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  1. finally 150 consecutive wins ?
  2. back to 1 btw can you Read my post its not a regular things? ? pls
  3. yesterday he join turkey,foobar and espana for sure and you Tell he never left your team? ahaha ridicolous
  4. some people like sharzil or arnob complete the package in their guild then They leave their guild to go to the others and complete the package too.once done They return to their guild. is this regular?
  5. We are an italian team But all People with 3000 or more trophies are welcome in our club
  6. i think you have to enter a prize for the season. for example from 4000 to 4500 thophies a prize,from 4500 to 5000 another etc.. because every season the season resets to 4000 But without any prize. I think it's not that stimulating so add a package or something would make it an incentive
  7. matto

    a big problem

    hi guys. i'm writing to you because it is not the first time this problem occurs.chat does not work. The player request does not work.you can not throw anyone out of the guild and nobody can leave the guild.the Last time you left us two days abandoned to this problem because it was easter now there are other parties so the question is this.are you going to leave this problem for 5 days or will you solve it now? tnk you
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