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  1. Jake the league pack starts every Monday until Wednesday.
  2. Berg

    Chat Problem

    You seriously got to end this.... Almost every day all the players have problems with chat and request xp.... It's annoying... Fix it!!!
  3. Berg

    Data Packs

    Hi, you should go to '' settings '' - '' data packs'' and choose '' super world pack''. This is the pack that the game starts.
  4. Berg

    Trophy decay bug

    Sorry for taking the step and answering to you I am not a member of the support team , but that's not a bug... Every Monday the trophies above 4000 erasing to 4000... If you see to your profile page there is an '' i '' button and everything is written there.
  5. Location -Greece -Athens Theme -green and white -green grass -Parthenon (or ancient staff) -sunny
  6. Hi again, well in the update you announced that two players will become legacy :1) their numbers will increase or decrease, 2) legacy cards can update or not? You have also announced that some cards will go from good to superb or from superb to elite, what will happen with their numbers? If let's say I have a good card to level 9 and after update turns into superb what level will have? Thanks
  7. Berg

    League Pack

    Totally agree about the time
  8. Thanks for the response, I can see your point of view and I agree in the most parts, but as far for the money I watch the videos and I try to update only the players I use but still it's not enough and after the new update the blue packs don't contain a new player.
  9. Hello guys this is Berg, first of all i would like to thank the developers for fixing a problem that i was experiencing (bug section - can't play match) with the new update. After that i would like to start a discussion about some features of the game that we all discuss in our leagues : 1. You should do something about the match ups, it's unacceptable in a popular game like that to play matches players that have a difference of 1000+ trophies between them. One solution that i think about is creating new leagues (one between arena 7 and 8 - and several new arenas above 8 with gift packs at the end of each season for the players). 2. Second the player prices with the new update are very high, it's not logical to have to pay for example for De Gea 17500 cash. It's very hard to gain cash inside the game if someone is F2P player, so you need to revaluate and fix them with a new update. If this is a tactic to gain money it's wrong, instead in order to gain money from players you should make offers (e.x. every time someone change arena a one time deal that gives a pack, cash and coin for a better price). 3. For last the most annoying in my opinion part of the game. The ability to gain new cards. It's frustrating to be at arena 7 or 8 and not have the most of the cards. I am curious to know about the odds of getting a new card from the packs. You have released 106 cards and after one month of playing and opening a lot of packs of all kind i have gained only 33 cards. We all should have at least all the good and the superb players and the problem should be at the elite. For example if someone at the beginning gain Carvahal and Bellerin for defenders how would he been able to play defence????? I am looking forward to hear the opinion from both developers and players. Sorry for my English, it's not my birth language.
  10. Wow.. Still???? Two days in a row without the problem for me!!!
  11. I think that it has been solved... I played a bunch of games today and I didn't have problems... I am very happy... Thank you
  12. Just seen your reply to my post man... Sorry for happening to you too but I am a little happy to find someone with the same problem... I made the report 3 weeks ago so I am optimistic that they will have answers to our problem soon.. Keep trying and you will play it's not happening all the time.
  13. I have the same problem man... Look at '' can't play match'' I had pictures upload and tell me if it's the same thing
  14. Send message in the help fag inside the game and they will give them to you... I had the same problem with an ultimate pack but now it's solved..
  15. Hi, go to the 'Ideas & features request' find the 'IMPORTANT READ!!!' and you will have you answer... I play nearly a month and I have almost 20 players..
  16. Can someone from the support team give me some information about this report? I just lost another 40 trophies...
  17. No and this is another problem... One time it happened in 7 games out of 11...another time it happened every other game.... And I stop playing for a while and start again... But now I almost never play 4 matches in a row.... If I play 4 without a problem then I stop... It's so frustrating...
  18. The problem is that it's not happening all the time but when it does I can't play and I loose... I am sick of that...
  19. i finally manage to upload my pis from pc.this is what it looks like when i cant play.as you can see it happens in allarenas
  20. Ιit is still happening to me and I am losing trophies for no reason (at least 500 trophies) please I need a solution.
  21. Hello, well there should be some kind of rules while playing friendly games or challenges to become the game more even... For example I am a level 7 player and playing a friendly game with a level 8 player... The friendly rules must say that the level of the players wouldn't be higher than level 7. Then the players based on their skills (good superb elite) would be leveled down to good : 5, superb : 3 elite : 1. If you have lower level then stays as it is.
  22. I saw the tweet you talked about and it's not the same thing... Mine is from the beginning and I can see the players but not control them.
  23. I can't upload because it says problem - 200...perhaps they are bigger then they should... Just imagine playing the old version with the buttons at the bottom of the screen and not let you play..
  24. No it wasn't me I don't have twitter... Can I upload it to Facebook??
  25. I am still having the same problems... Please someone answer me... I have pics but I can't upload them..
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