are also in free packs and can be easily earned, and here is where the second issue arises. Let's say these weren't added to increase revenue, because let's be honest, the pricing in the store is ridiculous for coins, I wouldn't mind actually supporting the developers if they made the prices more reasonable, because the price of the Biggest Purchasable Pack can buy you 2 AAA Games. Let's also assume that these Boosts are easy to get because they can ALSO be attained in free packs and silver packs and goal packs. Well there is another issue...they are OVERUSED and OVERPOWERED, 2 words that should NEVER be in the same sentence in a video game, Because let me remind you of the Parent developer to this Game. "Soccer Manager" : Tactical, managerial games with huge focus on skill, a developer that has created 2 other games in "Soccer Manager 2019" and the long running "Soccer Manger Worlds" both of which are skill based games. If we follow up on this footprint, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to add cards that gives someone an unfair, skill-less, cheap advantage, Many top players lose game unfairly because to opponent had certain boosts which won the game, they didnt have skill, they had boosted stats, Unrealistic. This system is what Gamers call. Pay To Win, even if we don't pay for it, the fact a packable card, with a random drop rate, with a random stat, from a pack that is attained at random can be used to change the balance of the game? Nah, No one really appreciated that. And to make matters worse, they let you use, THREE OF THEM, 3, stackable, boosts, that is insane, it has ruined this game for what it is, it has killed any need for skill, as a player can simply use a +40% all attributes. Moving to my next point. Even if these were to remain, and were supposed to reward players who open more packs...atleast make the boosts logical, PLUS 40 ALL ATTRIBUTES? PLUS 30 PACE? PLUS 30 TACKLING? and worst even if the fact you can stack those and end up with plus 70 PACE AND 70 TACKLING, ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. If these were to stay, nerf them, Plus 10 at most, even then it gives an unfair advantage. Another nerf is to decrease their uses into ONLY ONCE for all, Make it harder to get all Player boosts and allow only one boost at a time. Let me remind you all of the time we had The point system, I hope they return that, because then, you were assigned points, everyone was assigned points. The same. fixed. fair. amount of points to increase certain stats permanently, that was a fair system that i would hope returns, because that gives the player a thing to think about, to increase you strength and pace to defend or shooting and dribbling to be more attacking, that is the way i want things to be, i would like to believe other players think the same too. Please, I plead for all of US players, dedicated fans, and loyal supporters, Please Remove Manager Cards, if this boost system was to remain either HARD nerf it or return the old more favourable system.
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    You are able to make me pass the desire to play, this was a great community, many passionate players and lots of fun .... Now we move from cyberbullying to racism. Guys we are reduced really badly. I am ashamed for us. Now I can not stand any of you any more than you can not stand me. Honestly, I thought we would last longer together.
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    Yo guys Last night we decided to create a new league. We know it might seem confusing to alot of you guys. That’s why I am making the post. The members in our league cheeki breeki are sick of pushing theirselves for a certain amount of goals or trophies. We created a league with a bunch of players that actually want to play the game for fun and are going to try and stay neutral. We know what the qualities of our players are and don’t want to have any pressure in the league. We won’t fight for a number 1 spot or anything else. We don’t want any issues with any other league and will try our best to prevent those. We might have upset alot of people in the past and want to disassociate from those things. We want to say sorry to the barbarians in particular. We made this decision and it had a big impact on your goals as a league. We had a different vision and decided to take this step. Thanks for understanding ps: The name was Lemmy’s idea.
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    I want to welcome this new league. that welcome I had not given to the league of barbarians. you are the right league, you are friends who come together for fun and not to be first, this is beautiful and I'm sure it will lead you to fight with us for the first place. I am a friend of many of you, I have discussed with some of you, I have made many victories against you and I have also had many defeats. I respect all of you (or at least those you are now), I wish you the best and to stay soon in the place you deserve. See you in game !
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    My god, just delete this thread. I've seen more drama here than in Love Island
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    Think he was looking for a merger with Barcelona ?
