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  1. I have tried this with many of my League Mates and we do not have this problem. Are you playing on mobile data or WiFi? There is a chance it could have been only one time connection bug?
  2. Not sure what happened and what changed but I got some Elite players from Free Packs as well! Got few new good players I am happy about.
  3. Its good I like it However I do not understand one word you saying in the video
  4. Location: - Candy Land Theme: - Rainbow colours, candies and lots of pink This would be an purely for fun arena or maybe for special events like valentines
  5. Location: - Tetris Themed Arena Theme: - Pixel Art, Pixelated players and square for a ball, (tetirs block)
  6. wow! congrats! how have you done that? I dont even have half of them Impressive!
  7. Location - Air Space - Open Transport Plane Theme: -WW2 - Grey and Blue ( Colours) - Sunny
  8. Location: - Poland - Krakow The Theme - Red and White - Dark Green Grass - The Wawel Castle - Bright Sunshine Thanks! Polish Arena Fan!
  9. Czy naprawde nie ma ty zadnych Polakow na forum?
  10. Lewandowski all the way mate!
  11. Dla wszystkich Polskich graczy SoccerManager Arena! Tutaj mozecie podzielic sie swoimi opinniami oraz bledami w grze! Dolaczajcie i wiecznie w Arene grajcie!!!!!
  12. WoW nice one! I didnt get one yet! How many games it took you to get it? Did you get something good out of it?
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