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    I like this idea. Maybe have option of Classic Friendly and Balanced Friendly?
  2. So many leagues are completely dead, loads in the top 50 are dead. Our league just had to recreate a league that was in the Top 20 because our President just never played the game again and we were dead in the water when it came to scoring enough goals. Right now I'm counting 15+/50 of the Top50 leagues in the world that are effectively dead with no active leader. Can't imagine this looks good to new players, would love some sort of fix to this, thanks
  3. 3MeO

    League members can't be kicked

    Working again. Thanks
  4. 3MeO

    can't join a league

    Also can't seem to remove players from leagues at the moment. The league competition starts once per week and lasts 72 hours. All the goals done by members during this time in competitive arena matches contribute towards the pack, which has 10 tiers. The more goals scored, the higher the pack level will be. When the competition is over, everyone in the league gets the pack (assuming they contributed) at whatever tier was achieved. The higher the tier, the better the rewards, (more cash & XP)
  5. 3MeO

    League members can't be kicked

    Just seen the 'template bug report' Additional details: Phone: OnePlus 3 Android 7.1.1 Location: England Bug replicated from going: League>i>Info>member>remove
  6. 3MeO

    League members can't be kicked

    No vice president or the president can remove any member from the league. Stuck at 50/50 with 40 inactives since the new update.