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  1. Malco

    Double Standards.

    I told you when I rejoined the game in Infection and that's exactly what you said. You've made so many insults you can't remember!!!!!!!!
  2. Malco

    Double Standards.

    Don't forget john you called me gay for supporting Brighton. No other person in this game has ever said that to me so don't try and pull the homophobic card. It's the context you use your comments in that offends people.
  3. Malco

    Double Standards.

    Until you get bored again john. You create a the problem by searching for attention. As I've said before I have personally had abuse about my mum from you seen you bully people knowing they where half your age and saying " us white people " was the limit for me, I am white and nothing you say or do has any resemblance to me. Please don't class me along side you. You a person who for some reason is full of hatred and seeks ways of releasing it.
  4. Malco


    Time for Gorse to pull his finger out of seans backside and get something done. Won't happen though they both enjoy the slow rhythm too much. 😍😣😘
  5. Malco


    Always a negative 1, in this case 2 valero and john. Thankfully most people are positive and enjoy their lives. I hope you both reach that point too, all the best☺️😎😍😌
  6. Malco

    No VP era

    Are you calling me a "SNOWFLAKE" valerolegend???? You don't know me so don't presume. And as for you john you have made jokes about my mum called me all sorts of names and admitted you pick on people knowing they are only 8 when I've been in the same league as you and then go 😭 to other people when you get it in return. I'm 16 so understand you are a clown. Now go trip over your oversized shoes land on your big red nose and brake your pathetic neck.
  7. Malco


    Please can you do with this as you did with last Gorse as it's clearly going through deaf ears. I will do as I said and keep requests so I don't get anymore and not post on forum again.
  8. Malco


    I understand why you did that but also a small part of a conversation was shown and just after I got friend request. That is part of the game so will not cancel,to prevent anymore.
  9. Malco

    Stop pestering me john

    Being asked by people once or twice as I have been does not equal getting spammed. Getting several requests on a weekly basis, after the person sending them has been asked not to do so, I would say that is being spammed at best and bullied at worst, why should I have to "leave them there and ignore them" , the only person doing that to me is you, so I repeat stop doing it. I hope the message is received so I can continue enjoying this game with no intervention from you.
  10. Malco

    Stop pestering me john

    I cancel requests yet I still get them 2 or 3 times a week, after asking john not to do it. It seems as if not cancelling is the only way to stop getting them. If you have any influence on john please ask him to stop.
  11. Please stop spamming me with freindly requests and invites.