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  1. Adam-James Malott

    Incomplete slide tackling/man marking

    Okay that makes sense my apologies
  2. Adam-James Malott

    Incomplete slide tackling/man marking

    Amid the awful match bug I wanna talk about something else that’s been bothering me about this game. I chose to demonstrate this against a player who clearly was uninterested in winning and went inactive. I only touched the players whenever they reached the outside of the penalty area. Keep in mind i used a 1-2-1 lineup and changed to a 2-0-2 (I’m not the best at using great formations.) In one of the clips, John Stones clearly slides Sergio Ramos but passes clean through him like a ghost. Sure, Stones is only a Good player but I’ve seen other players have successful slides from their Stones or Carvajal when they’re not even a good few inches away. I get disappointed about this a lot whenever this occurs. The other clip includes Varane getting close to Kane and going up to midfield afterwards. This is one of the reasons why I never get clean sheets and why top players easily get one up from such a silly reaction. One of the other problems I have included is losing the boost button whenever my players are crowded against one footballer. Though this can be because I can simply tap, though I usually lose challenges every time regardless. Though not included, whenever I touch a player when I’m going up for a challenge, it doesn’t even tackle and the opposition goes up to score. This is one of my biggest concerns and the reason why I like Tackle Boost more than Slide Tackle. My wireless is average until 4am GMT. I wanted to use Kanté after this update dropped but due to issues, it seems like I’m the only one who can’t use Sterling, Sánchez; who uses him, Kanté, Mbappe, and Vidal in matches even though I can use the legacy players as well as the new ones (hint, hint.) I’ve already contacted in-game support about that, but I’ll probably have to wait until Friday at the latest. have a nice weekend👍 458090C2-5780-4911-9A7D-473AFE572289.MOV 6144DA55-A4EB-4CB4-B087-3960BA34D94D.MOV
  3. Adam-James Malott

    Wtf is this bug! I lost 10 trophies because of this!

    Same I just lost to jazz bc of this
  4. Adam-James Malott

    Loosing trophies in Rome for no reason?

    Hello, this is a natural occurrence. Every Monday (Sunday in my instance) everyone’s stats reset if they accumulated to the Rome arena. Unless this doesn’t happen to have a slight corruption, trophies resetting shouldn’t be a very big deal at the end of the week.
  5. Adam-James Malott

    Tournament issues

    Same for me here in the Salah tournament, except I went to turn on the brightness of my screen before it was time to start the semi against a player who glitched the quarters
  6. Adam-James Malott

    The Future Of Football Clash

    442oons also brought me to play the game though I didn't get play enough I was able to experience the tap shooting. Agreed though that some features of the game should be dissected and/or added
  7. Adam-James Malott

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    I got my account back this morning thanks though
  8. Adam-James Malott

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Yeah I heard about that RIP and thanks Zaman
  9. Adam-James Malott

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Also forgot to mention my ID #D1E0AF6X
  10. Adam-James Malott

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    I also lost my account in the proccess. Can you receive it back for me? Club Name: hi there League Name: None (Kicked out of The Fifty) Manager Level: 8 Arena: Level 9 (Rome) My recent lineup was Griezmann Ronaldinho Calhanolgu Silva Oblak Please help whenever you have the chance..