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  1. You could cut the sexual tension in this thread with a knife.
  2. Santa


    The only thing your comment does is stir things up between leagues and members of those leagues who largely appear to have put their differences aside... or aren’t actively provoking one another at this point in time. It’s pointless and completely unnecessary, so please stop. With regards to the level of activity on the game and forum, aside from players that have stopped playing due to the general lifecycle and interest retention of the game itself, and of course personal life commitments, a large number of players are finding the game less enjoyable as a result of changes that have been made during the last few updates. You and many others like the updates, but equally there’s a large population of current and former players that do not. It could therefore be said that the only thing that has “killed the game” is the game itself, but it’s personal preference at the end of the day.
  3. My solicitor will be in contact with yours regarding the divorce.
  4. Just an observation, John. I’m a peaceful person, as you know, but couldn’t resist on this one. 😊
  5. That’s a fitting network you’re on.
  6. Santa


    Zaman, stop making so many assumptions. You don’t know everything, like you seem to think you do, and your abilities as a “President” or even “Vice President” were and are dire at best. You’re far too arrogant and condescending, and I hope one day reality gives you a huge slap in the face. Now, rather than continuing with petty arguments, why don’t you hop along back to your bedroom and write a follow-up to your best selling novel regarding your experiences on Football Clash?! I’m sure everyone would love to read that...
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