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  1. Chris M

    Stuck at 50%

    We are sorry to hear you're having an issue with the game. If you can provide us with some more information we can look at fixing this for you as soon as possible. Can you please tell us: The device/platform you are playing on The device's OS. Is the first time you have launched the app or do you have an account already, maybe installed on a different device using the same accounts ? Username if you have one (You can DM me with the Username if you don't want to post it publicly) And your Location (we are working with some regional publishers and may need to communicate with them to resolve issues) Also is your device's CLOCK set to the correct time? Thank you for reporting your issue to us.
  2. Location -The Grid (Tron) Theme -Black pitch with blue neon
  3. Location - Stoke (England) Theme -Cold, rainy night in stoke
  4. Hi, The team are currently working on balancing for this feature and more details should be available nearer to the release of the update.
  5. Chris M

    The game crashed

    Hi, Thank you for reporting this issue, if you could try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it this may fix the problem as it's possible that some of the file may have been corrupted when installing. If possible could you send the crash report to us so we can get a little more information to look into this for you.
  6. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. This issue is currently being looked into, when you have experienced the matches with these buttons have you: - Been playing in an Arena above or below your current Arena Level? (e.g. current arena level 3 - London, match played in Cairo or Rio De Janeiro) -Playing in your current Arena and noticed the opponents Trophy Count being above/below the current Arena threshold? -Or made any Changes to your lineup/squad before starting the match?
  7. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. This is known about and improvements are being made to the positioning and effectiveness of the goalkeeper in the next update which will be available soon, This should hopefully solve the issue you have raised.
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