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  1. D.K

    Trophy discussion

    My account somehow got logged off and I cannot access it again its starting me off on my other google play ID from the tutorial.. how do I fix this?
  2. D.K

    Matches lagging / Causing Trouble

    Thank you for the very rapid response Gorski, appreciate it a lot.
  3. D.K

    Trophy discussion

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask how many trophies do all of you have and when did you start the game? Thank you
  4. D.K

    Matches lagging / Causing Trouble

    The experience has definately improved with the lags being rare / non existent but the problem is now sometimes I just cant even log into the game, it gets stuck at 10% or even 50%. Thank you Alex.
  5. Issue Summary: Game has been lagging for me even though my internet is close to me and works perfectly fine Issue Details: I have played several matches since I have started the game a few days ago and after a few matches the game starts to lag for me, in the sense that it does not register the shots I try to do nor the passing sometimes, and often it can lag a lot that the ball would be in the middle and the next thing the opponent would be on goal which is frustrating at times. I have no internet issues at all, I have tried on both my mobile data and multiple internet connection and still it happens. Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : S7 - Edge / SM-G935FD OS : Android VERSION : 7.0 Location: Karachi, Pakistan Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): No additional information as such, but it tends to get annoying when in tense situations which has costed me trophies but overall that is the main issue. Thank you SM World D.K
  6. Hi SM Community, my name is D.K and I started this game around 2-3 days ago and just hit my first 1000' trophy mark, That got me wondering, is there a possibility for rankings to be shown as Global and Local as well to see who is good in my region / the best. Thank you SM Community, D.K