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  1. And you could also add "Player stats" that means a scoreboard of how many goals that player has got you Yours sincerely, BIGGEST FAN EVER
  2. Hello my ingame name is daninho, I`m playing this game since day 1 and im currently on 4000 points. I also was first for a while. I think it would be cool to give the beta-testers some gifts like an elite pack or a legend card when they come out. We helped the game a lot to get promoted and things like that and we also reported the bugs the game has had and helped you to find them faster. It would just be fair to gift us something :). One more thing you should watch out for. When the Legend "type" comes out don`t release that many from the start on. Firstly add 3 legends any moths after that 4 more. If you add them all in once, it won`t attract the players to play the game long.
  3. It would be cool if you could add friends and write with them
  4. I`ve connected my ingame account to my Facebook account and didn`t got the master pack the blue one. I would like to get it. It would be a big help if I would get an elite Player. I`m now on 1800 Points and have only like 2 elite Players and the others are like normal Level 3 players
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