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  1. Je04

    Trophies at Rome

    Oh ok, my bad lol
  2. Je04

    Trophies at Rome

    I'm averaging it out as I can only get to the first stage
  3. Je04


    Your lucky then!!
  4. Je04

    Team Of The Year!!

    If only 😢
  5. Je04

    Trophies at Rome

    Yes I agree as you have to basically restart all your hard work again just to do it the week after. Maybe monthly resets or something, no weekly!!
  6. Je04


    I think it should be easier to get the champions, super champions and ultimate pack as they are really hard for me especially to get. The last time I got one was in the late summer. It would also be good if you could add a new kind of pack which is fairly common and you can get some sort of elite controller from it
  7. When you get to the first stage of 4500 on Rome, it's another 500 trophies just to get to there. Some people in my group as myself struggle to get the reward for the first stage, I think the gap for the trophies should be reduced to less than 500.
  8. Je04

    Stages for rome

    When you get the first stage of 4500, it's a really big ask for players like me to get 5000 or more just in one week. I think it should be a smaller gap between the stages instead of 500 trophies. Some people in my group can do it easily but some other people can't