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    Hi all. I would just like to make everyone aware that we have looked to the forum community for some support in keeping the forum a place of quality discussion, suitable for all. The first community Moderators are; @Gorse H @Stoller I believe all current community members will agree that both have proven themselves as respected players of the game and members of the forum community. The role of moderators is to ensure the content and behaviour is appropriate and adheres to the forum rules. The moderators are not employees of Soccer Manager Ltd or Football Clash All-Stars. As such they have no access to or influence over development plans, server maintenance or any other business decisions. Thanks!
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    Let’s have a creative topic for once. And see if anybody actually listens. Whats is the pros and cons to the game. 1.For me manager cards have to go. They are a totally unfair advantage and make the game so unrealistic 2.tournaments need to be updated at least every fortnight. The current tournaments are not worth the coins. 3. players cards.... the the only one I feel should be removed is the power shot. To give it more of a challenge to score. Anybody can use ronaldo’s Rocket shot 3 times which is virtually unstoppable, then Just sub out for Suarez. 4. I also feel emojis should be removed or at least the negative ones. On a brighter side I am relieved the replays have been cut down to the final goal but I must admit it gave me chance to have my ecig on each replay. (all these guys below love this game)
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    Thanks to all the supporters who helped me through this process and now I am ready to play football clash. Going to beat all these haters
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    Stop being negative John
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    Are you calling me a "SNOWFLAKE" valerolegend???? You don't know me so don't presume. And as for you john you have made jokes about my mum called me all sorts of names and admitted you pick on people knowing they are only 8 when I've been in the same league as you and then go 😭 to other people when you get it in return. I'm 16 so understand you are a clown. Now go trip over your oversized shoes land on your big red nose and brake your pathetic neck.
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    my kante and mbappe are lvl 2, my cheats don't work. 😂😂
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    So I would like to dedicate this topic to you my dear friend , a friend who always has a lot to say and gets on everyone's nerves - @John Holywell So we've discussed between selective league's and I think it's time to start a partition to get you banned bro , no hard feelings it took us months to finally crack 😓 Everyone who thinks John should be banned please hit the like emoji under this and hopefully we can move forward from there 👨🏻‍⚖️
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    SNEAK PEEK #1 - New Cards! The following 5 players are set to enter the Arena: New Legendary Card: Computer - a Defensive Midfielder. New Superb Card: Dutch Destroyer - a Defender. New Superb Card: O Canito - a Striker. New Superb Card: Senegalese Speedster - a Winger. New Good Card: Colossus - a Defender. SNEAK PEEK #2 - Change in Player Levels! The following 6 players are set to have a change in card level: Shadow: Superb --> Elite Sharp Shooter: Good --> Superb French Prince: Superb --> Elite El Pipita: Elite --> Superb Warrior: Elite --> Superb Nino Maravilla: Superb --> Good SNEAK PEEK #3 - Legacy Cards! The following 4 players are to become Legacy cards: El Jefecito. Raging Bull. Armenian Archer. Turkish Delight. SNEAK PEEK #4 - New Countries! Prepare to enter the Arena as Football Clash: All Stars is coming to Southeast Asia! Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums. See you in the Arena!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, an important announcement. I lost against some Solidarity players, so it's official I've become very poor. However, please have some respect, the same as I give to you, without you ever doing anything to deserve it. Remember that this is a game, when you understand this, perhaps you will become a great league. You have a lot of good players, but for now, you only lack the style. A top player is respectful, a top player returns the ball if he sees an opponent's obvious lag, a top player wishes good luck, a top player accepts a defeat with a smile and treats respectfully those who lost, a top player does not he complains continuously but suggests improvements. I hope that the post Roman Empire is not you, but if you ever will be, this will be because you have listened to me. Thank you for your attention, and now you can start insulting my intelligence as you usually do. P.S. Clearly this thread is not related to those of you who have style, such as Kollppo or someone else.
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    Very well done to @Gorse H for being the first and only player to get over 100,000 season trophies. He has been playing this game the longest and it really shows in his movement! He has been adapting to this game more than any other player and is without a doubt the best player in this game. @Sean (SM Support), I think that the devs need to add a sixth digit to the season trophy counter so that we can see all of Gorse's season trophies. ??????
