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  1. Monkey Kid™


    Yeah, but I would prefer having the maxed version. I think that most of the others also prefer that. It would be easy for you to max knowing that you will only get their xp😂😂
  2. Monkey Kid™


    Hi guys, After last update, we all were left with lvl 2 Salah and Varane even though we maxed their blue versions. In this new update the same might happen with our Mbappe and Kante and the players who didn’t max them will be able to max them after the update because they have unlimited xp. Maybe just set a proportional table for the xp. 2500 Green= 250 Blue= 25 Purple. Something like that would be good. It was irritating for me and maybe the others to get non maxed players even though we maxed their last versions. Whereas a player who didn’t max them gets a benefit.
  3. Monkey Kid™

    Inconsistency In Tackling Algorithm

    No because when Ronaldo is getting tackled he has a decent dribbling stat. Whereas when he is tackling it is around 40.
  4. Monkey Kid™

    Inconsistency In Tackling Algorithm

    Not only the ball spilling, tackles occur when a player is miles away from the ball. Also, my lvl3 Ronaldo sometimes has 87 dribbling and sometimes has 79 dribbling whilst he is in a tackle. Both of them stats are without attributes. Is there any reason for that?
  5. Monkey Kid™

    Leaving Football Clash

    Ah ok lol. I was talking about it as of right now.
  6. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    I am tearing up with laughter right now. Incredible joke, Zeesh. I guess you are in this good mood as you finally know who changed the description.
  7. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    My ego is just in the forum. Anybody who was in the WhatsApp group and in RE knows that whenever I big myself up it is for jokes. It isn’t all ego either. Some is just the truth. “What I just said is also egoistic” is what everybody will say now.
  8. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Nobody likes me. It is normal. Who likes monkeys? It was an enjoyable week in terms of yawns. Pretty much every Barbarian I played yawned me.
  9. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Got to love it when people suck you off then they stab you in the back.
  10. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Says the guy who wanted to help out in the third league.
  11. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    I love how people ignore that Tom said that. Behind the scenes, the whole of Outlaws are pissed. Just don’t make a big deal out of it.
  12. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Nothing worse than bad winners though.
  13. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Let’s not talk about the scout work you guys did in Barbarians.
  14. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Your win last week doesn’t mean that we are not the greatest league in history. Is it?
  15. Monkey Kid™

    Book of the Week

    Maybe because football is a team sport. “Average players”- he was in the best club at that time. For Ronaldo to have a good game he only has to score a goal. For Messi to have one, he has to assist, score, defend. Messi competes in all the stats whereas Ronaldo just comes first, sometimes, in goals scored.