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  1. Seems The Fox and the Grapes, John
  2. It occurs with Android too
  3. It's not hypocracy, John. It's the problem to be a copy. It's not as good as the original
  4. Your maths are wrong too, John. Seems you need some extra classes. If first week you reach 8000, then you made 4000 because you started with 4000. So, you should doing 4000 x week plus the 4000 initials. Or if you are making 8000 extra to initials you would doing 8000 x 4 + 4000 Regards
  5. John, you are not serious, Serie A or Bundesliga strongest? Serie A could be the strongest in 90's but not now,
  6. 1. That I can say in Catalan, does not mean to put it here. 2. The first thing I did when I registered here is read the rules, and I keep them. Something that not everyone can say. 3. If you pretend to go pimp with me, you're raw. 4. End of the discussion on my part Have a nice holiday
  7. And i can say it in catalonian if you want
  8. Babe, usually i m a quiet man, but you shouldnt pretend to teach your father to make children
  9. I don't have the experience of other people, but that seems to me to believe in birds pregnant. 😁
  10. YBetter for you. You are playing with 5 players while rest of players with 4 1/2. And your defenders do not need to be big defenders, Mascherano and Kimmich will be enouh
  11. Joghn, chil-lax a litle. Things are quiet. There is no need to create a bad environment. It's just a game everyone wants to win
  12. Tell me what you presume and I will say that you lack
  13. Sure, Call it what you want, but the players who joined to RE. had an illusion or a reason to join and the effort they made was admirable, wheter you want it or not. But tell me, what is your illusion, show your streak and said us what a wonderful player you are?
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