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    I voted old system. Purely based on the fact for the newer player (lower trophies) if you beat a top player you should be rewarded for this. Keeping trophies consistent doesn’t reward the players who beat someone who is currently rated higher than them. Could we not link it to manager level as well?
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    Congratulations to @Pepsi and all of Italian Revenge for being the first to complete the 13 league pack Impressive work gentlemen ??
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    Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this 10,000 wins is pretty incredible Congratulations and maximum respect to @Gorse H
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    Congrats on the hat trick guy's
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    I agree with excellence of him, but Luca never was the italian revenge president. 😉 There were other incredible players too in the story of this game (wes, karpis, bazza, arnav, Wasteman, dybala 10, Sipahi, Xavier, Lemmy, stoller) but the greatest is sure Gorse hill
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    Only thing you're consistent at is being annoying
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    To all leagues I don't usually post on here but in the interest of the game I think all top leagues should seriously consider stop putting their teams as super bots when they are not active...All the main players know how to avoid playin against super bots by resetin the app so the only people this is hurting is up and comin players tryin to get to our level...I for one am gonna stop doing this because it is hurting players that are tryin to play the game when we sleep...think about it some people spend more time resetting the app than actually playing ...Let's give the smaller teams more of a chance of winning rather than losing while we sleep...I think it's good idea myself if anyone disagrees then well ...them...peace out people stay safe ONE LOVE
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    guys, I think this path is wrong, hamez and john wrote terrible words, but we must not forget that they were not the only ones. Maybe because we were abandoned by administrators or because we are idiots. I do not know what can happen now, maybe Hamez was punished for all (which I find not right). Although we were not on good terms, I am very sorry for Hamez and it would be the same for John. Racism is a complicated issue, which has nothing to do with leagues but that should definitely be punished! I would propose, first a suspension for 15 days of the account and the second error is implemented the drastic solution of the cancellation of the account.
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    @Mayank Sejwal @Wes atlest you two get Manager card p🤦🏻‍♂️🤗🤣🤣🤣
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    The game is dead 😥 specially as I’ve just noticed Kante don’t have slide no more! Tackle boost gets a big fat yawn from me 😴💤.. is this possibly the all time low of the game? Everyone was once again excited for the update and for what exactly? A few cards to be upgraded/downgraded & 5 new added, ohh and the peno glitch fixed, have I missed something?.. it’s slow & laggy, can’t control players, getting kicked out the game constantly . Don’t think it matters about the device to be honest, just generally think the games one big disappointment now.. #FootballCrash🥴
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    U are a complete and utter John. I am sick to death I seeing you post on this forum with pointless or argumentive information. go yourself John. @Gorse H @Sean (SM Support) Give me my ban please so I don’t have to see this idiots post anymore jazz
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    Is there a way of banning John from forum I get sick of that guy.
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    Hi all, First of all, we are real persons playing a game, and that's it, just a game, each one of us play in different leagues, we are rivals, we have hate for some players, we don't like the play style of some guys, we don't like bugs in this game, the glitches, etc.. I know that some of you don't like me, but i want to wish to all of you a merry christmas, enjoy this time with your family. I play since March, so i hope next year in this season, i still play to wish you again. Regards.
