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  1. Bro he done the same to me when I first made ABC. He cannot take a loss. Every time same insults and the same lag. Why is he back? To get this limelight.. Easiest thing is to ignore him and not make him a big subject bro. Keep beating him in the arena 💪🏻👍🏻 But yes! His description in his league should have been a ban a long while ago now!
  2. Ok fair enough.. I know in my league there are players inactive. I wanted to keep a respectable place in the table but now bring new talent in as we have just had a big clear out.. It’s hard finding and keeper players when they want to compete at the top. I lost both Dud and Dark to RE but wished them all the best and they doing really well now so good luck to them👍🏻 The whole point of my league was to play with my son and get away from the competition. However, we have pushed our way into the top 10 and done alright tbf. Met loads of new and nice players along the way to 😄 ABC ain’t had no drama in it ether so I’m happy.
  3. I don’t get why you keep talking about my league for?
  4. Might sound it to you but It wasn’t soo. It was that I disagreed and I left it there. You’ve taken that the wrong way, which is fine. Cheers anyway 👍🏻
  5. GG to you too bro! You really did push me and it was enjoyable man, frustrating at times but enjoyable all the same 😆👍🏻Only cos I had the friday and weekend off 😏 Best of luck to you and respect mate ✊🏻🤝
  6. I don’t know if your trying to provoke me by saying my reply was ‘juvenile’ and from the other ‘pointless really’ but no one is arguing Gorse and quite a nice back and forth with some great ideas posted from everyone.. So don’t start for no reason. As I say, if this ever gets listened to 🤷🏻‍♂️ it gains into RE and SOL before anyone else. Thought I was doing both leagues a favour but you just keep poking away👍🏻
  7. It’s not a pointless reply, I disagree and that’s that. Ain’t here to get involved in another petty argument. I wasn’t speaking about Map prizes, that would be John. If anything the League prizes would benefit RE soo.. and you said it’s pointless beyond 8k but it’s actually quite easy specially when the trophy tournaments are available. Seen soo many fantastic players achieve it (even without tourno). So what’s pointless for you isn’t for them.
  8. I disagree but whatever 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Hard to disagree with you really. I want the trophy ones as much as everyone else. Or as @Lemmy suggested a Sanches or Bravo one 👍🏻
  10. Somone out there must be listening as the tournos have changed 👏🏻🙌 Just for the other posts and prizes now pretty please with a cherry on top 🍒
  11. Cheers mate and I hear you bro. The only thing I could suggest would be for the Pres or VPs to counter this by kicking, just like no goals in a lp. I’m pretty sure the game kicks inactives after x amount of seasons now too as I’ve had this with a couple of my players? With the top 3 leagues, especially the top 2, the majority are always on and your mostly 50/50 hense why you guys are always at the top 🤨😂 But from my league down, I would say half the players from each league are inactive, possibly more if you go further down the board. There’s only 2 leagues that hit 13/13 and we know who they are😆. Anything less then this is pretty pointless even if you get a couple members hitting high levels of goals your still only reaching pack 7 at a push and the packs suck anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ As for it being listened to, I really don’t know mate. I’m posting in hope.. I think it would really push players going for 1st and as a league going for 1st also.. even if there was a special card out for 1st place on leaderboard for a certain season.. Everyone would be pushing to the limit to get it. Just trying to bring something new as there’s also nothing for players who have fully maxed teams and they just counting there coins and cash piling up to the brim🧐
  12. You’ve missed the point but it’s fine.. and also ask Lemmy, Stoller or anyone else what they get for 8k, it’s mostly Zidane xp which is dead boring. I have recieved Ronaldo and Gerrard xp just from packs in recent weeks.. Also a lot of top players go beyond 8k and what do they get then? Sweet fa would be the answer..
  13. Hi everyone.. Soo.. The forum is beyond quiet and so is the game but I still see top players busting their butt for 1st spot and leagues competing or trying to compete to push for the top.. with the same leagues being in top 3 surely there has to be a prize brought into the game now? RE have been 1st for a very long time and yet non of their players get anything for it? Sol are the closest league to them, achieving 2nd every season and still for nothing? Yet if there was a prize there could be a possible change at the top, I don’t know? The same can be said for the players leaderboard. I wanted top 3 last week but was pushed by Kemo to the very last day and I thought to myself, I get nothing for this, total waste of time.. is there no chance the top 3 leagues can receive a pack, like lp or 1st place receive a Ultimate, 2nd recieve a Super Champ and 3rd recieve a Champ pack for their efforts? This being the same for the player leaderboard also. 1st 2nd and 3rd recieving some kind of reward to increase player participation or to atleast show that there is something up for grabs, for up and coming players to compete for.. Also I saw someone mention about tournaments. The tourno hasn’t been changed for god knows how long. Bring back the ones with +50 trophies or some other cards to win or gain xp for 🤞🏻 Anyone’s POSITIVE thoughts would be much appreciated, literally at a dead end with the game 😔
  14. The game is at its lowest level no? I make perfect sence 😏
  15. I’m saying your biased here. As you are. And no it wouldn’t have been. Look at previous where it’s been about somone else. You join in and like I say just because it was about you you’ve got your knickers in a twist. If you not going to be fair then what’s the whole moderate title about? You don’t like the fact if it’s about anyone from RE
  16. I’ll comment on what I want. Wasn’t looking for a argument just stuck up for Malco. Stop being biased 👍🏻
  17. Bore off you Wasteman 😂😂😂
  18. 😂😂😂 Look, I thought it was funny. I’ve seen much worse. Don’t go on about family friendly bs mate as you have seen much worse on here. Just because it was about you this time you got irritated. There’s a day you won’t be able to stick up for him. Always biased as usual 🤦‍♂️
  19. Talking about God.. Jesus you lot really are a pack of wolves 😂 have to all gang up at the same time
  20. I’ll stop but honestly Pep, Arnavs a joke. You guys need to sort him out.
  21. Far from it. Like I just said to you, you can ether shut your mouth and play nicely or I’ll get you banned from both. Sean seemed quite happy to do it tbf 😉
  22. Come on guys, I’m sure Malco was just having a laugh and I found it kinda funny tbh. Obv it’s not Gorses fault, but let’s just remember, when a kid of 13 from RE acts like a arse 90% of the time he is protected. When Malco makes one silly post he is attacked? Not the same no.. then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Grow up Gorse ain’t God ffs 😂👍🏻 We may aswell have a joke or two as the biggest joke is the game at this moment in time👌🏻
  23. @Sean (SM Support) read this and take action to do something about it please! The game is dieing if not dead. Soo many great players have left. If your not bothered about it please say and we can all stop with our comments and thoughts. As a community we complain about the same thing over and over again, sharing same expierences. Messi needs a change, Kante was changed because? It can’t be that hard to add more players to the game, to change their boost or attributes and fix the bugs. You look at other games and don’t get this. I feel that it’s just down to pure lazy ness now.. still no response from Help/FAQ ether 🙄🤦‍♂️
  24. 100% agree with you Tahmid. Fantastic post brother 🤝👍🏻
  25. Has anyone heard from InGame Support or had a reply? Been waiting 2weeks for a response? Starting to get on my nerves now.. 😤🤬😴
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