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  1. It was a very close game tbf. As I said to you in private message, hats off to you as it took balls to do this. I’m happy to draw a line under it and forget what’s happened in the past. I think we all create too many enemies over a game and I just want to play against the best players and make my league into the best it can be. Next time we meet I will wish you good luck and good game with no more yawns👍🏻 I’m not ready for you to beat me just yet so don’t think I will go soft on you lol.. but thanks again and hopefully @Mayank Sejwal will forgive you one day too 😀👍🏻
  2. TomFlight


    Hey Valero, never had a problem with you in and out of the arena and you make good points but I disagree with this. Me & Pepsi have had differences of late but not one game has he ever cheated against me win or loose. Always a fair and close game.
  3. Wow! Wasn’t ever expecting this off you John but much respect and thank you 👍🏻
  4. TomFlight

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    Hahahaha your always ready to use some stupid quote. Your boring. I wrote to you once? Your quite happy to receive the attention on here then rather speak to me like a man. Your a coward and over obsessed with a game. You paid coins to become a president, your not running a country. Get over yourself and grow up.
  5. TomFlight

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    See, always leaving a bitter after taste. Just can’t drop it can you.
  6. TomFlight

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    This is the way it should have been done from the start 👍🏻
  7. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Greatest league in history? You get nothing for it.. it’s not going to go on your C.V 😂👍🏻 It’s just amusing that you guys are soo angry and have to bring up irrelevant stuff to try protect your precious league or soo called reputation. I am going to go do actually work while you and John work hard on here and achieve? Ohh ye, Nothing.. keep it up with your grammar John, might get you a proper job one day😂😂😂 peace out you absolute clowns 🤡 #OutlawVictory #SoarLoosers #WeCameWeRuledWeConquered
  8. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Ye true facts. I signed up to play under Pep and Gorse, still stick by that statement I made. Jealous though? 😂 your talking about this to ditch the dirt which I’m not bothered about so go ahead. Isn’t going to retain your no1 spot from last week is it 😉
  9. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Lol that everyone knew about but protected ye and YOU took the blame for trying to be the big man. Once again bringing up the past just because you lost number 1 spot for 1 week, boo hoo 😥 my promise was not to join The Fifty, not The Outlaws or anyone else.. jealous of you Arnav? Wow 😂😂😂
  10. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    😴 can’t be bothered to read it
  11. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Thank you Meezi. This is because no one likes him 😂😂😂 there is a few fake people in RE no? I’m sure Trafa hates him as much as me and could name a few more but that’ll be labelled as ‘Fake’ so better not.
  12. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Come on now, your read most topics and it ends in someone being pathetic. The game is one big argument..
  13. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Everyone’s looking for a argument? I just responded to Arnavs post that’s all.. your right, I hate John. It ain’t no secret.. It surprised you as much as me, I don’t think anyone was expecting Morrison 🤦‍♂️
  14. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Nope. Ask anyone in Outlaws. You was suggested and I said I’m leaving if you joined. That’s not fake.
  15. TomFlight

    Book of the Week

    Just seems you guys are kinda mad as you lost top spot for one week. Take the loss and stop making excuses. Jeeeeeez, touchy over a game 😂😂😂 don’t have to be soo defensive? We all know you come first most weeks, however, this week you didn’t.