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    And relax people... Let's all start a fresh on the forum at least, thread after thread recently seems like it's gonna end up in crazy disputes that have little to do with football Clash or football I dunno what other forums are like but it could seem crazy for new players joining forum and seeing arena 9 at war 🤦‍♂️😂 Goodluck everyone with keeping forum friendly ✌️
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    Evening All. Has anyone noticed the inconsistency in the tackling algorithm when it comes to the ball spilling loose. Sometimes the player who wins the battle gets the ball and can dribble away from the tackle, whilst other times the ball boobles loose. Does anyone know how this works? As I’ve noticed it seems to be inconsistent. I’d have thought it would work that if the tackler wins by more than a certain figure then they keep the ball at feet. But tighter duels would mean the ball spills loose. Anyone got any insight into this? Welcome your thoughts/knowledge Damo
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    I am afraid that I am indeed leaving the game permanently. The simple reason why is that I am bored of playing. You may have noticed that I resorted to playing bots exclusively and usually beating them 1-0 for the past few weeks by using the WiFi glitch. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that my heart isn't into it with such dodgy gameplay. I have had a very wonderful time playing this game. From being the President of Goal Nation to being a VP in both Solidarity and Roman Empire, I have been very fortunate to be so widely trusted in the game. I don't think there are very many players who could have transitioned from Solidarity to RE the way I have. I owe that to the wonderful people in charge of both leagues. @Pepsi, @Rik, @Gorse H, @CFC Denham - all such wonderful guys. To Solidarity's credit, they have been very respectful despite me leaving, which shows what a great league they are on the whole. My journey only really started when I was in Gorse's United Nations and then the often disputed @Bare's Goal Nation where I became its permanent President. When I took over from Bare, I always tried to keep the peace and make sure the league I am in is very respectful to others. I was able to do so with Goal Nation very successfully and also with RE with a focus on respect and integrity - that we never resort to name-calling. To be fair, RE was definitely the most tranquil of all leagues well before I joined with little to no abuse towards any other players. But with the likes of Morrison and Hamez making way, credit has to be given to Pepsi and Gorse. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been very privileged to be so widely accepted by everyone here and am very thankful. Even from a playing sense, I have held the current record for most consecutive top 50 along with @Tahmid going back to Goal Nation. Speaking of Tahmid, I have been very fortunate to have met such a lovely guy like him in this game. He is my best friend in this game by a country mile and we have managed to keep that friendship alive ever since I left Solidarity. I am happy to say that I was right to close GN as everyone is now doing much better elsewhere. It had its time with Bare and I among others as the top league anyway. I would like to take this opportunity to explain how I feel about the community and some of it's most notable and cherished members. I am in no league essentially, so let's not beat around the bush. I'm just going to say it as it is. For me, there are two players who are genuinely the best people (who are at least renown VP's of top leagues) in the game to be around. The best of the bunch is Pepsi. If you really get to know him, I think you'll find he is the best of all players. Fairly passionate on the forum but not aggressive when it comes to recognising the importance of the other leagues. A smooth operator with a friendly personality. The other person is @Lemmy. He is a bit of a nuisance on the forum but if you get to know him, you will realise that he will treat you like family. This guy has a big heart, and I'm not just talking about the steroids. But seriously, he will accept you like his own and is willing to talk to anyone about anything. Very positive influence to have around you for the most part. As for the community, I feel that it will get surprisingly stronger with many of the top players recognising how toxic the game was before and will seek to avoid it. Rik and @Darkstar72 are good guys who I sense are solely there to play. Pepsi likes to joke about but I don't think he actually wants another series of Cola Wars. And Gorse is a top guy with a lot of experience on the forum and in the game with over 100K trophies. So my reason for leaving is to do with boredom. Nothing about the community whatsoever. I may actually still be around the forum if there are any good conversations taking place. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours.
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    Anyway, congratulations, I was satisfied with this week, you made us understand that if all the rest of the game pushes to the maximum, manages to make only 2500 points more than Roman Empire. I hope you will stay together for a long time so finally we will have a real opponent. The next week maybe we also push 😏
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    Heard you loud and clear mate. Some really interesting suggestions here, and i now have a very lengthy list to take to our devs. Once we've released this next update, still no date by the way ?, I'll get the guys together where I'll bring up all these suggestions, and then we can see which of them are doable and in what sort of timeframe...But yeah first things first, this update...Please, this update ? Nice one for the suggestion Damo, noted ?
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    I totally understand you @Tiago Trafaria Soares! its annoying but to be honest its also make me to smile ? sometimes when someone yawning to me I send him smile... ???? so I ask why not give as ? emoji I love to send them big kiss ? ? ? when they yawning ?!!! cheeki breeki ?
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    Hi guys, we are opening a new league for upcoming players and talents. We are a partner league of Roman Empire and of Italian Revenge.
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    Just wanted to say, despite all the lag issues (and they are sooooo frustrating) that last week was really good fun. A new league formed that made a proper attempt to challenge for the #1 league title. Long may this competitiveness continue. Game on. See you in the arena.
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    All hail King Lemmy! First player since update to reach 8k after starting at 4k And a fully deserved first finish in top spot God Save The King
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