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  1. the OLD old version or the NEW old version? personally i liked the december 2016 beta best, but the new update is still an improvement over the TECMO arrow.
  2. I prefer the new version. Especially animated shooting over the TECMO BOWL arrow. Much more this millenium.
  3. trading doesn't make sense. however i would be in favor of an incentive. for example, major bonus cash/coins for getting a certain number of players maxed out. OR have tournaments where you need to have certain players at certain levels in order to enter.
  4. how about a meta leader board, like highest average finish. or a special league winner's kit. the trouble with in-game rewards for winning though is it makes the rich richer and prevents others from catching up.
  5. here are 2 i play in now: Game World ID 346418 https://www.soccermanager.com/multiplayer.php?action=setclub&clubid=67471222&sid=346418&xgw=0 Game World ID 160327 https://www.soccermanager.com/multiplayer.php?action=setclub&clubid=5915399&sid=160327&xgw=0
  6. when the game was still in beta all players could slide tackle.
  7. i play in a few. does anyone want to start a new one for SMA players?
  8. haven't been able to play yet, but looking forward to the return of sliding all round.
  9. sorry about that. it was so absurd when someone suggested it that i figured it would be ironic to connect you to more famous conspiracy theories, like the moon landing or the JFK assassination.
  10. are you saying that the rumours of you being Illuminati are mistaken?
  11. yes, and i often beat teams who are rated higher than mine. of course the best team usually wins, but certain strategies can even the odds sometimes. plus they added additional team instructions in recent months.
  12. Does anyone here want to start a new SMW league, or invite players to join an existing one? I'd be curious to play a pure strategy game against the same people who play SMA - see who actually has some management skills...
  13. maybe raequan faked the moon landing
  14. in real life elite players are more difficult to manage, so it takes a higher level manager to get the best out of them.
  15. yes. i guess we were never highly ranked enough that it mattered. anyone who gets too big for us leaves, and anyone who goes inactive gets booted, so it seems to balance out.
  16. in FOOBAR we promote the top 3 goal scorers in league pack to VP. Demotion rules aren't so clearly defined though.
  17. green sliders are also slow.
  18. i was also wondering about this.
  19. also maybe world cup stadium in south africa, neon green pitch and people with vuvuzela horns
  20. CHINA Scene: Great Wall Pitch: Large Square Stones Background: Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, Dragons, etc. MEXICO Scene: Azteca Stadium Pitch: Pale Green with Brown Patches Background: Mexican Flag, People with Ponchos and Big Sombreros
  21. if you think that's tough, try having your trophies reset to 4000 from 34,848!
  22. collected them all! am i the only one, or has anyone else completed this accomplishment?
  23. agree, good idea! or maybe teams could have multiple starting line-ups, and choose based on the level of the competition? it would be nice to get to use more of my cards...
  24. my guess is that the match-up problem will solve itself as the game grows. the larger the pool of available players, the easier it will be for the program to find you close matches. fifa mobile ran into problems when they tried to make only close matches; at times it would take twenty minutes of wait time to get a vs match. i agree that closer matches and extra arenas would be fun, but i'd rather have a short wait time. as for the players, yes the price is high, but it can't be too easy to buy all the best players or everybody would have maxed out messi ronaldo and neuer. i've been playing six months and have 96 of the 106 cards. if you want more money you can watch a 30-second ad and multiply your cash every time you win. also you can use your coins to buy extra cash or to buy blue packs, which give you an automatic new player. just be patient and you'll get more. JL
  25. the changes are definitely an improvement, thank you.
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