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  1. Thanks some I knew who they were but some I had no idea
  2. I’m only asking calm down it’s only a suggestion
  3. During December i think that people should get rewards for logging into the game as like if you sign in one day you could get 2k cash or 10 coins. And if you play everyday it could be a cool idea depending on the arena you are in you get different rewards. Saying in arena 9 you can get 25xp of any legend on game except the Tournament Exclusives like Xavi and Klose as they are the only ones that have only been in tournaments as i know of. Also somebody please tell me if R9 ROnaldo has been in the shop before and i would gladly save up 10k cash for him
  4. I think that people should be able to favourite cards as I constantly trying to find player like Cristiano Ronaldo and it would be easier if they were a section for your favourite cards
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