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  1. Ben_Boy

    Game crashing on iOS loading screen

    @Gorski Still experiencing the problem. I'm using a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Ben_Boy

    Game crashing on iOS loading screen

    I got the email for the TestFlight game invitation and did as it said but couldn't launch the app without it crashing before the loading screen was finished. (Loading screen with the players.) Hoping this can be resolved. Thanks. Device: iPhone 4S Model: MD257X/A iOS version: 9.3.5
  3. Hello fellow managers. I was wondering if it is possible to play SMA on iOS (more specifically iPhone 4S). I submitted for the beta application twice and both times it said "Request submitted" and I was never emailed or anything. So I was wondering, is the beta closed? And if so, when will SMA be released to iOS users?