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  1. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Hey Sean... Thanks for the acknowledgements... it’s nice to know someone’s listening at least! i have one question and one rant, so first the question. I haven’t joined a league yet but am thinking about it as trying to get to the next step in Arena 9 is still an unachievable task at the moment - although I did get to 4130 the other day... only another 37 consecutive games to win ha ha... the question is in the leagues - Is there promotion/relegation as in leagues 1-4 or is it play people in one league and that’s it? Not sure I fully understand how they work. Do other leagues play each other? And now the rant... so I’ve fore gone the impossible task of Arena 9 as I said earlier and so I started playing cup games... brilliant! Except they’re not, They would be if people played them - which I’m convinced they want to, except they don’t and I think I know why they don’t. People hate waiting, as do I. When you sign up to a cup game you are able to see how many have signed up and are then allowed to "cancel" THIS FEATURE SHOULD BE REMOVED. Once you sign up you should be committed! If there’s a loss of connection - like a phone call, bad connection, don’t want to play or whatever then the computer should take over control much like in other normal games. You should be allowed to rejoin if connection is broken but this I think would go along way to eliminating the wait time and people’s ability to change their mind whilst waiting for other players. It’s so frustrating wanting to play a cup game say at 4/8 watch it go up to 7/8 then as you wait for the last person to complete and move to the start of the tournament watch it drop down to 6/8 then 5/8 as people change their minds or simply get fed up with waiting. I’ve seen it drop all the way down till it was just me left...ha ha ridiculous! This would never happen anywhere else in other tournaments. Sign in, sign up, done. I think this would help ?
  2. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    I think the addition of stamina is excellent. People are now forced to use entire squad and forced to use and invest in other players they previously would have ignored. There’s enjoyment in promoting certain players in your squad despite the randomness of points to be able to upgrade them... I just don’t understand why Rome has to be the pinniacle...? You could easily have another 10 cities and make the 20th the hardest but make the journey more gradual... at the moment you hit a wall 4000... can’t go anywhere... almost forced to give up if your a journey player like me as opossed to a league player...
  3. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Thanks for the responses... Just realised my maths above is floored, 50% win ratio... win one then lose one you don’t go anywhere. It’s 50 CONSECUTIVE games! There’s no way to tell how many games it would take as you get knocked back after a loss. That’s why I currently don’t seem to be able to get pass about 4050... lol... I’ll never make it to 4500 in a month let alone a week! Ha ha... redonculous... im not in a league, don’t know anyone. Different I guess. I did play a knockout cup yesterday that was fun except waiting for 8 players is a bit of a bind... im still bitter I can’t progress... ???
  4. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Well shove me sideways and call me Susan.... you guys are obviously right.... apologies, I stand corrected. I still, however, don’t have to like it. I enjoyed coming through the arenas and having targets, making progress etc... now all that’s gone. I feel like the reason for playing has been taken away. I don’t see how I can make any progress. The first step is 50 wins (500pts)... if we assume as an average I beat people below and lose to those above - a 50% win ratio that’s 100 games. Coupled with the fact that this game crashes every 1 in 3 (and that’s being generous) and I’ve never won a game I rejoined after being disconnected - that leaves me 168 games in a week. Not including the weekend that’s 34 games a day for 5 days... who does that!?! It’s ridiculous... currently I might play 7-8 games once every two days... some light hearted fun... now it all just seems like a waste of time. Plus... its a suspicious win ratio stated above anyway as I play against people who are rate 6-7000 regularly, recently played against some whose rating was 8990.... that’s just ridiculous too... I have no chance. Why isn’t there a system of fair handicap or method where you play people your own level... I understand the need to occasionally play people much better that you, even MC has to play the likes of Accrington Stanley in the FA cup but when you play someone more than twice your cup rating it’s like MC playing a bunch of 11 year olds... totally pointless and beneficial to no one... i feel like my only option to enjoy this game is to start again... but who wants to do that... I was enjoying building up and investing in players.. boo hoo.... ?
  5. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Nothing that either of you have said leads me to believe you know what I’m talking about. in fact I’m convinced you don’t understand the problem. 500 points to move to one check point is silly. If that were the case - to complete Rome Arena 9 from 64/65 to 73 it would take 4500 points. Now that’s more than the entire previous 8 Arena’s put together... i think it’s supposed to start at 4000 and maybe go to 4500 at the end of the Arena as it actually states "Arena 9 4000+" so why start on 4500 ??? This is definitely an error, I just hope someone from Football Crash reads this and inspects the problem. Since you can’t reasonably progress to the next check point it’s pointless playing, shame as it was turning out to be a very good/addictive game..
  6. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Hi Arnav Maybe I didn’t explain this very well.... being a newbie and all, sorry. But I am literally stuck on check point 65 at the beginning of Arena 9 usually it took between 5-10 wins to progress to the next checkpoint, I’m saying now it is requiring me to win 50 just to move one spot... this doesn’t make sense as it only took about 50 before to do an entire arena... there must be a mistake. ‘Please review trophies needed before and after checkpoint 65. It just doesn’t make sense.
  7. Oranje

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Most arena’s are separated by about 600 cup points, well they were until you reach the start of Arena 9. At the very start of Arena 9 it says I’m required to get 4500 points to reach the goal - The FIRST goal !!!! That means at 10 points a game win to progress to the beginning of the arena to which I have just arrived I have to win 50 games... this must clearly be a mistake. Prwvious arena’s are 2800 - 3400, then 3400 - 4000, and then you get to Arena 9 and it’s 4000 + but you have to start on 4500...??? Doesnt make any sense - please review and correct. I simply won’t play if there is no opportunity to progress sensibly.
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