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  1. The good: the graphics are cool. The league pack is looks like a good idea. Performance improvements are always welcome. The bad: I know learning new ways is hard, but after a few matches I am not enthusiastic about the new gameplay. If I taste the reactions in my club, excuse me, league, more (most, maybe even all?) players think this way. To summarise in one sentence: I do not like how the new tackling and shooting interrupts the flow of the game. When tackling, everything slows down. When shooting (or being shot at), everthing stops. I preferred the old system, where everything kept on moving, and where in a higher Arena everything went faster. It used to be more like real soccer, in a way... I'll try it a little longer, to see if I can adjust. Regards, Joop
  2. Press the area with the three dots: ...
  3. Alex, notifications are consistently in Dutch, the game is set to English.
  4. No? TO club management or to a web page?
  5. Agreed, would be very cool. How about a tournament where everybody has the same five players. That would show who's really good... You could link to real life events (EC, WC, CL matches) as well. Plenty possibilities!
  6. Bad, I can order a beer, but that's about it. Th good news is the notifications switched to German. My German is quite good
  7. Hi, since today I gwt the android notifications in Spanish, in stead of English. In the club chat, others complain about this as well.
  8. A data-rich Web page would work for me as well. In SM worlds I mostly use the app, but for some tasks I go to the PC, just for the large screen...
  9. Joop de Boer

    Formation bugs

    Hi, Issue Summary: Players changes position after update. Formation does not correspond with the arena. Issue Details: I play a 1-2-1 formation, with Higuain in front, Hazard left, Ribery right and Busquets in the back. After the update Hazard and Higuain changed place, which I only noticed in the game. This was both in the formation page and in the arena. After I corrected the positions in the formations page Hazard and Ribery changed sides in the arena! This is not the case in the formation page, but it is in the arena. If I exchange the players in the formation page, they exchange in the arena as well. Device details; BRAND :Samsung MODEL :S4 mini OS :Android VERSION :4.4.4 Location: Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Someone in my club told me to simply exchange the players in the formations page, so I assume the issue is repeatable.
  10. As an assistant-manager, I would appreciate it if there can be more requirements than just the number of trophies for a club. Frequency of play (log in once per day, of play xx games per week) or number of donations come to mind, but other people might like other criteria. Management of a club is also easier (or easier to do fairly!) if managers can see activity over time, especially trophies and donations. Now it is hard to spot and kick inactive players. A graph per player would help. Or just a way of marking players that fall below a certain pre-set threshold. Regards, Joop
  11. I find the behaviour of the game when a player reaches maximum level odd. How it looks to me: * Player reaches max level, surplus XP (to donate) becomes invisible or is lost. Player still appears in packs. This XP is not visible, but can be donated. I would either expect surplus XP to be visible for donations, or to be lost, but then I wouldn't want to get that player in packs anymore. The would be an incentive to max out good players. I'm kind of tired of getting even more Mata or Patricio XP :-) But seriously, if it would increase the odds for superb or elite XP, it might be worth it. Let me know what you think, Regards, Joop
  12. Ok, super. If not I'll report back.
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