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  1. Yeah, to me both are kind of the same scenarios. If one of them gets banned then the other one should also, else none of the two should.
  2. I am the same, i am against all religions, including mine, and all these people know about it, coz i have said it on group before, you can ask them. there is a way of saying things and Its a poor choice of words and its very offensive what you just said there, i am not even a Muslim or a white, but still can easily see that its very very offensive
  3. WTF i am the only asian VP, and it wasn't me 😑
  4. Always nice facing you bro @enaekyor
  5. And what about mine, i have 64(blue+ green yet to max) and 21 elites, still nothing
  6. Vegetarian bro, i am a vegetarian. No animal killing for me
  7. And yes jazz i will set you up with guys here for returning the favour of you cooking for me
  8. I am still waiting for you, why are you not here yet. I am hungry😑
  9. Mayank Sejwal


    @Sean (SM Support) please respond to the queries that people have, my messages to you have been ignored a lot lately. I raised a query on 26th of November 2018, today its 24th of January 2019, just 2 days less than 2 months, and my query of getting xp for already maxed players multiple times from the packs has not yet been addressed and is currently being ignored
  10. That's the super bot glitch, isn't it? If it wasn't then you should not have been able to back out before the game starts
  11. Super bot glitch??????
  12. Or maybe its your cheat to get to level 13 quicker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. Yeah, that use to happen to me also a lot, before the update, But the good thing is that you still get the win if you close the game in that case
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