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  1. I am going to say you are an utter numpty and you play the game the most. I win tournaments so get your facts straight. Come to my endz and we will see who is talking. I will bring out my shank and you will dash.
  2. Have you EVER beaten me yet? I don't play a lot so hush
  3. Zeesh12


    Hey, bare! Excited to see you
  4. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    NO one was trying that's why. If we all tried, we would be 1st every season but we cannot be asked because this is not our life
  5. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    I agree with Dave. RE are just sore losers, who are probably crying right now!
  6. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    I am just stating facts.
  7. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    I can see you have a lot of cash and there is an ultimate pack there locked
  8. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    Yep RE it is time for your reign to end.
  9. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    Hmmmmmmmm are you sure about that?
  10. Zeesh12

    Book of the Week

    Arnav he is not lying. Did I go over there?
  11. Zeesh12

    Rewards during December

    You have a child then*
  12. Zeesh12

    Rewards during December

    Yep, he does. He is just lying. We should call him Lying Lemmy
  13. Zeesh12

    Give me Kara ?

    Zaman, she is 20 Lemmy, she could be your daughter mate! She is too young for you
  14. Zeesh12


    No i am the most mature person under 16